Adrianne Evoy
Uncle wake up its 9 in the morning
Hue Evoy
You said you will play with us once the sun rises up wake up wake up
Joe Evoy
Yes you said you will take us to the cars showroom
Andrew Evoy
You said you will buy so many candies
Ron Evoy
I want to eat street food take us out uncle please
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
: annoyed : ughh you devils can't you let me sleep I came here yesterday night * I also want to go and see her asap *
Adrianne Evoy
: gets down : Uncle come downstairs I am hungry we will go for shopping later Okey
The five of them leave
After 45 minutes he walks downstairs, by now everyone was seated on the dining table waiting for him
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
: walks and sits on his chair :
They all have breakfast, after sometime Drake,Steven and other boys sit and talk about business
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
Mom I am going out for sometime I will be back : leaving :
Ron Evoy
Uncle what about us🥺
Adrianne Evoy
You said you will take us out you forgot about us🥺
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
* Aren't they close to her I can visit her saying that they wanted to see her hehe * Sure come I will take you guys out
Joe Evoy
Yahhee : runs out :
Selena Hines(Emma's friend)
Take care of them Kilian don't let them eat junk food
Emma Petran(ML sister)
And also don't let them have too many sweets their teeth will be damaged
Theo Evoy(FL 1st brother)
* Thanks bro finally I can spend some time alone with my wife *😌
Daniel Evoy(FL 2nd brother)
* Thanks to him or else I can't even hug my wifey in the whole day off those two little devils always cling onto her *
Six of them leave
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