Ex-husband, Please Go Away!
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Ex-husband, Please Go Away!

Tianyi Icartoon
Ex-husband, Please Go Away!
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Ex-husband, Please Go Away! Comics Online. Married by the parents' order, Kang Qiao's CEO husband Huo Si Nan has never touched her for half a year, and meanwhile her mother-in-law keeps creating trouble for her, and even brings another girl into Huo's mansion to live with Kang Qiao, it seems her married life is getting increasingly tougher and Kang Qiao asks for a divorce. Then quite accidentally, the couple somehow fulfils their conjugal love, and things just become even more complicated...

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I’m so freaking mad with how far downhill this has gone for Kang Qiao. She literally just came back from abroad after a LONG ASS BREAK and the second she comes back the ML causes a bunch of trouble already. This just made me even more angry with the ML than anything. She’s just minding her own damn business and there comes him flying out of nowhere FLIRTING WITH HER as a MARRIED MAN! And then his whole family and wife finds out and is now bullying the poor girl when she did absolutely nothing wrong 😑

He’s beyond stupid and annoying now, because of him this whole thing blew up. If he wasn’t so reckless and thought for ONE second how this could bring trouble to Kang Qiao’s position since he’s a MARRIED MAN, he wouldn’t have done this so carelessly. He’s not the worst ML ever in terms of how he treats the FL, but he’s pretty damn problematic. You would think he would’ve learned his lesson by now after what happened with miss blondie homewrecker, but I guess I was wrong 😤
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Guess he has a thing for cheating as a married man or something, Glad u pointed it out. Whether intentional or not that pisses me off the most about him. Zero responsibility whatsoever. Reminds me of serial impregnator rapper Future 😷
𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀: The male lead is really BEYOND stupid, I have no idea how he is a millionaire or a CEO in the first place.
He -as a married man- went to his ex girlfriend's house for a drink behind his wife... And now -as a married man- is going after his ex wife, flirting and kissing her.
You know what I hate the most about this Manhua? Not only is that guy problematic, stupid, and immature, but also unfaithful and untrustworthy.

One of the worst male leads, as you said, not because of how he treats the female lead, but because of his personality in general...
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Tangela Reynolds
Even if what he says is true, that his own fault. I dont care that he was tricked. never did. the fact is he didn't believe in and and he caused the problem. he spent more than have of their marriage ignoring her and letting his mother treat her like crap because he blamed her for this girl's death. but surprise, surprise, she wasn't dead and comes back. and despite your wife feeling uncomfortable and insecure you insisted on looking after this girl giving her the opportunity to trap you. then you let your mother move her in to your house and yes I do get its the family house but he is the head of the house which means he has as say. but he didn't say anything. forcing her to live in that situation. now what are you asking her to do? cause its not like your mother has changed. she wont let you kick that girl out ans you know it. so how do you plan to keep her from having to live in that same situation? its obvious he doesnt have any plan. he is just doing what he wants, assuming they will follow what he says. typical...
Effa Eyzah: p2-köln-bonn GM k nönö AS AS
Emilia Pons: why did she only slap him once . l wish she would slap him 100 times....😤😤😤
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The "weak" girl isn't really all that weak. She's a particularly difficult to deal with specimen: a professional invalid. Always ill...but delicately so. Never anything gross or disfiguring. Of course not. Always able to get some besotted doctor and/or overindulgent family member and/or would be in law to back her up. Talented actresses, professional invalids really shine
at fake suicide attempts, doctored lab results and self harm as a way of getting rid of a rival but they are so used to fooling most people easily that they get careless with their props. She's been wearing that same totally unneccessary, fakey looking, wat too loose bandage for days now. That "weak body" she cries about? Don't make me laugh. She's stronger than Eddie Hall, with jaws as powerful as a hyena's and a brain totally dedicated 24/7 to getting her own way no matter who she has to hurt, a remorseless shark of a woman who'll tear chunks out of your relationship before she finally swims off with your man in her teeth. If you don't grab your harpoon and shoot first. This outwardly pitiful little drip, when you put her together with her would be ma in law, becomes an armour plated juggernaut that will never, never ever EVER stop. Unless we drop her down a dry well and fill it in with concrete.
Daria Morgendorffer: R/smartcookie
Brazil McG: PREACH GIRL PREACH 🙏🙏(sorry if wrong gender)
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