Prince, You Are So Cheap

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I can finally marry you, he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.
But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.
Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

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Kazuki Souma
I read the raw version patiently and somehow managed to make sense of it lol. Spoiler alert~~~

In the next few chapters about 40-50 chapters, lianxia and wuxin's relationship will develop drastically. Lianxia and beiwang will fight for wuxin then she will accidentally fall from a cliff then lianxia will save her. They will spend quite some time together down the cliff thus becoming more intimate with each other. They will get married finally and do some lovely dovey things. And based on my speculations (cuz i don't understand chinese at all) It seems that wuxin will realize that she really loves lianxia. So even if lianxia flirted with her she doesn't react that violently anymore but rather she does the same to him lol.

wuxin will meet her twin brother again but around that time, it seems that beiwang will tell her the truth about lianxia's so-called "evil plan" to take the throne ORRR wuxin will remember it. It irritates me to think that she will leave lianxia in the rain while lianxia is running after her so desperately then collapses eventually. Wuxin cried and definitely regrets it but chose to be with beiwang. obviously she showed that she still loves lianxia.

BTW, i wanna confirm if wuxin got pregnant cuz' I think something definitely happened with her a lianxia not just once but TWICE nyahahah
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I doubt it's Beiwang. He doesn't seem to bother with this kind of thing—he just kidnaps her per usual. But, the doctor on the other hand DOES do this along with the general, so… It's probably a plan by the general, unless Beiwang suddenly got conspiratorial all of a sudden. Lianxia tends to be the strategizer. Still, I'm surprised that the dumbass believed the doc when he should know that he's friends with Beiwang. Also, won't this drive a spike between her & Beiwang if he did do this? Well, even if it WAS the doctor/general. They are probably trying to force Beiwang into action by threatening the life & safety of Wuxin—doing so puts the family at odds with one another & thus drives them to battle. Bleh. I mean—isn't it funny that the biggest villains at this point are the underlings‽ Lianxia can't act against the jaggoff because he isn't powerful enough, and Beiwang can't because they do shit in secret & set him up. Best Solution: Wuxin goes home & swears off classic era men.

"Tell the General, Beiwang, LianLian, and the rest I'm tired of this era. Tell the doctor that he's driven me to this along with the general, & ALL of your bloodthirsty conspiracy! Empress Cold can have LianLian! I'm going home. [Stabs chest with knife.] You're all conspiring jackasses! Worse than high schoolers! [Bleeds out]"

No more dealing with idiots. Problem solved. [Though, the idiots would probably try to save her. Heh.]
kanna_kamui-san: I feel like I know the ending already
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mirae uwu
oof ig there are more beiwangxwuxin shippers than lianxiawuxin shippers ,, but seriosuly if it should be fair , wuxin should end up with lianxia , okay some ppl here are telling lianxia has a really bad intention of what ?? to get the throne tf hes the emperor now ,, what else bad intention would he have which includes wuxin ? ,, he almost died for her 3 times ,, and also he was the one who told wuxin is the empress and never looked at any other woman until wuxin had come back ,, if he really had bad intentions on her , in the chapters when wuxin would die and return back , he just thought she was a doppelganger of wuxin but why would he make her stay with him , if he really had bad intentions ? and also without knowing she was wuxin he favored her just becaus ethe looked like wuxin and she was wuxin ,, and also the comic's screentime is the most with lianxia , and also wuxin herself falls in love with lianxia ,, let's say that beiwang fell in love with wuxin cuz she took care of him and she didnt think he was a monster or smth like the others did ,, but wuxin as kind she is she would do that to anyone who is in that place,, if lianxia doesn't really love he wouldn't have made her he empress even after she had died ,, and also he was with her with almost every problem she had to face with ,, he killed yelan and the friend of wuxin with an assassin ?? no I dont think so ,, because after wuxin blamed him for him killing yelan and her friend,
continuing - -
≠Park Hye Bin ≠ ["Bin Bin"]: you have your right you too mirae uwu😂😃
≠Park Hye Bin ≠ ["Bin Bin"]: they always kept saying beiwang is the male lead beiwang beiwang is the male lead the aren't they not reading every chapters of the manhua?tsk
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