Bound to You
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Bound to You

Yoolook Culture
Bound to You
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Bound to You Comics Online. He is the commander of Zhuque Military Area Command with great power and fame, but he was asked to marry a nobody girl he never met before?! She, a nobody, lost her memory after fallen into the water and had no choice but to engage with a "dog"?! But she decided to bound to him since she was out of option...

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I honestly don't know where this is going anymore! I have absolutely no idea if this story can be salvaged anymore. I sincerely hope the author won't rush the ending with a plot like She gets her memory back and they love each other, the end! That would be super crappy, exactly what happened with another comic, in which she was an assasin and in the end she married the ML but the total plot was never revealed!
If that is what will happen to this comic, then I don't know what I am doing here?
𝙈𝙍. 𝔸𝕄𝕀𝕋: would u like to be my frnd... if yes then msg me immediately whenever u see this..
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Griffin Grey
Ok... I am a little confused 🤔 I realize that there are a lot of levels of kinky but still... The original Mu Weier and her mother took “artistic” nudes???? And now they ended up in MC’s hands????? How did this happen???? And the only guy who knew that she is not the original Mu Weier found out because she didn’t have the birthmark????? 😂😂😂
And the borderline retard ML still doesn’t know that he is frantically looking for the wife he married 🤣 Imagine if she indeed had plastic surgery 😜
Fiona Francesca: sorry to disturb you but if your are interested in adventure, thrill , suspense , mystery and romance genre read my novel "HIDDEN RULERS".

This story is basically based on an ordinary girl going on a cruise on her vacations to spend her time peacefully but when she encounters him it was not that peaceful anymore.After encountering him,the gurl also doesn't seem to be a simple girl.😇
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if u don't agree with me then please don't come to fight with me.

Actually i have read the Chinese part and this comic don't have a good ending.. actually it cannot be considered to be a ending.. they just stopped updating anymore and ended the comic.. i guess the writer is not well..or he just doesn't want to write the story anymore....
💜Dasom💜💘NSA💘: the miss understandings will be cleared.. and the fake sister of FL will die.. i too don't understand a lot of Chinese....
CrazyInLove: oooh, I thought it would something like the ML would left FL bcoz of another gurl
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