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Prince, You Are So Cheap

Dream studio
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I can finally marry you, he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.
But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.
Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

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Gabriela Rivera
i don't understand why ya calling beiwang a killer
1 of all i know he has killed a lot of people but most me those people weren't innocent, i mean don't you guys remember the chapter where they were explaining his childhood ?
2 he has a trauma, and ever since he met wuxin he has been getting better and more calmer and reasonable, he needs wuxin
3 stop calling beiwang a killer cause lianxia is not that innocent either he killed the general's daughter that was wuxins only friend at the moment and he killed hes own blood hes brother..
4 beiwang is capable of protecting her at all costs..not like lianxia he may be an emperor he doesen't have the same power that has sir yin ....
5 and beiwang even give up his wealth to be with her! that's true love and wuxin didn't see that and left him :( like he just wanted to be with her :(
6 it doesen't matter how many times lianxia sacrifice for her what it matter is who can stay by her side and love her truly and protect her and i think that beiwang deserves her more, like....lianxia has always had what he wanted while beiwang was suffering i mean.... i think beiwang deserves hapiness he has suffered more than anyone else
7 and i know you all say "but lianxia is nicer ""beiwang is mean to her" that's just how beiwang is..
8 more important of all I DONT WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE AM JUST TELLING YA WHAT I THINK so am sorry if i offended you in some way. That's all i wanted to say, have a good day people
Mary Angela Cagayan: what novel is that? may i know the title of the book thank you
Mary Angela Cagayan: what novel is that? may i know the title of the book. thank you
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Of course it's only Lianxia in her heart. They have formed a bond during the times spent together. Wuxin clearly knows how Lianxia is a good man who loves & values his wife and his brothers. Even Jing Lin knows that. Beiwang isn't even blood related to Lianxia but he still puts a lot of effort just for the sake of his freedom but here he is planning a war for revenge that was not even Lianxia's doing.

Dude needs to open his eyes and know his enemy. Learn from Lianxia!!! The only enemy left in Ning Empire is the General who kept killing North Tang refugees. He should even thank Lianxia for killing Crown Prince Yelan who made him suffer. 😒

(but Beiwang doesn't know all the things Lianxia did for him because he wants to just keep it a secret 😭❤️) AHHH LIANXIA ALL THE WAYYY! MY AMOROUS EMPEROR ❤️
Magical Hand: Thanks for the info 😊 I stay for the plot and little Chunjun ☺️
Jugyeong: Hey! These are the chapters with important stuff showing how the first crown prince really isn't a good match for Wuxin.

Chapter 56-57 : First Crown Prince Yelan gets easily fooled because of his self righteousness and slapped Wuxin in the face. 😠

Chapter 65: This chapter tells that First Crown Prince Yelan and Lianxia were not in good terms.

Chapter 67 : The chapter that shows First Crown Prince Yelan telling one of his men to guard Beiwang and about how the shackles are strong.

Chapter 130: First Crown Prince Yelan and Lianxia fighting over Wuxin

Chapter 134: Wuxin knowing First Crown Prince Yelan was already married and will be having a baby. The reason why she doesn't want to get involved with him anymore.

Chapter 152-153: First Crown Prince Yelan tried raping Wuxin. 😠😠😠
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So, I just read the raw version which already has 485 chapters. The art has changed. It's more high quality and the background details are really good. Plus, Lianxia is much hotter!!! 🔥❤️❤️❤️

Lianxia visited Wuxin in North Tang so Jing Lin had to disguise himself as Lianxia. :D IM NOT SURE but it looked like Wuxin and Chun Jun would like to escape from North Tang. Beiwang looked so furious and he was riding his horse maybe to look for them. Wuxin, Chun Jun and Fu Chen will be threatened by the Huqi Army. Chun Jun will fight them but an arrow will be shot and instead of Wuxin getting hit, Fu Chen will cover her and dies (?). Wuxin will be crying while holding Fu Chen.

In the latest chapter (485) Wuxin and Chun Jun are enjoying themselves doing trivial stuff. ❤️
Tra Lish: ។បិ ក
Jugyeong: Planting, fetching water by the river, playing with a chicken etc. ✨
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