Next morning, after regular 3 hours of warm up
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
* Out of 200 only 75 returned!! that's really too less!! *
From those 75 soldiers, 25 were girls while other 50 were boys.
Commander Tony
: blows whistle : To the shooting ground! everyone line up in 15 rows in front of each target, 5 bear each.
All of them quickly assemble
Commander Tony
Each of you, choose the a gun, there are 10 guns, One of Model L-17 and other is L-139, pick your gun up and the 1st one in the line set your target, no need to rush, concentrate and then shoot. The current target is a 5 meter one, practice it until you hit the bull's eye(10th ring), and then after 6 shots, refill the bullets and wait for your chance. You can practice as much as you want today.
Yes Commander!
All of them picked their guns, the bullets were not the real ones, they were made up of lighter materials.
Soon it was Samantha's turn
No one could hit the bulls eye properly, all had only hit till the 7th ring.
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