Free Me Now, Cold Boss
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Free Me Now, Cold Boss

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Free Me Now, Cold Boss
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Hope their son be there to help his mom. or the future husband come back to check on her.
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민서현: I'm so exited to read it
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Omg I can totally relate to her this chapter 😂 I rode a Ferris wheel for the first time recently and I thought I was gonna faint 😫 it’s scarier than it looks!
Omg I love this chapter so much despite how sad it is! They BOTH realized at the same time that they’re in love with each other! I was worried with how indifferent and nonchalant they both were when together. ML seems to want to know how she feels for him, while the FL realizes he was not just a test subject to him and felt hurt after seeing him with another woman! Now I just need one of them to confess and get rid of that trifling purple haired skank!
fh F gtgnhf: tfhfhsg
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Wishing y’all health and wellness!

Ok but WTF!??? This is SO cringey and weird.. I don’t know if I should be laughing or be disgusted with how she’s treating him as a lab rat for her personal gain. Half of me thought this was hilarious when she asked him to give her a baby in front of all the classmates, but the other half is kinda disturbed with how she doesn’t seem to treat him as a human being, but rather a tool to her success. Kinda gross and stupid of her. If he doesn’t want to then he doesn’t want to, you can’t make him your test subject without the consent tbh. I hate being negative but she sounds very crazy and annoying with how she’s pestering him to be her test subject when it seems he’s not interested at all.. lol I couldn’t blame him when he asked if she’s crazy at all. Anyway I’m still liking this story so PLEASE CRAZY UPDATE THIS ONE PLSSSS LOVE U AUTHOR!
❄️Mrs.Despicable❄️: " dont mess with me 😊" is the chat story I have written by squeezing my brains and updating it at my busy exam schedule 😫 please give me your support by reading , liking and sharing and subscribing if you people wish to say anything you can drop it in the comment section 😁 thank you for you all have given till now ಥ‿ಥ
ItsukixKosuke: Yup! Totally hate this FL! I absolutely understand why the ML hates her. Yuck.
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The manhua has slight deviations from the original smutty novel but I guess it's a good adoptation. Qin Sese here is a very fun character.

Spoiler below:

Hao Ran's sickness wasn't caused by trauma or by the drug 6yrs ago. It was actually emotional attachment (heart sickness) to Sese. As per the novel, Sese is an extreme beauty with a very crazy character, different from other women who have been trying to win Hao Ran's favor. Such extreme beauty and fond person who used to follow Hao Ran like a fly took his first time and disappeared without a trace. He can get the little brother up like any normal healthy man whenever he is aroused by other women and think of Sese but it will immediately fall off before doing the deed with other women but can withstand successive rounds in a night with Sese and will even get a hard on at the mere sight of her.
IamCiel: How did the forensic princess end? The novel I mean.
chacile: in chinese at a chinese website or any website you can find, just type in the chinese title. It's free to read
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Dude get the picture if a man is not willing to be with you.Why do you wanna torture and humiliate yourself to stay with him? If he love you truly than he would do anything for you.But you already know hid feelings since the beginning so what can you change? Don't be an evil woman and just back off decently rather than using tricks and stooping so low.
You're that unpleasant woman. I mean isn't that a hint to you that ML doesn't have any feeling for you? If he really loves you, he would have married you.

ML, please make up your mind who you want to be with. Don't confuse both FL and your fiancé. In the end, only one will stay. If you choose both, both will get hurt.
lalalala: Yes, I am. Don't mind me.
Alemrenla Pongen: gosh r u talking to the characters
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Well he should stop giving the fiancé any more false hopes and cancel the engagement if he is having such an issue with his feelings and needs a “cure” for it. And honestly, actions have consequences. If the FL didn’t use him as a test subject without his permission so carelessly, would you be in this situation, girl? It’s not his fault he is keeping you around for a cure. You made the mess, you clean it.
Lauren Moser
Bruh the FL is....bad. Like if this story was set in reality, then her kid would have serious trauma because he wouldnt have anything to learn off of. If he grew up, he would be rlly dumb. And dont give me the “oh but he’s smart” no actually the level of “smart” is how fast you have process something. Thats why we have teachers because you camt magically think that this kid could actually be the “father” in the house. No he DID NOT learn this from a teacher becausw this teacher wouldve called the police because his mother couldnt even make him food. That sucks. Like i get that the FL has to be a LITTLE dumb cause well it is typical but there is a serious line between dumb and mentally stupid. Also dont you think that the FL has grown up a LITTLE considering she has a kid. You know “mama bear” kinda thing cause right now shes acting like she never had to go the hospital. Sigh i really enjoy all of the other characters. They are really well developed but the FL is...
Sarah_Felix: Im glad someone did have the same thought about the stupidest FL i've ever read in comics

Like seriously, there's a fine line between carelessly dumb vs stupidly idiot..

Like if this is real life, that kid would stray on the street being a beggar while taking care of his supposely 'handicap' mother..

I mean why would the author made this comics in the first place..?
BTSXARMY💜💜: I know she’s lazy now but I’m sure she took care of him when he was a baby
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that girl only wanted a child five years ago,that's what she said,she only wanted to foces on her career as per her,no time for love but here suddenly one night and she is same typical is it really take just one night from strong independent woman to 'what are you doing with your fiance?am i the just for your cure,nothing else?' girl.
Army Sanju: Thank you for inviting me to read your work.. I would love to read it..😍💜💜
jin is ma pig 😏: Coool , read my noveltooo 🥺
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Ria LK
I have acrophobia and i just can't explain how it feels .
I don't know how but fortunately when I'm with my husband I feel comfortable anywhere .
It's just me or someone else has same thought as mine???
jin is ma pig 😏: You’re a married woman 😱 , your husband is lucky to have u
Ria LK: Yes,I have.
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This living arrangement is sooo strange... I don’t like that Wei Haoran, one is his mistress while one is his fiancée. What a shameless guy,
☆midjin☆: i hate protagonists that are really innocent and doesn't know what's going on.... And doesn't even know what's the antagonist is scheming
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Somehow the FL is dumb. Can't she see? through the words and actions of that b*tch, it's very clear that she deliberately wants to have a fault between FL and ML.
Mr. James: shes never have relevant moments so yeah she’s probably sick in the head
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Hina A Horani G
disturbing and unpleasant one then madam see your face in the mirror first because you are the one who's the most clingy unpleasant and disturbing woman here 😐😣😏
I feel bad for Horan's fiancee though I think she would cause trouble for Sese later on......still Horan is hurting both of them.
He is not aware of his own feeling for Sese........and if he doesn't truely loves Pink hair girl then he should break off his engagement with her and be with Sese.
p.s💛❤: Oh yeah!totally forgot about that. Now I don't feel bad for pink hair........she deserves that. But Sese should not be treated like that.
Uni ✨: Nah, she tried to hurt the child. So, I never felt pity for her. It would've been fine if it was only the ML and FL but including the child in an adult matter? Big no.
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I hope she gets caught by him or the son and the relationship and whatever be done with and kick her out.
Uni ✨
Lmao. The male lead is just acting as if he was angry about what the FL did, back then but he actually enjoyed it. Yes, the FL did something wrong but the ML didn't have any fiance that time. Also, if the ML continue this, he's not going to be any better, he'll be worse.
man just confess your feeling to our Fl. it wouldn't hurt you😅
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Hina A Horani G
she such a annoying woman and i wonder why ML can't break up their relationship with her 😐😣😏
Not to be judgemental or something but what happened to the grammar it was fine at the beginning, what happened 🧐
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