She took a cab to the Army University of Cloud Country(AUCC), there were total 3 Military University in Yuan City, one is AUCC, other is National Defence University(NDU) and 3rd one is Athena Military University(AMU).
It took 30 mins to reach the AUCC, AUCC and NDU universities were next to each other and had a common large training ground, but the college buildings were separated and the dormitories were also in the same lane, on one side were the dorms of AUCC while on other side were dorms of NDU.
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: salutes : Comrade Samanths reporting Sir.
CI : Oh yes the new sharpshooter right here fill this form, and then I will give you your dorm keys
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: takes the form and fills it :
CI : You want a single room?? don't you like to make friends?
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
.... no.
He gives her the keys, she chose a course of Computer sciences(includes mathematics, computers, English, and other related subjects) and her main skill was shooting, she headed to her room.
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
* I like this more than the camp earlier.... I can stay in a single room alone. I can also get myself a guitar *
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
* Let's just rest now and then go to the Commander tomorrow *
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