As days passed, Samantha and Mathew became good friends and they went to missions together, Sam's job was to shoot the target while Mathew used to collect the evidence and clear the scene.
Mathew was known as a Lizard in the 7th department while Samantha was known as a black panther.
Time passed, Kilian was in Tian City, clearing the troubles and completing his missions there.
Samantha grew closer to Rina, Selena and Emma, she ignored her father and brothers whenever they had dinner together.
Kilian, who was busy in his missions never forgot about Samantha, he always indirectly used to ask about her to his mom and sister.
6 years passed away, Samantha still didn't forgive her father and brothers.
Dia, is now Vice President of Yasa Designs, she quit army due to injuries in her shoulders , she was sent to the borders, that's were she and a army troop was attacked and many of them had to quit due to their injuries. She then joined as a photographer and also Samantha made her VP of Yasa Designs.
Daisy, is now Samantha's PA in Yasa Designs, while Simon became general if Lian City
Samantha quit army after her graduation at age of 22, signed a contract with Optrn Entertainment, debuted as an actress at age of 23, she played role of an antagonist in her first movie " The Fate". She became very famous, as an actor, she had her own company Yasa Designs, which was ranking up year by year.
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