Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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Demon, Don't Kiss Me

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Demon, Don't Kiss Me
things in manga
1.FL always calls for trouble (probably in all (
2.ML saves FL
3.ML is CEO
4.FL is employee, servant ,secretary or poor etc..
5.ML first acts cool, arrogant poker, Face cold hearted...etc
6. out of sudden ML fall for FL and act sweetly...
7.FL are always naive (in most of the cases)
8.FL get bullied by their colleagues classmates etc...
9.ML ra*p FL at first episode (NOT IN THIS )
10.contract between both..
11. time travel (well only FL)
12. substitute wife
(if you don't like this comment then ignore 🙂 please)
if there are more please say...
cicita bxxxa: hahahahaha okay okay dear
Sapphira_Sideris: SO TRUE
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hotaru.vs on ig
Spoiler for chapter 14
The FL saw kids drinking the glass of water and she “drinks it” Lisa added a drug to the drink after Lisa starts filming the FL then Lisa said “Why?! I am working here for five years. I am most eager for this position , I thought I had hope this time but it was taken away by you. who do you think you are? Just because you seduce men?!” After the FL said “ Feeling strange that how am us suddenly okay? Because.... I didn’t drink the water you gave me” then she says “miss lisa I hope your body shape won’t let us down. Enjoy your “performance” I’m leaving now” and that’s basically it
Im The puff guy: Oki thx
hotaru.vs on ig : She’s not a vampire she’s a demon and her “best friend” lies about herself
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
lol in real life this kind of easy thing never happened 😅😅😅 that’s why I love to read a manga and manhwa 😍😍😍
Inside the manga and manhwa all things are possible 💕 even existed beauty and handsome ones!!! 🥰🥰🥰

XiaoXiao’s mom said: used to it 😭😭😭 dear mom don’t say that silly thing!!! How is it possible!!! Violence is prohibited in law and ordinary life!!! Don’t allow yourself in a danger!!! Actually this XiaoXiao is very smart and caring girl!!!! She said leave your hubby!!! XiaoXiao’s right!!! Very proud of her!!! Just leave your husband and live your own calm life dear mom!!! That XiaoXiao girl definitely cheer you up dear mom!!!
Why does it say that she’s unemployed when she’s only 17? Shouldn’t she be going to school and not working??!! 😂🤣😂🤣
BDean2: I worked at age 17!! 😏😏 But I was in advanced HS classes, so I went to school half-day and worked part-time as a part of preparing for adulthood. ☺️☺️ Now I’m so mature I just don’t know what to do... except read comics in my free time! 😜😂
Yunn Moe Eain: In Myanmar,Students are graduated in high school at age 16. And then they can start college or university at age 16 or 17.
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Cherry Ann Bello
wow.. that was way too cool.. i mean i taught she was kind and innocent like..but who would have taught that our fl is so damn amazing.. 🥰😍😍
Cherry Ann Bello: red crane. Yeah it's thought.. sooooooorrryy
「Red Craneトースト」: *Thought
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Sorry to say this...but why are all these people who like otome against gay men....they are the cutest and they are the same as an normal know...except yaoi and stuff...but when you like the same gender you can't help it....I'm a fujoshi....and I'm not saying this against everyone, but you really shouldn't judge him for his decision to leave our lovely FL ....he has his own reasons and is not supposed to be called stupid for that....I feel bad for her...but without them breaking up...she couldn't have found her better half...
Katrina Gajdzik: oh thank you.
Korimikv: Someone who ships 2 guys(correct me if I’m wrong) but yea gay couples are cute
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Ooh hahahaha well done XiaoXiao 👏👏👏 You said Mr Demon is your boyfriend!!!
Soon they will be seeing mr Demon and just getting jealous!!! You did well and shut their mouth perfectly dear XiaoXiao!!! 😍😍😍 I’m so satisfied your behalf dear XiaoXiao 😍😍😍
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Started violence and beaten them almost everyday!!! So how could you call yourself a man!!! Shame on you!!! Real man never do this kind of shit!!! Real soon you will be pay for what you did!!! What goes around comes around lol 😏😏😏
Karma never forgive you dear brutal dad and hubby named monster!!! 😏😏😏
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yeah that’s true!
Twice😘blinks😋: "once you beat a women you're no longer a man"
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I should be scared but I'm excited..
Black butler : Seven one
babygirl_;): six is here 🙋🏽‍♀️😂🤷🏽‍♀️
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This man needs to die. Ladies, I need some volunteers, some cricket bats, hockey sticks, lead pipes and shovels.
Jamyria Robertson GOT7'S birdy: that sounds great bring it!!!
lemurloki: I have some Irish whiskey cake. Will that do?
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Aubery kung's Woman
spoilerr for complete 14-110 eps
the fl will know that she is tje reincarnated version of the ml
and the friends of fl namrd wan er will pretend thatbshe is the reincarnated version of the mls fiancè and then wan er will die and live happily ever after(they willnnot die)
Luna: Where did you read? I only read up to 76 chapters. It’s been frustrating me cause her friend is causing more trouble for her
Ramla Rana: hello niña
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yes!! our FL killed it!! like most FL they lay down start crying but she got up and beat her face up. about wheater she used her body she said what I was thinking she could have said in my mind I was like "so what if she did, it isn't any of y'all business!"
♡p.e.a.c.e♡: funny how I got many likes yet I couldn't understand my writing when I read it again 😂
Berryblue: I know I love it!😂
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I would've told them my ex was gay instead of lying. what a dumbass.
Girl, first go and consult a doctor. who knows you may have a serious illness I don't mean it tho.. But having dizziness every damn time is a big problem you know
Asono yano: how lucky she is
Mari1234: Exactly, that's why I said she needs a psicologyst, cause she is used to violence, and that's not healthy
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
lol office war began!!! 😅 Some woman very shameless!!! If you that jealous then can’t you just try and win over her position purely??? Just compete against her rightly!!! Don’t do disgraceful things!!! How shameless 😏😏😏
Wow! Someone who knows how to fight. We need more fls like here. Not all those damsel in distress waiting for a prince to save them.
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Lisa Don’t think XiaoXiao is a easy pray!!! Don’t push yourself in a danger you moron!!! Why can’t you just behave and do your own work??? In the end only you will be getting hurt!!! Why don’t you understand that lol 😏😏😏
Jimin you got no jams
she doomed now..... it's really an awkward and embarrassing situation 😂
Eman Mohy: no she is not coz he will actually come to her
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
How dazzling and handsome demon 😍😍😍
lol poor girl’s soul leaving her body immediately I think 😅😅😅 but why??? When he is transformed by a demon he is still handsome though and catching my eyes lol 😍😍😍
Lisa Aden
listen guys she is not the future queen, she is a demon queen and she is the strongest demon women on his demon world and he is her husband and he is looking for her there many stories behind it u will know it soon so keep reading.
Lisa Aden: if I tell u one more that 100 years ago some one betray her and kill her
Haruna-cchi☺️: demon queen huh!! THATS MORE I LIKE IT !!hahahahhaha kyaahahahah! and that "he is her husband"

Oh wow!
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