Prince, You Are So Cheap
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Prince, You Are So Cheap

Dream studio
Prince, You Are So Cheap
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Prince, You Are So Cheap Comics Online. I can finally marry you, he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.
But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.
Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

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Girl Power
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Sushmak gowda
i think beiwang is the ML cause when wuxin aggred to be slave for linxia it was because of her friend & she extended her agredd time because to help beiwang get out of the kingdom.she even took risk by stealing from emperor & royal palace things. when they obtained the antidote for the poison she handed it to beiwang not due to linxia saying it was for jim but she without knowing loved him & wanted best for him. she even choose to stay with him opposing linxia & she is protective of beiwang. I don't understand why did she have a baby with linxia when she totally didn't love him at all & they were even not married lol if she was asleep then he skipped wedding is that a reason. She only choose to be with linxia is she 1st love that white hair guy & when he rejected her even crown prince whom she wavers for died she just wanted linxia as a backup. The reason that their wedding is postponed,their child dyinv shows that he is not the one/ML here & beiwang was the 1st character introduced here before linxia from 1st he was a 2nd ML he just got to spend some time with her. I think the author is trying to show / break ideas as such even if they r married & she's not Virgin there is no back turning in love.
lisa bells
I don't wanna be dramatic and all,but as I started to re-read this comic I have come to realize that bewaing will never be with wuxin and I've accepted it. So I want bewaing to fall in love with someone else, make tons of friend, belong somewhere, and be happy. Bewaing has come to be my favorite character in this manga and I just want him to have his happily ever after without wuxin, author. I know some of you have come to like wuxin and lianxia, but I will forever hate them for what they have done. I tried leaving this manga but my heart always seems to come back, and I won't be at peace until bewaing has found his. For the first part of this manga I really enjoyed it, now I get mad and disappointed every time I read it. You did good author, but me and the bewaing fans has had our hearts crush multiple times. I honestly hope this manga comes to an end and the villains suffer while the good people live happily ever after.
Diu Thorat
LianXia I hope you can atleast get a chance to be loved by her, but our Author have different plans soo let it be just in her way. U have done soo many things few relevant and few irrelevant things just a to make her love u but darling Love won't goes this way. It has to be a feeling in which u should not feel alone anymore, feeling of being taken care by someone, cared, pampered, trusted, believed, punched (hehe)by someone. U can see him/her crying and all wonderful things that life offers u in the form of Love. Tho u have experienced it but it has to be same for that particular person too. She can be ur bestie but not lover. If she gets her memories bad she'll definitely hate u because of ur sins, u did just to ascend the Throne.
U really cared about The Throne more then ur relations 😟😟😟
However please start loving ur brothers. If u love them just show ur feelings (Which I didn't felt even once, idk y?), I know their must be something u r hiding, but concile urself ohk 👍Let us know.
N U know what I never hated u 😉😉😍😍😄😊 I trust you dear ❤️
otaku Angel: hey I saw your comment on the cover page
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