A One On One, Your Highness
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A One On One, Your Highness

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A One On One, Your Highness
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MangaToon Editor
Happy Halloween
Ernestine Ajero: So cool
Wolfychan: It been four or three years ago when Halloween pass
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My mind and your face are same.....we both are UNPREDICTABLE...😘😘😘🤣
Sam13ARMY: what crazy update sis🤔🤔🤔🤔😊😊😊😊😊
Swarupa Singh: crazy update😱
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Anyone surname
spoiler alert

don't read if u won't to know about this manga

(sorry for poor English)

after king (brother Lynn) had enough stable power.. he afraid Prime Minister (FL father) take over throne..so he make story..and try to slander Shane family(Prime Minister) unfortunate our stupid Prince trust his brother..not his wife..her entire family goes to woods and she faint when in their way..her dad know she pregnant with Lynn child but didn't tell her..they will meet other prince /King from other country who falling in love with Shane..but she just knew she pregnant..but new Man don't care about it..and will take care of Shane and her child.. fast forward..few years later.. Shane and her family with new Man return to country with her son..(look like Lynn) I don't know what happen because in Chinese.. Lynn go to Prime Minister house and Shane brother mocking him..and tell Lynn..Shane already married to some else and get pregnant with him..Lynn just crying outside their house regret for everything..I don't know if they had season two..
bts: the upcoming story and the continuing story that I imagined myself of this comic are quite similar .....well one thing is that when author says he is gonna make season 2 90% of them doesn't keep their word...so I'm afraid if season 2 would come or not
Serena🥀✨: Yooo does she ever end up with the cloud state dude cuz damn I SHIP
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What Shane Yun did was very bad, women should be helping women. Because they are sex workers doesn’t make them less of a human being. If they had the opportunities to get a different job they probably won’t be selling their bodies and even if they wanted sell their bodies how is it her business it is not her body. And instead of her to look for a way to punish her husband she is punishing the sex workers they are not the ones that are married to her neither do they owe any loyalty to her. Will punish them change the fact that her husband is a cheat it certainly wouldn’t . I liked the female protagonist before all these took place but I cannot be liking and supporting a person who looks down on other women because of what they decide to do with their own bodies
Roxandra Rivas Rivero: Well, it happened... but I guess they’ll get more work now? This is so weird.
lora🌷: Well my view is that not all women doing prostitution in ancient era do not have a choice, they can be a waitress in a tea shop or restaurants. There are so many other choices as long as you are willing to preserve your dignity. But I won't argue anymore since we have different views in life.
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Yes as long as Minsiter Yun is here Shane won't be humilated.I hope Prince Qin too would speak a few words.Man that prince is so cruel.He is dumoing the Infanta Lotus to fend fir herself in another state jsut cause he doesn't want her.Shane wanted to be friends with her I hope this opportunity marks the beginning for everything.The Emperor might consider accepting it since he'll have power from another country if he does so.I truly hate the Emperor,he doesn't see the goodwill done by people at all.Alas I feel bad for Minister Yun.I hope he'll be more powerful in the future.I hope that if Shane is made to step away from the position by the Emperor than she divorce Prince Qin and stay with her family.
Onai: thats what he gets hope he feels the paun as long as they dont kill them him and his brother are nuts
Medhu: Wow I was imagining this story only in my mind.I knew that she would end up with the other country's prince.I'm so glad Shane will be rid of of a man who doesn't trust her enough.And that Emperoe is a scum man.I just knew he was upto no good.
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There are so many manga dads who use their daughters as chess pieces, especially rich and powerful dads; dads whose gambling/womanizing/bad choices make them eager to sell their daughters or treat them as atms or both; dads who prefer the child of a favored mistress over those of a wife and give all the best of everything--including the best match--to the favored child, even when they must literally rob the other daughter to do it, dads who even allow a new stepmother to abuse their daughter and turn her into a servant...I could go on all day on what bad manga dads are like. That's why I LOVE THIS WONDERFUL DAD WHO LOVES HIS DAUGHTER JUST AS SHE IS. This funny dad who adores her and lights up when he sees her, whose concern and affection for her are real, sincere and immutable. 👍 Way to go, author!
reJien: no. you can only MTL
Ema Koka: Is it translated in english?
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Khay Mithona
Shane Yun is a little cruel here but I think the girls aren’t good either. I mean they can find a better jobs other than this kind of shameful job. Even if they were sold to this workplace they could get out of it by working for 3-5 years because this kind of job earn a lot of money. They didn’t respect or kneel down when they realized Shane Yun is a princess. Moreover they don’t seem to be sorry when seducing a husband in front of his wife. I know it’s their job and that’s not the matter the matter is that they seem to be loving this type of job and that’s shameful. And well...Shane Yun is out of control so the punishment might be cruel however a wife’s feeling..... even if you want to punish your husband u have to get home first right? Then get him a fist
Erva Asena Bozkurt: At ancient times and even now, most prostitutes come from poor background and either they are forced sold into or they think there is not any way out besides doing that job. When the thing is surviving, shame is second guessed.
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Daphne Das
This is not her being jealous. She's right about the financial problems the country is facing. They just overcame a drought and a plague. She's trying to save some money for the residence.
As for the bullying, that concubine was lying.
In the beginning the FL didn't care much for this concubine or her sister's schemes. But after they repeatedly framed her and plotted to kill her, her attitude changed.
Karishma Rana: she is saving money for her Yun family for the future because the king and prince will destroy her father when they dont need him
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If her courage, tenacity and character were not so strong, your brave and embattled wife would be dead right now, you two faced piece of overcooked vermicelli, and both you and your ingrate brother the emperor will have lost a young woman who has always been loyal, sincere and steadfast and who has done both of you nothing but good. I'm sure the emperor has no one else in his kingdom who has done as much but is as unconcerned with personal advancement and reward as she is. Every thing she has seemed to gain she has put to good use for others. And you? She may be the only person in your entire life who ever loved you for yourself alone and you have repaid her in humiliation, neglect and harm, you unspeakably obtuse and petty man. You're an idiot.
time less: bravo, 👏. yes. My friendnyou understand the. MC and me. This type of FL should be showed more often instead of those weak FL. that actually made me think the shoujo mamgas are about the ML but from the PV of his woman/women cuz we only see suffering for the supposedly "FL." even there men perspective and machismo has invaded the stories.

the New shane Yu , and her father are the only loyal people to the empire, yet the emperor, brother prince qi and their mother, just want to take everything from them.
Blood Wolf Moon: This is the best comment so far~
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Grumpy Girl
I hope they separate soon...
I want to sew his miserable face when he lost Shane...
Hope he suffer more than dead...
Grumpy Girl: I hate to think that Shane Yun will end up with him...
FUJIWARA: yeah yeah.. and also.. i'm getting more irritated by seeing him..tsk..
too sad. in the end. they still be end up together😧
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Princess Sarah Bieren
I know it some weird or you might find it repulsive but I want a different male lead. A different prince perhaps, I just don't like men who abandon someone and not care at all in what happen to him/her. She may be at fault to force him to marry her but to allow her concubines and servants to bully her to death, it dispecable! And that Emperor say they need the support of her family that is why this prince needs to be kind to her? duh! She is already dead abd the one occupying her bofy is a different person, no matter where you see or think of it they have already murdered some. I just do hope this female lead will not be swayed easily. I like her to torture her. heheheeh!!

just expression my thought.
no need to be so exagirated and condemn me.hehehheh!!
I have my thoughs and you have yours!😉
time less: yes. I just hope the author will allow our MC keep her oath with the original prince shane yu. to protect her family and take revenge for her against the prince.

the poor original princess loved him so much, and he just let her die as if it were nothing. now he see a new person as shane yu and how indifferent she is but oh now he wanta her and still fck up by allowing the culprit of the epidemic be gone, almost believing shane yu father was being disloyal to the imperial family, and for shorting her lifespan. he promised to give her a divorce if she was not happy. he saw how unhappy she was becoming and annoyed with all the concubines of other men were throwing and chasing. shame on him!
Ainur Raudhah: yaaahhhh same
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in CH 140 or more the king will framed the PM yun (princess's father). the princess will beg the king and threatening the king, after that the princess will leave the prince and the kingdom, but it is just season 1.

if i have to say, the king is just a paranoid, afraid the throne will be taken from him
reJien: i MTL the raws at tohmh123 website. the name of this manhwa is 单挑吧王爷
ET~: where did you read it? I'm curious
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I'm not agree with her in this chapter. I think she should punish her husband not the other girls. It's their home and working place. If she did that what the different between her and imperial vera - involving innocent people?
Roxandra Rivas Rivero: Well... it might not actually happen. She might just be trying to scare the hell out of him.
Kanmuri: Thank you!
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Oh girl its 2020 now don't compare your face shape it to others it's a bad habit you more envy and jealous to other because of your face shape, me i have a long or oval face shaped i jealous to others because their have a beautiful face shape like an celebrity, but me when i look in mirror i envy to others but i thank fully because i have face hahahha lol but honestly i don't believe the other because they said i look like a Chinese, Japanese or korean hahaha but the problem is my face shape hahaha I share this thought of me
Hina A Horani G
thanks for the upspree author and Manga Toon... how did this man forget that she's Prime Minister daughter and even the legal wife of prince Qin ... how he suggest something like this in front of king and thank God king have some dignity and some sense of humor that he's yelling and angry with him but let's see how's prince and princess reactions when they find out about the proposal of the third price and the advice this old man suggest for them ... I'm so excited about it ...!!
Hina A Horani G: oh really it's my bad i thought it was the king ...!!
Jelyn Asi: no the one yelling is the father of shane yun.
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wtf is wrong with the ML....in most of the manhua I hate ML for being arrogant jerk but here I hate him for being stupid. Till now I hated him fr using FL. Now I hate his attitude. And wth in the last panel .... how the hell is she lucky??? she's so unlucky to fall in love with ML and suffer all those...what a bastard! If she had been hurt she's weak if not she's lucky???how the hell.....urgh...
I want to smack some sense into FL to leave that pathetic ass of ML....he's not worth all those trouble
longingforlove: i cant agree with you more... damn that prince. i wish the fl give him her middle finger and leave for another man lol, this prince just not the husband material for our fl!!!
Beautiful nightmare : i was feeling angy but then i read ur comment
and now i feel like asking you to calm down
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Fl0ra Belmar
the ML isn't dump... he's just young and inexperienced... too innocent actually...
the FL is only looking smarter than him because she's a soul from the future... the people in this century is much more exposed to crazy knowledge than those in those days...
the ideas she brought about money making was adopted from strip clubs where guys and girls can be paid to have sex with a willing customer...

if it was the original princess's spirit, she wouldn't know this stuff.
and if the guy was born in our century, he probably will still be innocent but will have deadly strategies...
stop saying he's dumb.
ICan'tR3ad: I don’t think strip clubs allow their workers to have sex with the customers. She actually got the idea from prostitution
Fair_y_tale: yes, I agree
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Among the countless lowlife manga dads who abandon one wife and daughter so that he can start over with his longterm mistress and his daughter by her OR who arrange horrible marriages for their daughters with men who are unfit to marry decent girls but who are rich and can help dad or dads who gamble and run up huge debts for their daughters to pay off or who run off and leave their daughter to save their company or any of the many things manga dads tend to do, we FINALLY get a great dad. Who has a real relationship with his daughter. And genuine affection. Thanks, author!
NekoAshoka: I love her dad so, so much and he loves her so much it feels so nice seeing father and daughter together
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Nia Puspitarini
😞 she will be pregnant... time flies over 5 years later (if i'm not mistaken)... She will be back to the palace with new hubby.. i hate the ending.. i need SEASON 2 with sweet revenge!?! 😣😁🤭
shell: BBjin no her dad don't die so don't worry ☺️
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Hina A Horani G
I do not know why I'm so much confuse with the relationship between prince and princess,
Sometimes I think that both of them should be together and sometimes I think the prince should not be with the princess and he must be punished with the king to conspire against the princess ...!!
Hina A Horani G: thank u so much friend for understanding me and i also understand your point even respect it and i also don't like that type guy because that's type of guy i know would do a lots of nasty things and regret it later ...!!
subaru tachibana: i get ur point but i hate that kind of guy that's just my opinion i hate that mans pride they have so much pride that they r not willing to admit that they're in love but love and respect ur opinion
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