Xi Country, City Z, Tiathe Family House
When Scarlett was 5 years old
Simon Tiathe
: signs the papers : I am done
Ria Rolan
: signs the papers : Me too
The couple signed a divorce papers.
Scarlett Arataevie/ley(FL)
: standing and watching them :
Ria Rolan
: saw Scarlett and walks out of the room :
Scarlett Arataevie/ley(FL)
: silently looks at Simon :
Simon Tiathe
: ignores her and leaves :
She saw her mom holding another man's hands and a little girl who was 2 years old in her dock,walking away from their house happily while her dad held a 7 year old Boy's hand and a woman walking by his side.
Maid : Young miss your dinner is ready
Scarlett Arataevie/ley(FL)
: nods and sits on the table eating dinner : Unnie why don't they hug me or smile at me
The maid was silent for sometime and then left ignoring her question
Ria and Simon got married for their elders sake. They never loved each other, all they wanted was to get seperated as soon as a child was born. Scarlett was never loved by her mom or her dad. Both of them hated each other that they had their own lives. When Ria's parents passed a year ago, they decided to get divorced not even caring about their daughter, neither of them agreed to take her in with their new family.
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