Prince, You Are So Cheap

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I can finally marry you, he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.
But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.
Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

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Gabriela Rivera
i don't understand why ya calling beiwang a killer
1 of all i know he has killed a lot of people but most me those people weren't innocent, i mean don't you guys remember the chapter where they were explaining his childhood ?
2 he has a trauma, and ever since he met wuxin he has been getting better and more calmer and reasonable, he needs wuxin
3 stop calling beiwang a killer cause lianxia is not that innocent either he killed the general's daughter that was wuxins only friend at the moment and he killed hes own blood hes brother..
4 beiwang is capable of protecting her at all costs..not like lianxia he may be an emperor he doesen't have the same power that has sir yin ....
5 and beiwang even give up his wealth to be with her! that's true love and wuxin didn't see that and left him :( like he just wanted to be with her :(
6 it doesen't matter how many times lianxia sacrifice for her what it matter is who can stay by her side and love her truly and protect her and i think that beiwang deserves her more, like....lianxia has always had what he wanted while beiwang was suffering i mean.... i think beiwang deserves hapiness he has suffered more than anyone else
7 and i know you all say "but lianxia is nicer ""beiwang is mean to her" that's just how beiwang is..
8 more important of all I DONT WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE AM JUST TELLING YA WHAT I THINK so am sorry if i offended you in some way. That's all i wanted to say, have a good day people
Ychon Aniza: it's a little confusing only because the story don't have it's conclusion yet. but I believe there is a big twist.
Ychon Aniza: if you can see the picture of this manga, it is wuxin and biewang together. 🤗🤗
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i am with beiwang because i know that even if your such an evil you do it because of your past but if there’s someone who’s changed the the way you are now then it’s not’s matter love is blind that’s how wuxin doesn’t appreciate beiwang so much . because of what she sees him in the outside sometimes you need to understand the meaning of love so that you would have known about the hidden changes of the person that he might become,, so listen i know some of you favoured by lianxia because of what you sees him in the outside unlike beiwang he used to be so violence at first because of his past but when wuxin came from the future and now she time travel for long century to meet beiwang at first then it’s meaning to be your destiny even if it goes to the right or wrong path and now beiwang totally change the way he is because of wuxin then that’s the proof that love cannot be assemble without looking beyond on it.. it’s also true that beiwang can’t be like lianxia who are good at expressing with love but beiwang do it to another way to be worthy of wuxin even if its means to give up everything can’t you understand that.. because you only see the love of every individual in the outside so try to change it and look what also in the inside of the person
This is just my opinion based on the manga's introduction.
"I can finally marry you, he told her w/ a smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison."
Idk why but I feel that this describes Lianxia because after the problems, struggles, & conspiracies in the kingdom, he wil be able to finally marry wuxin again with her own choosing; pledging her love to him. In the manga, I haven't seen her openly show or tell Lianxia that she loves him. She's more the tsundere type hehe like being mischievous and rowdy to lianxia but actually she's hiding her love for him through her acts of sacrifices to save him and the kingdom.

"But the man by the city gate tower keeps yelling nonstop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die."

For this part, I was thinking this could be Sir Yin since he is very much against of Wuxin becoming the empress. The city gate tower could be a prison (Im not sure) where Sir Yin saw Lianxia & Wuxin veing lovey dovey that he yelled from there about killing her since she planned from the start of removing her from the kingdom.

Or... it could be Beiwang since she wants Wuxin as we see in the story and that she climbed up the city tower gate; threatening her about marrying lianxia. But Im not yet sure if its him coz I see him very protective of her and why would he want to kill her? 🤔
Mizemiya: @Jugyeong maybe this manga is a redemption for lianxia's love for wuxin in the novel .... i am still praying for this because the course of the story seems to be vying for lianxia...the way wuxin is concerned about het husband ❤
Jugyeong: This would have been a better ending and it all fits the description perfectly. Why didn't the author see this when she was writing her novel?! 💔😭
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