Ex-husband, Please Go Away!
Romance / CEO

Ex-husband, Please Go Away!

Tianyi Icartoon
Ex-husband, Please Go Away!
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Ex-husband, Please Go Away! Comics Online. Married by the parents' order, Kang Qiao's CEO husband Huo Si Nan has never touched her for half a year, and meanwhile her mother-in-law keeps creating trouble for her, and even brings another girl into Huo's mansion to live with Kang Qiao, it seems her married life is getting increasingly tougher and Kang Qiao asks for a divorce. Then quite accidentally, the couple somehow fulfils their conjugal love, and things just become even more complicated...

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I’m so freaking mad with how far downhill this has gone for Kang Qiao. She literally just came back from abroad after a LONG ASS BREAK and the second she comes back the ML causes a bunch of trouble already. This just made me even more angry with the ML than anything. She’s just minding her own damn business and there comes him flying out of nowhere FLIRTING WITH HER as a MARRIED MAN! And then his whole family and wife finds out and is now bullying the poor girl when she did absolutely nothing wrong 😑

He’s beyond stupid and annoying now, because of him this whole thing blew up. If he wasn’t so reckless and thought for ONE second how this could bring trouble to Kang Qiao’s position since he’s a MARRIED MAN, he wouldn’t have done this so carelessly. He’s not the worst ML ever in terms of how he treats the FL, but he’s pretty damn problematic. You would think he would’ve learned his lesson by now after what happened with miss blondie homewrecker, but I guess I was wrong 😤
🌣: thanks for the spoiler
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Ya know...I also felt bad towards the blonde-fries-like-hair girl (yeah sorry can't remember her name well) bcuz I went back a few chapters for a bit and kinda(?) had a realization why she just couldn't let the ML go. 1st was that she is still in love (probably) with the ML (but maybe also not anymore cause why the hell would she go let herself get pregnant with another man though then again part of the plan. So-) 2nd was because that obsessive "partner" of hers has something/s up his sleeves that she can't just oppose to even if she'd decide to give up on the ML. She looked pretty much forced, and not just because of her own accord in staying by the ML now. So even if she did ruin our ship (w/c we're pretty much pissed about) I don't blame her as much as b4 now. I just hope this innocent child won't get too much in between the drama.🥺

p.s. this is just my opinion/observation. I'm open to any other thoughts
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Ok, that resolves the wife and child issue. But what about your mother. She tormented Kang Qiao before, during, and after your marriage. Sinan still needs to sort his life out before coming to her and apologize for not trust her or defending repeatedly. Why doesn't he get that he's the one that has hurt her the most? Getting back together isn't going to fix things and forcing himself into her space, her home isn't going to convince her to come back. The overbearing and domineering thing doesn't work on everyone and it just show he doesn't respect her enough to respect Qiao's wishes for him to back off. And public opinion is a b*tch, people are already calling her a mistress and Sinan isn't helping trying to force her to be in his company and trying to woo her
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