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Tap Water Pollution

Xiaoru Culture
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Update on Wed, Sat
The effect of the water pollution have resulted New born babies to have both male and Female sex organ, the United Nation had conclude their decision that the child will have the right to choose their sex once they reach adulthood. Humane as the regulation is, a big disaster followed…

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Ozge Kavukcu
Tbh i dont get this chapter either, but at least here i can explain the Conan part: This new world is ruled by kids, see, even the news reporter is a kid. She announces 2 important news which the first one is indeed a serious problem concluding a United Nations news. This is the kind of news that we still see in our TVs today too, right? But here is the thing: they are still kids. The second “important” news is about Detective Conan, an anime series that kids and teens love through all these years. Since they are still kids, they are more into their interests such as anime, than any other world news. So, the moral of this story; if kids were to rule this world, no matter how much they evolve, they are still kids inside and need decent education until they hit a certain age
Imbel xox
I feel like, if XiaoTian didn't meet Artest and probably found another guy, who is sweet and genuinely cares about her (which will be gr8 love story btw) XiaoTian won't be this scary. I think she is just holding onto him because nobody cares about her since she was a kid and shes obsessed with him since he "was" her only friend. But I don't think thats enough reason for her to do that having bullied. I've been bullied to but that makes me standing up for myself and accept meh. OR SHE IS JUST INSANE FROM THE BEGINNING AND SINCE HE DITCHED HER, SHE WANTED TO HAVE REVENGE ON HIM
Ivy Oakman: Or both
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Mary Kirsten🖤
So i think they are both plants. As you can see the other leg from the father is wood, so his father also cutted his leg up. He also did it to his child so his child that would later have a child. I think its a cycle, first you start as chopped up part of the leg and grow into a head somehow, Second you turn into a boy/girl/idk, before you could walk with both legs the father chops them off, third you become lonely and be the father, fourty you do it again. Its an endless cycle.
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