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Strings and Time

Tanako The Artist
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Braylin is extremely nerdy and never dated before. Out of desperation he goes online and pretends to be someone else, there he meets Saveli, a cantankerous guy with unusual behavior and background. Drama | Romance | BL


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Boys’ Love
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I feel bad for her I know how she feels but that doesn't mean that suicide is an option you have to be strong if you want people to accept and love you how you are you should love and accept yourself first if you reject yourself nobody else will ever accept you then you should be strong....🙂
Jameca Magee
Bro its gonna be funny when yall meet cus tha fat dude u talking bout is the dude that u was talking 2 over the phone so don't do that I starting 2 hope u and blonde fall off a cliff togather with that rude a** mouth gonna make ask the black dude 2 drag yall down 2 a river fall n throw yall in it
I felled like crying... wen that part come , I know how that feels . The “person” that you Love do it with another ..Ugggg .i broke up with my Girlfriend too . She did it with my “Best Friend” . But bro ,, Be Strong . Don’t give up just for a piece of shit like that .
Guy y are going to find someone Super Gay And he will love you .
LGBTQ+ Power ❤️✌️
Manga+Anime: omg!!!! i an so sorry to hear ur story😢😢
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