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Ew, you dirty ass b!tch! All this just to steal the role from your ex best friend!? 🤢🤮 talkin all about revenge when QianYe didn’t even do anything wrong to warrant to ur dumbass revenge! Like what revenge!? You mean bullying!?


Don’t worry, guys. She’s gonna end up digging her own grave and get pregnant with that old pig’s baby, which will seal the nail on the coffin of her career! The faster you rise, the harder you fall Shiqing!

Ladeeda Parveen: Can u update this daily plzzz. W8ng w8ng w8ng.....
Mai Reijen: no protection more kimochi
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I just love this FL ❤️❤️she doesn't care about what people will say or what someone will think and blah blah....!she is so happy in her own world and enjoy to the fullest 🥰that's how everyone should be✨💫and also the ML who is very different from the ones in the other mangas 🌈 always cheerfull and supporting the FL💖in his eye she is the only one!that's why it make me feel more and more interesting and curious ✨💚💞love you both 💗
mystery: yupp!
Just passing by: yeah me too I like the characters of the FL and ML..
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Girl just shut the hell up already, you’re calling him a pu$$y when you can’t even anywhere without backstabbing your supporters or sleeping with rich men to get where you’re at.

You’re no different from that scummy old pig, at least Qian Ye is not a shameless s*ut who’s willing to even be a homewrecker to get where she’s at. She doesn’t need any of that like you do. You’re just as much of a idiot as he is. I hope his wife finds you and beats your ass since you still plan on sleeping with him for money anyway.
LMAO she’s a savage! She’s so petty saying she’ll only agree on the term that the biased director comes and gives the paper himself 😂😂🤣 love her so mach!

And honestly, I’m so tired of seeing that s!ut popping up on my screen ruining everyone’s appetite. Can’t someone expose their affair and let the wife go and beat her up? I’d be satisfied if that were to happen. Can’t believe she still has a freaking career even tho she was exposed to be sleeping with him for the role.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Same she’s a whole mood! One of the best FLs ever
Surinder Singh: I agree! I love her so much too!
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I love how strategic he is with his plans! I think he gave her the perfume on purpose so that she can leave a clean trace of their adulterous relationship! What a clever idea, his wife is definitely gonna smell the perfume on that dirty old fart 😖

I hope his wife goes crazy and beats the absolute 💩 out of Shi Qing for what she did. She could stoop so low as to stabbing her best friend in the back, throwing her manager under the bus, and even sleeping with a married rich man to get what she wants. Absolutely zero sympathy for her!
Wow that director is so freaking irritating it’s annoying. Is he not aware that Shi Qing slept with someone for that role or is he flat out brain dead? 😒 Talking smack about the person who you need to sign the contract? I would’ve told him to take that contract and shove it up his ass if I were Qian Ye.

Im glad once again Chen Wu stepped in and solved all our cinnamon rolls problems!! Just when are they gonna be officially dating 🥺 love them so mach!
I CALL BS! No wonder she’s a c/b-list actor if she wants to climb up the list at least have good acting skills if she can’t portray emotions vividly then unless you have some great desire and a kind heart... WHY THE HECK ARE YOU A ACTRESS?! I understand if she wants to be an actress and has some type of acting skills but 1.if she can’t act then don’t bother at least know your place 2. If you want to climb up the ranks/lists at least try learning and improving yourself 3. DON’T SABOTAGE PEOPLE WHO ARE A HIGHER RANK THAN YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO CLIMB UP THE RANKS!

It’s common sense acting is a very hard job for a lot of people and if she thinks that she can sabotage her way up other than her “agent” she’ll easily get fired and rejected from the acting industry!
i am Jin's wifeu
Are you jin's cousin?? Or smt like that.. Because my hubby doesn't hsve sny sister.. Or do you follow him??
BT-we us-BANGTAN💜: It’s just you commented, people are replying is normal but converting it into a chat and then making a fuss of it is not really good so I prefer if you don’t reply to those who’re insulting your consults in anyway 🤗🤗🤗🤗
i am Jin's wifeu : Did i say smt wrong unnie 🥺🥺🥺
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Allyson Lim
I know what he's up to... I think he's wants to humiliate her for qian ye. I have been think of a ship name... hmm.... let's see, Chenye??qianwu?? Chenqian?? qianchen?? yewu?? wuye??. tell me if you have anymore ideas

and.... Merry Christmas!!!🎄🎁

so.... Christmas is the season of giving right so I thought that you guys/girls could help me out with thus, challenge that my sis proposed.

and then is to reach 40 followers by the end of January next year and I thought what better was to achieve that but ask you guys /girls right? so I really appreciate if you followed me and if you want me to follow you back, just say so since you also followed me(only applicable to those that follow me)
Allyson Lim: thanks to those who followed me!! I'm very close to completing the cahllenge😊
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welp his blind af if he really thinks that shiqing is nice

plus her facial expressions.... just no like dude lets take for example the angry face..... it looks the same as every other one SHE TF IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE MAIN ROLE

it's the same as for example this

imagine such scene the main character is wearing something basic like for example 👚👢 and for every god damm "another day shit" in the dorama or show with hella alot of series and seasons (i forgot how its spelled in english...) she is wearing the same shit 👚👢 like im seriously angry at this dumbass how can he really believe that shes sooooo innocent if hes the one who says there are alot of SCHEMMERS in the acting job

like tffff? broooo i give u 1/10 ( smartnes points )☆

( i freaking swear there must be some mistakes in the text above but idc really i dont so dont even remind me im already disappointed enough by me by this guy and by his logic...... this seems like a rant doesnt it?......OOf )
☯realityisn'tnice☯: she probably has more plastic in herself then barbie
Mai Dang: I wonder if it's a mixture of bad acting and all the plastic surgery she got that made her unable to change expressions so naturally
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lan zhan x wei ying🦋🌈
Both leading actors are so beautiful and others can suck their toes, *SPOILER* SPOILER* also the director turns into new love rival 👀 he’s gonna fall in love with our FL soon🙊
ATHANASIA: awww that's so sweet
Fan: dw i can feel u....i even feel it with Korean too...🥺😭
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Hmmm... calling your sugar daddy a pu$$y, meanwhile you poppin your pu$$y to get ahead in life 🤪🤪🤪

Pot calling the kettle black, much? 🤡

She should just give up that shitty acting career she has, it’s hopeless 💩 With those acting skills no amount of d!ck sucking will get her anywhere.

I think she’s much more suitable for something else.. may I suggest p0rnhub?

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What setback? At least my girl Qian Ye doesn’t need to suck off rich men and sleep with them to get ahead in life, 😴

girl with acting skills like that, I can see why you can’t go anywhere without sleeping to the top 😂🙃! Kristen Stewart called, she said she wants her face back 😴

Chen Wu would never like your recyclable ass, he only loves my cinnamon roll! Girl you spent money to get a new face then maybe you should spend some more to get you a new personality too, THROW THE WHOLE THANG AWAY! 🤢🤮
“Are you casting today, or are you choosing a girlfriend for yourself?”

CHENWU IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL! He took the words right out of my mouth!! So unbiased and unprofessional of that director! That stupid director has some nerves to preach about having morals when he has none himself! 🙄

And you’re right mr. blondie! Our ML is in love with my cinnamon roll!! 😍😍😍 I ship them so hard!

And I’m with the assistant on the last panel, YUCK YUCK Shi Qing is a narcissist who thinks she’s entitled to have Chenwu! 🤢🤮 I hope my cinnamon roll blows everyone away at the audition and wins the main role!!! YOU CAN DO IT QIAN YE!! 😬😬😬😬 I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: IKR? He’s so biased it’s ridiculous! There’s nothing wrong with what Chen Wu said, he is right after all. He looks like he’s out there picking his girlfriend rather than a contender for the movie
BDean2: That was an excellent question! 🤔🤔 Stupid director is judging Qian and he doesn’t even know her! 😒😒
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“Have some self-respect!” WORD Chen Wu, took the words right out of my mouth! Like EWWWWWWW 🤢🤮🤢🤮 this b*ch SERIOUSLY pretended to be drunk to try to seduce my cinnamon roll!?!? YUCK YUCK how shameless and disgusting, go to the sugar daddy that your manager appointed your talent-less ass to and go SUCK ON HIS NUTS INSTEAD!

Chen We is such a gentleman!! Qian Ye he’s a good man believe in him he wouldn’t sleep with that plastic faced blow up doll!! He likes you so much, please let my ship sail 😭😭😭
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Shi Qing is gonna get pregnant? 👀
_piertotumlocomotor_: it will have x with the guy who tried to misbehave to her 3 years ago and ended up pregnant. bij gonna go away for real good. that also means, more bijes are coming
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I love how confident she is around other people but when she’s around Chen Wu she gets all shy and bashful!!! 😏😏 I see ya girl, I see ya!!

And Chen Wu is very open about everything to her, which makes him one of my favorite MLs of all time. He tells her everything without feeling the need to hide anything from her. Loved the part where he teased her, I smell a lot of romance in this chapter!! Love this comic so much!

I honestly wish there was a crazy update for this one, CRAZY UPDATE PLSSSS IM READY IM READY IM READY!! 😬😬
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: That should still be enough for a crazy update tho, plsss I want crazy update 🥺
IamCiel: The English translated one is behind by 40 chapters from the Chinese raw.
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Merry Christmas everyone! And happy new year!

Honestly, tho. Shi Qing is so pathetic, it just shows how she’s nowhere near Qian ye’s level in terms of beauty or talent. Why don’t you keep your pimp’s 🍆 in your mouth and Qian Ye’s name out of it you dirty wh+re! 🤡🤡🤡🤡

And looks like my boy is about to give my cinnamon roll a nice perfume as a little gift 😏 I wish I had a boyfriend like him in real life, he’s such a sweetheart!!
The ml and the fl look like siblings
Navier: Well they did said that people who are destined to be together tend to look alike.
blah: come to think about it what u said is somewhat true 😅
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i hatee thiss !!but love the FL for being unaffected and the ML is awesome for rejecting the offer and siding with qian ye ,best couple who have yet to unravel the path of their feelings 😍😍😍😍i can guarantee with shi qing gone ,their romance is gonna be awesome 😍😍💯,just have to wait for shi qing to die/go away ,using dirtyy tricks🤬🤬,she's gonna pay for her deeds !!
OMG THANK YOU FOR COMING IN AT SUCH A PERFECT TIMING AND SIDING WITH HER!! 😍 he’s one of my favorite MLs now mad respect and props for him as a male lead!!

That director’s head is way too far up Shi Qing ass to even deserve them anyway, how unprofessional and biased do you have to be to try to kick my cinnamon roll out just because you don’t like what she said to your favorite actress? 😡 he doesn’t deserve such great actors and actresses like my two cinnamon rolls!!! GOOD RIDDANCE leave his ass and go find another movie to film in!!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: She’s gonna end up ruining the whole show with her terrible acting skills.
Jaide Louise Go: Wellp, let’s hope the drama fails if they chose Shi Qing. That bitch ain’t got that talent to pass anyway.
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