Hue Evoy
Everyone is here, Grandpa Steven and granny Rina , Grandpa Drake, Uncle Theo, aunt Selena mom and dad, we all were worried about aunt so we all came here
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
Why didn't they tell me before I would have arranged the rooms for you guys
Travis Optrn (Director)
* The whole Evoy and Petran family is here *
After sometime the whole family comes in.
Selena Hines(Emma's friend)
You little devils why did you run like that huh? where is Sam? : looking around and saw Lucian and Travis :
Travis Optrn (Director)
: stands up : Mr Evoy, Mr Petran Nice to meet you
Lucian Freud
: greets them : Nice to meet you Mr Evoy and Mr Petran
Drake Evoy(FL father)
: shakes hand : Director Travis and Mr Lucian! Good to see you both here
Steven Petran(ML father)
: smiles and shakes hands :
They greet each other and sit down
Rina Petran(ML mother)
: looking around :
Kilian Petran/Venom(ML)
She will be coming I messaged her
Samantha read Kilian's message as soon as she took a bath, she dresses up herself and ran to next suite and opens the door
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: happy : Kiddos I am here
Five of them run and hug her tightly
Andrew Evoy
Aunt! we missed youuuuu
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: giggles : Sam missed you too Andrew
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