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A-list actress Ye Qian is "worshipped" as a hype queen, a scheming b*tch, and an uneducated cocky thug who has done numerous plastic surgeries and bullied newcomers. This manga depicts Ye Qian, an actress who struggles for her own way in the entertainment industry with a rather straightforward personality. Life of hers is a battle of wits and a contest of strength with those pretentious foxes!

MangaToon got authorization from Orangame to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shuirangwodanghong,srwdh
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good one mL 🤣🤣🤣 what a perfect ML he is he is the first ML I ever like at first sight
p.s : i see many manga's and manhua's I never like them at first sight because of their attitude their looks n body figure I just ignore that thing's other than who support fL and loved her truly.
I just wish that he trust her to the end of the story and LOVE only her that's it I like 😀.
⇝❁Sοηα✗i❁⇜: ohh yeah right
Ayushi Rajput: no problem i want every mangatoon readers to read these type of comics where is story not same as always like giving drugs to fl bi*ch sister 😒😒 so boring

i have so many comics like this to read😍
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hahahaha he said I dodge...that's just too funny! it's like he know she going to fall so he did that on purpose! this ml is just too cool...and so cold @///@ if only he is in real life...this type of man is my just like my type! cool, handsome, cold and trust the one he love truly with all heart and even check first if the rumor is fake or not. is it wrong for me to fall in love with him at first sight?! bcz in chapter 1, he even didn't believe those rumor! omg I really envy this fl....he just like my type! but I shouldn't jealous on fl...bcz she is the fl....and the ml is not real...just in the comic that being created by author.... so I would definitely support you FL! fighting!
Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈)
Ah fake btich do whatever you what!Truth always wins.You guys really can pretend very well!.Cuz ik btich are awesome fake actress!Always pretend to be the good one .don't worry you cant be compare with her one hair!Huh when you will.fall down that time I wanna show your face btich😏.You guys really deserve it!.2 slaps from me!Huh your fake beauty will fade away in a Jiffy!
Ηεαπτ βπεακεπ: all have some prsnl prblms
Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈): Didnt you see?
total 17 replies
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