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Prince Charming, Take Me Please

Yoolook Culture
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Born into a wealthy family, the carefree girl Ye Xin Yi shows no interest in her family business, but only has a passion for magic tricks. In one magic show, a mysterious man bungles her performance, which quite arouses Xin Yi's curiosity. It turns out he's the internationally famed magician Lou Zi Yu. Xin Yi swears that he will take her as a student and thus she can learn the best magic tricks in the world, but somehow the chemistry between them is just getting out of control...

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she is so so cute and her friend but why I feel like her friend have a crush ML
Chilia Corimica: same her some drama will be coming
Chilia Corimica: same her some drama will be coming
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THIS comic is so unique so far! Also has an interesting plot with no weak FL who is poor, betrayed, one night-stand and taken advantage off or timetravel like almost all of girl's comic here 🙏🙏🙄🙄
Love it so far really! And great art as well so plsss DON'T CHANGE THE ART AUTHOR
Kolowai: Mad I know but still its large amount of time travel comic already. And yes there are timetravel with strong FL as well. That I'm very aware of cus I love Peerless Concubine and Peerless Princess as well Princess's Happily -ever-after Marriage and Holy Chef-Crazy Empress. But at the end, they have kinda very similar plot with other timetravel comics with strong FL as well one way or the other - so the more the comics are similar the less unique it is.
But those I mentioned they stand out so i recommend it highly 😁😁😁
Mad: Some of the time travel romances are unique. They don’t have a weak FL, like travel to AD 3000
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Byeol Xi
WOW!!! This author has made plenty of comics! I really like this one too already, it looks promising. Also, they're so funny and different. First time too reading a story about magic, and both MCs being magicians! Haha.. I like it! 😁😍👌
💕NALU4LIFE💕: OMG and i just realised after you said oops
✨lumos✨: i think this is kind of studio with a lot of artists
i love their works too
their drawing seem always consistent and the plot of the story (most of them) quite promising
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