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Anna Shannel Lin
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Maddie Ji, a Billionaire playboy, finds himself married the heiress of a fallen empire, Jiaye Zhi. That wasn't in his life plan at all and nothing was going to make him change his playboy ways even this preposterous marriage arrangement. Growing up watching his parents' pathetic excuse of a marriage made him lose all faith in binding yourself to someone for life.

Jiaye Zhi, she was once the life of the party but she had to change her ways drastically when her family's business went bankrupt. Her father always admonished her childish, stupid, rebellious ways and didn't even bat an eyelash getting Jiaye to marry into the Ji family.

Jiaye suddenly gets into a nasty accident that changes their lives forever.

What happens in this forced marriage? Will it really work? Or will they ruin each other? Will it be one of the pure conveniences not messing with each other's life or will they somehow make it work?

Indulge yourself in Married to the Billionaire to find out.

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lovely me😘😘😘
oh my gosh...what's wrong with maddie????
oh I really hate him....and this little Secretary of him😤😤😤😤wanna pull her hair so bad....I hate them both...
lovely me😘😘😘: ohhhh😢😢😢author when will maddie realize that he loves his wife...
Anna Shannel Lin: hahaha, did I make your blood boil?
total 2 replies
author you seriously shocked me and made me run out of words, buuuut i like her and her attitude *clap* *clap* standing strong to last girl
Tejada Castor Elsan
from the 1st chapter i read the story i really like it...but plss can you give us 2 or 3 chapter a day thank you
Anna Shannel Lin: read my other novel titled:

The Cage of the Past
total 1 replies
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