A One On One, Your Highness
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A One On One, Your Highness

Yoolook Culture
A One On One, Your Highness
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A One On One, Your Highness Comics Online. When a modern girl time-travels to the ancient times and finds herself trapped in the body of a deserted concubine, shane yun, and bullied by other concubines in the Prince Qin's Residence, her strong modern personality burst out, and overturns the entire harem...

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Strong Female Lead
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Snow Bunny
No matter what other may say...i still don't like the third prince! maybe all of you just focus on shane Yun...but there is also infanta lotus who loves the third prince so much, she doesn't care about Prince Qin, but the third prince being mean to her to suddenly sell her out to marry Prince Qin even if it means to make her the concubine...lowering her level...he doesn't care her feelings at all...and Now he shamelessly asked to marry Shane Yun in front of all the officials when Shane Yun still holds the status of Princess Qin The lawful wife of Prince Qin....No matter what, it's the wrong thing to do! and i don't respect him at all!! He Forced himself!!!
Yes i also pissed off of Prince Qin too...he can't stand clear where he wanted to stand but always holding back Shane Yun! However, i know he has reasons, though i'm sure he can solve the problem if he wanted too. The problem for Prince Qin and Shane is not just to say I Love you to each other...but there will have issues with the emperor and the empress and the officials too! It's complicated! Well...i still hope Prince Qin at least stop flirting with this rachel!
inyne↗↘this guy is so hot💘💘💞 LÉO: haha i feel you! when i read those abusive comics,it's always stuck in my mind and i'm so pissed😂😂. Anyway,thank you!!!
Coco Cookiss: Hmm.. Well, I'll try to read past chapter 4 soon..
Since many people says it was good..
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Anyone surname
spoiler alert

don't read if u won't to know about this manga

(sorry for poor English)

after king (brother Lynn) had enough stable power.. he afraid Prime Minister (FL father) take over throne..so he make story..and try to slander Shane family(Prime Minister) unfortunate our stupid Prince trust his brother..not his wife..her entire family goes to woods and she faint when in their way..her dad know she pregnant with Lynn child but didn't tell her..they will meet other prince /King from other country who falling in love with Shane..but she just knew she pregnant..but new Man don't care about it..and will take care of Shane and her child.. fast forward..few years later.. Shane and her family with new Man return to country with her son..(look like Lynn) I don't know what happen because in Chinese.. Lynn go to Prime Minister house and Shane brother mocking him..and tell Lynn..Shane already married to some else and get pregnant with him..Lynn just crying outside their house regret for everything..I don't know if they had season two..
bts: completely agree with u....it's like fl is becoming the only domineering character where as ml is nothing .....a hero shud be a little strong and he doesn't have that powerful aura like in other manga for example prince an ding in entangled with the Duke or the 5th prince in poisonous phoenix
Tata Ellah: for those who wondering where to find the chinnes ver, go to setting and change the language preferences to the most bottom (it's Chinese) and this is the Chinese character for the title 单挑吧王爷

spoiler ALERT cause I'm so curious about the ending, I translated the manhwa using translator w/ image that I screenshots from the manhwa.

the last chapter 164 (kinda forget) that FL was taking a picnic w/ buddies and ofc her son who looks exactly like ML, and long story short ML was hiding behind the trees and the chapter end with ML questioning 'is it my son?"

seriously tho it's my roughest translation so sry if i get it wrong at least u got the drift.

for me this manhwa lack on characters personality growth. we can see as FL gettin all the character development while ML got vice versa, In the begining he lookin cool and do the first move ( kiss FL)but he become more and more cowards as the chapters goes on. and their relationship goes apart )):
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You know everyone has so much hate for her husband and likes the third prince, well her husband is a wimp and doesn't know how to interact with her. Also the third prince isn't better either, he assumes that she will like him and marry him.Because what? He knows his way around women and tries to sweet talked with compliments and alternative way of living?
Anyway with all that I bet will all be happy if the husband confesses and she accepts because you know they are the protagonists of the story. The comments then will be something like "Yes finally the ship sailed... but she would have being better with the third prince". hehehe I'll wait to see your comments fellow readers.
Still it will be so much fun if she rejects him and don't give a shit about his harem. And of course the third prince too. But we have romance tag so she needs someone...
time less: she needs to divorce prince and find a man that is her equal. cunning. smart. sweet.loyal. and honest. just like her. prince qi started to fall for her cuz she was indifferent cuz ahe sure should be cuz she doesn't love him and the origibal shane yu learned that her lpve for the pronce qi was fruitless and our new shane yu promised her that she will avenge her.
time less: did you forget how he was this close to arrest shane yu father cuz of the many rumors the other powerhouses were whispering to his eara , specially that "musician" in the brothel? did you forget that she got to go and save people from the epidemic nd arrest the tool of the culprit yey the stupid prince let the man gp away and kill the one the shane yu worked so hard to send to the dungeon?
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