As days passed, Samantha slowly grew closer to Rina,Selena and Emma. They used to hang out together once every month. As usual when they had a family dinner Samantha ignored her father and brothers, she talked normally to Steven and others.
Two months later, Samantha got a message on her another mobile
Riftan Elias(CI of AUCC)
📨 Get ready for your 1st mission agent Samantha. Meet us at the base by 8pm.
Soon after she read the message, the message dissapeared in 30 seconds.
It was 3 in the noon, she decided to set out and take a train to the base.
By 7pm she reached the base, she scanned her fingerprint and then entered the room.
Mathew Yan/Lizard
: picking his gun : Own newbie it's your first mission huh!
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: picking a gun : mhm....
Riftan Elias(CI of AUCC)
Alright I will explain the plan come here
Riftan Elias(CI of AUCC)
We will be attending a banquet, now we, Mathew will be attending, you will be targeting the host Mr Kim, we have to get the confidential information he stole from the army headquarters a week ago, he is planning to sell the information to the enimies
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
He hands her a long range binoculars and a ear piece.
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