It was a live broadcast, Theo, Daniel and Drake were sitting in their seats and other 5 shareholders around them demanding for an explanation
Many journalist and reports were streaming the situation live on the TV and online platforms
We can't let such an irresponsible man like Mr Theo as the CEO, it's not a simple case Mr Drake. 10 people died and it's clearly written in the report
Theo Evoy(FL 1st brother)
I said give me 24 hours, I will prove that their deaths aren't related to the Evoy Empire!
Daniel Evoy(FL 2nd brother)
There is someone accusing us, and trying to bring the Evoy Empire down
The shareholders weren't listening to them and continuously asking for the resignation of Theo.
Well we all shareholders are at a decision, we hold 20% of the shares of the Companies. And we all want Mr Adams to be our new CEO, if not then we will withdraw our shares immediately
Daniel Evoy(FL 2nd brother)
: bangs the table : We have 30% of the shares Theo won't resign
Rhett Adams
Then what about the 50% shares which belong to late Mrs Evoy? who is the owner of those shares : smirk : whosoever it is they will support us, and will never want such an irresponsible man to be the CEO
The attention of the people fell on a woman who was dragging another woman's hair and walking to the podium
Journalist & reporters
What's the actress Samantha doing here
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