after an hour of drive they arrive in front of erika's residence, it was so dark that no one notice the black car without light was park in front of the residence
in a blink of an eye erika was push outside the car
while she is still under the influence of the pheremones that was injected to her
and a note was also put in her body
note: you should know when to stop, this is just a simple warning
as the black car drove away
the bodyguard informed jian that they finished there task
jian recieves the message and smirks
jian then order his asisstant to call for a media right away and send them to erika's residence
send news reporter to the kim's residence, right now
J assistant
yes, sir
the call was ended
after that jian's asisstant called some news reporter and told them about a shocking news, and in a blink of an eye the reporters plaque the house of erika
erika is still in that state when the reporters came
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