Prince, You Are So Cheap
Romance / TimeTravel

Prince, You Are So Cheap

Dream studio
Prince, You Are So Cheap
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Prince, You Are So Cheap Comics Online. I can finally marry you, he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.
But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.
Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

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aaaahhhhh.... finally... I read the whole thing..... all i want to say now is that those chapters where she was lovey dovey with liaxia were like a torture to me.... otherwise I am a person to read 100-150 chapters a day (as you can see I have no other work to do) I started reading it on 3rd December aiming to finish it around 8th December but it took me soooo long just because of those chapters in between where she got all lovey dovey with liaxia married him fought his harem... I mean like reading it really madee nauseous.. I am a sole supporter of wuxin and beiwang here... not being able to see him made me go mad at this thing.. therefore I left it midway and then picked it up and beared with it.. but now I see some development here when both of the men are chasing after her and she's running away.. I would have left this comic long ago because it's not really worth reading a comic where you don't like fl and ml but then I heard people who have read the novel that she's gonna end up with beiwang so.. I'm here.. now that I've reached till the last update till date.. it would be less painful to see her loving lianxia (yuck!) I want her to end up with beiwang and people and pictures of this comic tells me the same thing. if this happens I'm sure it will be one of it's kind comic where fl marries and has sex with a man other than the ml... I haven't found any comic where fl screw other guy except for the ml.... and now I know lianxia lovers are not gonna spare meh.. 😅
Msmissy: yeah... you're right! maybe liaxia is the ml!
bts: she is already pregnant with liangxia's child the Male lead is liangxia.......I think now there is no hope left for beiwang...well I like both of them so I will be happy even she is with liangxia
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The comics didn't follow the novel's story.‼️

In the novel, war did not happen because Wuxin decided to give herself to Beiwang.

In the comics, Wuxin wanted to live in seclusion and stay away from both guys. In chapter 490, Wuxin tried negotiating with Beiwang and told him to let go of the hatred and live peacefully in his own country but Beiwang did not agree.

Wuxin then said, "Then, if the war is inevitable then I will face it with my HUSBAND!" * looks at Lianxia*

So, the war happened and there were citizens & soldiers who died and got injured. Buildings were destroyed and on fire. Ning An blamed Wuxin and told her that only if Wuxin was dead, then the two would stop fighting.

So, Wuxin tried to talk with Beiwang but Beiwang wanted her to come with him back to North Tang. Wuxin grabbed the sword of the soldier near her and slashed her neck to kill herself. Luckily, Lianxia was there to grab the sword from her and she just got wounded slightly. Chun Jun was so angry.
Jugyeong: It's in but you can read it on this app just change the language to chinese
Rhinae Sy: May I ask where did u read the whole manga?
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Rita Ramirez

lianuxia will start to suffer with his cold disease get very sick and at the same time wuxin will have already been back home with him in the palace I think he's going to die and then eventually she will realize she needs to be with our favorite redhead and then everybody can be happy because she's been with them both..... but as the story went from beginning till now I can't believe she did marry lianuxia from all that he done in the beginning of the story killing everybody and then when he truly broke down when he thought she was dead was just so heart-wrenching did I did feel for him so yes he is a good fit for right now but I don't think it'll last long I think he will get sick and passed away from the cold disease like I stated and then our favorite redhead will swoop in and she will learn to love him and that will be it and again this is my own theory I have not read ahead I have no idea what's going to happen.
yeoja-chingu kouhai : I hope linxia comes to real world and falls in love with me😂.. Lee Jong suk from w
yeoja-chingu kouhai : I hope linxia comes to real world and falls in love with me😂.. Lee Jong suk from w
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