the commotion outside makes the father of erika look outside
as he saw alot of people with camera taking a photo and video of a person in front of his house
he called for the servant to looked outside
erika's dad
look outside
erika's dad
what is going on
yes sir
as the servant go, she saw that erika is being photographed and acting like a crazy woman
the servant hurriedly came inside, as she pants
young miss is outside surrounded by reporters, she is not like herself
erika's dad
erika's father hurriedly run outside and call the security to block the reporters
after sometime they manage to bring erika inside the house
he order her servant to brinh erika into cold shower
but as she was about to removes erika's clothes
a note fell on her body
the servant pick it up and gave it to erika's father
as he reads the notes
his whole body trembles a d he suddenly fainted
erika's father was sent to the hospital while erika fell asleep as soon as she lay on her bed
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