Travis Optrn (Director)
* Why are they creating rumours about her in such a way she never used her families name till today *
Kilian was known for his sharp tongue and comments in the business world, he never cared about the entertainment industry, but this time he commented in the official page of the movie FIRE IN FROST
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
[@Kilian Petran : Miss Samantha never used her family name till today, why are some b***** and a**holes spreading rumours about Miss Samantha, till today I think she knows many big figures in the entertainment industry, I request them to confirm if the knew her identity before they offered her movies. And can't you see her acting skills, she debuted with a role of antagonist, in a low budget movie "The Fate" 2 years ago, but that movie is still praised for who's acting skills?? Better shut your mouths and apologize to her, or else I won't spare those who are spreading rumours ]
In the Evoy Manor
Drake Evoy(FL father)
: walking back and forth : Where did she go, I thought she came home directly
Selena Hines(Emma's friend)
Did you see the people who were talking bad about out Sam are taking back their words and apologizing!!
Emma Petran(ML sister)
people fear our brother Selena...
Rina Petran(ML mother)
Did you call Dia and Mathew?? did she go there?? it's been 3 hours already
Steven Petran(ML father)
I asked them they said she's not there too
The days shooting was over and Everyone was packing up
Samantha goes back to Capital City, and was walking towards the shooting set
Everyone fell silent and were looking at her
Daisy Cowell(FL Personal Assistant)
: saw Samantha : You girl don't you get it people are worried for you what's a mobile phone for
Daisy Cowell(FL Personal Assistant)
: angry : They all are freaking out and worried about you
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: annoyed : Then tell them I am alive okay don't shout at me💢
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
There's no place I can rest peacefully 💢
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: leaves angrily :
Daisy Cowell(FL Personal Assistant)
: flinch : Sam listen I didn't mean to
Daisy Cowell(FL Personal Assistant)
ugh she shut the door again
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