Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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Demon, Don't Kiss Me

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Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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StrawberryBookworm: Does xiao xiao get her necklace bac?
Ayrien Niexa: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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this just a made up theory which is might be not true v: , so if the necklace was from xiaoxiao ancestors does it make sense that the necklace belongs to his mom, and his mom married to nan and nan didn't know that her mom was giving birth of xiaoxiao, so that's explain why xiaoxiao can wake nan up? [THIS IS SUCH A CLICHE PLOT TWIST ] LOL
Trever Shouppe: i think its hes fiancee. cause he said that he could wake him up as well. so maybe she is his fiancee and just dostn know cause one, memory loss, two different personality, and three when she was hypnotized she awakened her demon eyes
Saundariya Reddy: wht the hell seriously
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YinShang: I am sorry. I really don't know how to face the you in another 'identity'

Me: So,she is a demon...? Woah!
hani: she is Wei er!
Shireen Sahdev: reincarnation of his fiance most probably
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Yinshang might have known something about xiaoxiao past so that he avoided her. Xiaoxiao might be the reincarnation of Wei the wife of Nan Jinfeng.
A K Alfiya
guy I need help
idk why I see a boy
when my heart beating so fast idk why
we are different class I am in 6 class and he was 8 class two days later we can't meet each other I think about that my heart broken I feel like that idk why we are in same room when we have exam I see him every second and I don't want to go late because of my friends also because of him I hate him we meet every week because me and my friends go and hang out he also go with us and two boys want me why I want to live single please comment and tell me why these kind of things happen to me I hear a name person was attractive
sara.skk: don't u think dear u r too small
sara.skk: don't u think dear u r too small
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Fatlinda Gashi
I think Wei is xiaoxiao but she dont remember anything , because yinshang said I dont know how to face the you in another "identity "the cross which had xiaoxiao and she gave as a present to her so called( I forgot) bf friend is that cross the Nan Jinfeng is looking for and so he can find who is xiaoxiao, but I think she xiaoxiao is wei nan jinfeng fiancee.
Zhao Wei Yin : yup,your Right, xiaoxiao is wei , just look at the pic they are look similar
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Yinshang you already know that she didn't kill your brother yet you avoided her for what reason??? If it is to protect her from danger, I will gonna say "you can protect her by your side and the most importantly, you Must Trust her". Trust is the most important in this world.
Usually people having the same color eye is related blood, i hope the guy in the last panel is ai xiaoxiao's brother and hes a demon too. And can bring xiaxiao's past memory and be a demon again. Wohooo Hope what i said come true
He is totally lying when he said that in the last panel, I'm 100% sure about it, but because he is lying and saying such ruthless words he is going to lose her and then he is going to regret but is going to be too late because there is going to be someone else in her heart and of course that is our male lead
Miseane Randle
Instead of hurting her you simply could've have left her alone Yinshang. she agreed to stay out of your way you stopped her from doing so. I'm sure you even know that venomous of a woman next to bully Xiao too. Whatever it is just leave her alone..!!😠
the necklase that she gave her is the one that president lan looking for and then i think it will happen to the president thinks that she(xiao friend that gave her the necklase) is the presidents looking for
Ashlei Sobol: Unless she is also a demon and that’s why she has always wanted the necklace
James HardGOAT: Doesn't Really Matter As She Can't Transform Into A Demon.Even If A Misunderstanding Is To Happen,ML Will Eventually Know..
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Stargirl NB
Is it a korean comic..if so than it is normal that ML doesn't get any comparison between his fiancee and xiaoxiao..because korean women looks maximum similar to each other🤔🤔🤔
meow meow : not truth......nononono
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I don't care if he is doing this to protect her or not. He is taking this too far. If he is doing this to protect, there are other ways to do that. so it does not matter. I'm fine if they become friends later on again but he does not deserve her love
doll❤️ heyyy isnt that you in demon form? lol it's so obvious, but then is yinshang immortal too? he cant face her in other form? or he cant accept that she's a demon? nvm i ship jinfeng & xiao period
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
I love how he casually asks her... Like no, not sauve at all. Thank u, next. 💁🏼‍♀️
But I mean he knows she's clearly the reincarnation right... I mean it seems that way....
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: Ahhh, that makes sense. I just thought bc she was a child she'd have to be a reincarnation. 🧐
LEZZZ: Where did you read that?
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spoiler alert

if anyone wants to know 😉😃😅
she will give up on the blond guy and that guy also knows that she didn't killed his brother and he had taken revenge of his brother five years ago.
later fl finds that his brother (mo li) who was supposed to be dead is Alive and is a demon too.
wanna know more than comment 😆😆
KayB: Will her and the demon be together
Damsie: where did u read it? And did that evil friend of hers do anything like loving the blonde dude???
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💖👄Love Mangas😍😝
lol😂 her reaction after he said offer comfort to each other is so hilarious 🤣😂
umm .. your fiancée and xiaoxiao look the same how tf do you not see the comparison ..
orange.dumb0: ikrrr
꧁༺♛. BTS•qมєєи•♛༻꧂ : She is his fiance she just lost her memories of her other side
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so they're lovers back then.?! that's why he is eager to find the truth. Now the necklace is the only one answer but it turns out that it will going to be complicated since she gave it to others, i wonder how will she find her true identity without it. knowingly its so precious but she still treasure her friendship. hope that her friend will treat her well in the future
When will the ML figure out that the FL is in some way his long lost fiance just get them together already
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