Privacy Policy

Welcome to use MangaToon (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform"). The Platform is provided by MangaToon HK Limited, and we promise to respect and protect your privacy.

This Privacy Policy will list all personal information that we collect, process or are provided by you. Before accessing or using our website, service and application (including but not limited to the Platform, hereinafter referred to as the "services"), you must ensure that you have read this Privacy Policy and fully understand your rights to your personal information and how we will collect, use and process your personal information. Please do not use our services if you do not agree with any content of this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about how we use your personal information or about data protection, please feel free to contact

What types of information will we collect when you use the service

Information you created or provided to us

Information you provided when entering the Platform, including gender and birthday;

Information provided during the Platform registration or login, including email, and avatar, email and user name authorized for logging in through social network;

We will also collect your contributions and comments on the Platform.

Information we will collect during your use of the services

Your device information

We will collect information about the device you use when using the services, so as to provide some practical functions, such as network line optimization, etc.

The information we collect includes unique identifier, device type, operating system, network status and application version number. We will also collect information about your interaction with the services, including IP address, crash report, system activity, date and time of the corresponding request, and referral source website.

We will collect these information when you use the services to communicate with our server.

Your activities & preferences

We will collect information about your activities & preferences when using the services, and will use the information to do some things, such as recommending what you might like. The activity & preference information we collect may include:

Words you searched

Contents you saw

Number of advertisements

Buying activity

Favorite or Like marks you made

Questionnaire for certain activities/ functions

Your location data

We will collect your location data when you use the services, so as to provide some practical functions, such as adopting higher-speed network providers for different regions, facilitating chatting functions, etc.

We can determine your location in the following ways (the accuracy may vary):


IP address

Sensor data from your device

What type of location data we may collect depends to some extent on your device settings. For example, you can use the Android device's settings application to turn on or off the device's function of showing location data.

How will we use your data

Provision of services

We will use your information to provide services, such as processing the words you searched to return relevant results.

Maintenance and improvement of services

We will also use your information to ensure the normal operation of services, such as tracking outages or troubleshooting problems you report to us. In addition, we will also use your information to improve services, for example, knowing which search terms are most commonly used can help us improve the content display in all services.

Development of new services

We will use the information collected from existing services to help develop new services. For example, introducing new comics or novels by understanding users' reading preferences in the Platform.

Provision of personalized services, including content

We will use the collected information to customize services for you, including recommending content and providing personalized content. For example, recommending similar quality contents to you according to the type of contents you have browsed.

Effect assessment

We will use the data for analysis and evaluation to understand the usage of the service. For example, we will analyze the relevant data of your visit to the website in order to do things like optimizing product design.

Communication with you

We will use the collected information (e.g. your email address) to directly communicate with you. For example, if we launch a new event, we may send you a notice. Or, we may let you know about the upcoming changes or improvements in the services. In addition, when communicating with you, we will keep a record of your request in order to solve any problems you may encounter.

Protecting MangaToon, Our Users and the Public

We will use information to help improve the security and reliability of services. This includes detection, prevention and response to fraud, abuse, security risks and technical issues that may endanger MangaToon, our users or the public.

In order to use your information for the above purposes, we will use different technologies to process the information. For example, use an automated system to analyze your content so as to provide you with customized content display, or customize other functions according to your usage of the services, etc.

We will seek your prior consent when using your information for purposes not covered by this Privacy Policy.

Your rights

You will have access to your personal data collected by us, and have the right to correct, update or request to delete your personal data. In order to ensure the safety of your personal data, we need to confirm your personal identity before responding to your access request. If you have any requirements regarding for your personal data, please contact

You have the following rights:

Confirm your personal data we collect and access to copies of your personal data we keep for free.

Require reasonable correction, deletion or restriction of use of your personal data

Processing based on your personal data must be subject to your permission, and you also have the right to withdraw such permission (data processing already done will not be affected by this clause)

Use legal weapons to crack down on any personal data processing that violates your rights.

We promise to respect your rights to your personal data. If you have any questions, please contact

How will we share your data

We will not share your personal information with any company, organization and individual other than MangaToon HK Limited, except in the following cases:

With your consent

Only with your consent will we share your personal information with other parties other than MangaToon. When sharing any of your sensitive personal information, we will obtain your explicit consent in advance.

For external processing

We will provide your personal information to affiliated companies or other trusted businesses or individuals to facilitate certain interactive functions with APPs or sites of our affiliates or their processing of the information for us in accordance with our instructions, privacy policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. You may refer to Appendix 1 of this Privacy Policy for more details on how your information is shared or disclosed with our affiliates.

For legal reasons

We will share your personal information with other parties other than MangaToon when we have good reason to believe that it is necessary to access, use, retain or disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

Meet any applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures or mandatory government requirements.

Implement applicable terms of service, including investigating possible violations.

Detect, prevent or solve fraud, security or technical problems.

To the extent required or permitted by law, protect MangaToon, our users or the public's rights, property or safety from damage.

We may share non-personally identifiable information in a public manner or with our partners.

If MangaToon is involved in asset merger, acquisition or sale, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, and will notify affected users before transferring the personal information or before the personal information is subject to other privacy policies.

You have right to delete your information

You can contact us to delete the relevant information we have gathered via our official contact. After information is deleted, we will not retain relevant information.

The next time you use the relevant services, you need to re-authorize us to collect relevant information again. In order to facilitate your use of our services, we will continue to save the information you have provided as long as you have not deleted it.

Child-related data

Please note that the Platform has followed Google's content classification policy and will not provide services to users under the age of 13. If you find that the Platform has any behavior of collecting data of users under the age of 13, please contact

Revision of this Policy

We will revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. Without your explicit consent, we will not impair your rights under this Privacy Policy. We will always indicate the release date of the last changes, and we will give you a solemn notice in case of major changes (including for some services, we will send a notice by email explaining the changes to the Privacy Policy).

Clauses for objectionable content and behaviors regarding UGC (User-generated Content)

UGC (User-generated Content) is content that MangaToon users contribute to the App, and which is visible to or accessible by at least a subset of the App’s users. MangaToon users acknowledge and agree that:

• The UGC is not obscene, indecent, does not defame, disparage, invade the privacy of, or infringe upon or violate any rights of any kind whatsoever of any individual or entity;

• The UGC does not violate any laws, rules, or regulations of any relevant governmental entity;

• The UGC is not subject to any obligation of confidentiality;

• The UGC does not contain any fraudulent statements or misrepresentations that could damage MangaToon or any third party.


Update time: March 14, 2023