At Williams room
Earlie in the morning a guy who is sleeping happily was destroyed by her sister's Knocking..
Emma Jack
*Knocking rapidly*
Emma Jack
Emma Jack - Our Male Leads Sister - Cute and Nice but not to his brother. - 13 years old
William Jack
Shut Up!!!
William Jack
I am sleeping!!
William Jack - Nickname is Liam only his close family and friends call him that. - Uninterested with girls - A Rich Ceo - The Ceo of Sun Rice Company that makes a lot of delicious rice. Also the CEO of a lot of company. - A Cold guy but Nice to the people his close with. - Always fight with her sister. - The number one enemy of her sister. - The Male Lead. - 25 years old
Emma Jack
Emma Jack
Emma Jack
*Kicks the door open*
William Jack
*Woke up and shocked when he saw the door is in the floor*
William Jack door...
Notice: If you see this symbols it means: * - He or she is doing it /- He or she is speaking in he or her mind # - He or she is whispering
All the pictures that will be used in this chat story is not mine. They are from pinterest and some are googled and other resources. i Dont own ay of it.
So enjoy😄😄
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