Drake Evoy(FL father)
: holds Yunifer's hand : Why did you leave me alone my Yun
Drake Evoy(FL father)
: crying :
Few days later
Theo is now 10 years old and Daniel is 8 years old
The trio of father and sons were having breakfast
Butler : Master... about Princess..
Drake Evoy(FL father)
: scary : Don't even mention about that thing in front of me do whatever you want, give her everything but don't let her face me
Daniel Evoy(FL 2nd brother)
She is a monster who killed my mother : bangs the table : I hate her
Theo Evoy(FL 1st brother)
Don't mention about that girl anymore : shouts :
Butler : * lowers head * Y..yes Masters.
Maid : * Flinch *
As days passed, Drake made himself engaged in his work while the two brothers studied, Samantha was taken care by the butler and some maids, they fed her everyday and then left her alone.
Samantha's body was fragile
5 years passed away
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: playing with toys :
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
Butler enters to take her to play school
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
Butler Yan 😄 good morning
Butler : Good morning princess let's go to your playschool
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
Ok butler Yan😄
She didn't know who her parents were, today was her first day at school
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