i was just out for 2 weeks and this thing happened?
what exactly did you do?
erik is calmly talking to erika that makes erika more scared to his brother
it means she really messed up this time
erika tried to explain to his brother
brother, it's not my fault
then who it is?
erik rhetorically ask tje question back to erika
erika knew that although his brother talked in a calm voice, she knew inside that his brother is really angry at her
erika cried in front of him
but her tears was in no use in front of erik
stop your act
i'am not dad, who can be persuaded by your fake tears
tell me
what did you do?
when erika was about to explain
erik's phone got a new message
erik looked at his phone as he watched the video that was sent to him
it was an enhanced security video that clearly show erika's face as she entered into someone's company
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