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Happy Halloween
Anastasia Lynn: what's your name???☺
Anastasia Lynn: hii😊😊😊
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My mind and your face are same.....we both are UNPREDICTABLE...😘😘😘🤣
|K@t|™🔥: 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Anastasia Lynn: how old r u???
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Princess Sarah Bieren
I know it some weird or you might find it repulsive but I want a different male lead. A different prince perhaps, I just don't like men who abandon someone and not care at all in what happen to him/her. She may be at fault to force him to marry her but to allow her concubines and servants to bully her to death, it dispecable! And that Emperor say they need the support of her family that is why this prince needs to be kind to her? duh! She is already dead abd the one occupying her bofy is a different person, no matter where you see or think of it they have already murdered some. I just do hope this female lead will not be swayed easily. I like her to torture her. heheheeh!!

just expression my thought.
no need to be so exagirated and condemn me.hehehheh!!
I have my thoughs and you have yours!😉
Anonymous: That is so true
Swarupa Singh: I think so too
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Among the countless lowlife manga dads who abandon one wife and daughter so that he can start over with his longterm mistress and his daughter by her OR who arrange horrible marriages for their daughters with men who are unfit to marry decent girls but who are rich and can help dad or dads who gamble and run up huge debts for their daughters to pay off or who run off and leave their daughter to save their company or any of the many things manga dads tend to do, we FINALLY get a great dad. Who has a real relationship with his daughter. And genuine affection. Thanks, author!
NekoAshoka: I love her dad so, so much and he loves her so much it feels so nice seeing father and daughter together
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shiro neko chan
anyone's noticed that a sprout growing from his dck?😂🤣🤣
Anonymous: Bruh why did I go back to see if this was true...
Germia Wilson: Not until after the comment, I’m effin dying now 😂😂😂😂
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wen jie 💜 only me
Lucky I don’t have a crush to your brother 😑 what a dramatic sis in law 🤪
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I want a dad like this😢😢 always support his children.
PiseyRaffi: hahah🤣🤣 we meet again
Ashyy: don't know if you're the same person that i've seen in most manga that i have read or you two just have the same profile-
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Jaxshina Basumatary
Yesssss......dis women is really blessed by god 😂😂😂😂
Emma Shane: She is blessed by a fandom. Not even God can defeat a fandom so strong
Rita Okibe: so true
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honey💕♥️(angel sect co elder🌈)
I don’t know about the others but I think that the emperor is one the best character in this comic. He knows how to rule the country, he knows when to punish and scold his own concubine, and he also knows how to talk with other women with respect.
So he is currently my favourite emperor
The one that knows : He’s amazin’ the best emperor you could ever ask for!
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Your Local Chubby Panda
Ofc she has a grudge on u.... lemme teach u a lesson NEVER touch a woman’s food she will choose it over u
Dark_Queen_z4: Please give her some hamburguers! She is the winner of the year 😂😂😂
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my dad is a prime minister
could you stop repeating those words
i am prime minister daughter!!
Karma: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Anonymous: When you trying not to plagiarize 😂
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prince became a prostitute
Roxandra Rivas Rivero: Duh, this much is clear. I think that his consort talks a lot like a pimp. A kindly one.
MangaLover11: 😂😂😂 Well atleast he be gettin paid $$$$
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What is wrong with you???
First, it’s you who says “no one can take prince away from me!”
Second, B*tCH what do you expect from the prince like I mean you decided to marry the prince even though there’s already a crown princess like b*tch can you be like serious for one time like everyones expectations he is for the lawfully wife to get along with the prince.
Thirdly, they don’t expect for a man who already have a wife to do those disgraceful things with other women.
Scourge Kitty: The prince isn’t exactly a belonging? Soooo it’s kinda an offence if the concubine acts as if the prince is a dog or something
kay: You’re right but the 2nd consort should have thought of the consequences when marrying the prince and she should have been ready for the princes change of mind and not be hateful towards it... you know what I mean??? But owhh well that’s only my opinion maybe others thinks differently.
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Yuki 🌹
hahahaha 😂😂😂 that kick was so freaking awesome girl 😆🤣 I'm on the train right now and peoples are staring at me because I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Asmiii Grg: hahaha 😂😂😂😂 that's crazy🤣🤣🤣
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Akuma Is
I like this fl. Even though cheated, she's not fawning or begging for love affection. She's rational or should I say cold-hearted or pretend to be one. I like strong fl, you don't need to be at ml's mercy for love. He's not the only one world has to offer
Miseane Randle
Why does it matter prince you never slept with her, never visit her, never show her affection, give her attention or show any concern....Why should she be bothered with who you stay or sleep with. After all she saved your life even after you abandoned her on your wedding night and never cared that she was even bullied...Let her make some money off you
Miseane Randle: Well pimping it at least she gave him the money he worked for... ‍🤷🏽
Miseane Randle: Lmao you and me both....Princess big pimping😂
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Fl : My husband is prince! My brother in law is emperor! My father is prime Minister!

Me : one more!! I AM GROOT!
MG20201cg: Three slaps right there
Shane Amaba: hahaha😂😂😂 kinda funny
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i love their father daughter relationship. i hope the author doesnt change it. So many time travel stories always have the fl at odds with her family. This is a rare and I hope she keeps her family support.
SunAndMoon Productions: Yea me too!
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Where is the famous bodyguard who is supposed to follow her everywhere
creamyadorablecreamy: Hahahaha. Nicely thought
Yasmin Abdelhedi: she forgot her just the author wants to make ML become a hero and save her himself 😅😂😂 iss just for more drama guys ... enjooooooy 🙂😂
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Hahah Ohhhy Myy God his face after the kiss was hilarious😂😂.So goofy cute.
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