Prince, You Are So Cheap

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Kazuki Souma
I read the raw version patiently and somehow managed to make sense of it lol. Spoiler alert~~~

In the next few chapters about 40-50 chapters, lianxia and wuxin's relationship will develop drastically. Lianxia and beiwang will fight for wuxin then she will accidentally fall from a cliff then lianxia will save her. They will spend quite some time together down the cliff thus becoming more intimate with each other. They will get married finally and do some lovely dovey things. And based on my speculations (cuz i don't understand chinese at all) It seems that wuxin will realize that she really loves lianxia. So even if lianxia flirted with her she doesn't react that violently anymore but rather she does the same to him lol.

wuxin will meet her twin brother again but around that time, it seems that beiwang will tell her the truth about lianxia's so-called "evil plan" to take the throne ORRR wuxin will remember it. It irritates me to think that she will leave lianxia in the rain while lianxia is running after her so desperately then collapses eventually. Wuxin cried and definitely regrets it but chose to be with beiwang. obviously she showed that she still loves lianxia.

BTW, i wanna confirm if wuxin got pregnant cuz' I think something definitely happened with her a lianxia not just once but TWICE nyahahah
neha😘😘: good afternoon 😄😁😃😀
Tomu: hi guys good afternoon
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I doubt it's Beiwang. He doesn't seem to bother with this kind of thing—he just kidnaps her per usual. But, the doctor on the other hand DOES do this along with the general, so… It's probably a plan by the general, unless Beiwang suddenly got conspiratorial all of a sudden. Lianxia tends to be the strategizer. Still, I'm surprised that the dumbass believed the doc when he should know that he's friends with Beiwang. Also, won't this drive a spike between her & Beiwang if he did do this? Well, even if it WAS the doctor/general. They are probably trying to force Beiwang into action by threatening the life & safety of Wuxin—doing so puts the family at odds with one another & thus drives them to battle. Bleh. I mean—isn't it funny that the biggest villains at this point are the underlings‽ Lianxia can't act against the jaggoff because he isn't powerful enough, and Beiwang can't because they do shit in secret & set him up. Best Solution: Wuxin goes home & swears off classic era men.

"Tell the General, Beiwang, LianLian, and the rest I'm tired of this era. Tell the doctor that he's driven me to this along with the general, & ALL of your bloodthirsty conspiracy! Empress Cold can have LianLian! I'm going home. [Stabs chest with knife.] You're all conspiring jackasses! Worse than high schoolers! [Bleeds out]"

No more dealing with idiots. Problem solved. [Though, the idiots would probably try to save her. Heh.]
kanna_kamui-san: I feel like I know the ending already
youadvancegal😏: Noice👌 but this comment's super loooong🤯😶
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mirae uwu
oof ig there are more beiwangxwuxin shippers than lianxiawuxin shippers ,, but seriosuly if it should be fair , wuxin should end up with lianxia , okay some ppl here are telling lianxia has a really bad intention of what ?? to get the throne tf hes the emperor now ,, what else bad intention would he have which includes wuxin ? ,, he almost died for her 3 times ,, and also he was the one who told wuxin is the empress and never looked at any other woman until wuxin had come back ,, if he really had bad intentions on her , in the chapters when wuxin would die and return back , he just thought she was a doppelganger of wuxin but why would he make her stay with him , if he really had bad intentions ? and also without knowing she was wuxin he favored her just becaus ethe looked like wuxin and she was wuxin ,, and also the comic's screentime is the most with lianxia , and also wuxin herself falls in love with lianxia ,, let's say that beiwang fell in love with wuxin cuz she took care of him and she didnt think he was a monster or smth like the others did ,, but wuxin as kind she is she would do that to anyone who is in that place,, if lianxia doesn't really love he wouldn't have made her he empress even after she had died ,, and also he was with her with almost every problem she had to face with ,, he killed yelan and the friend of wuxin with an assassin ?? no I dont think so ,, because after wuxin blamed him for him killing yelan and her friend,
continuing - -
≠Park Hye Bin ≠ ["Bin Bin"]: you have your right you too mirae uwu😂😃
≠Park Hye Bin ≠ ["Bin Bin"]: they always kept saying beiwang is the male lead beiwang beiwang is the male lead the aren't they not reading every chapters of the manhua?tsk
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Aoi Sora
loads of bull. to think I am readibg for a while day plus one over this king of development. Before her second death all peince and male leads are equal. even the brothers have healthy relationship. after her 2nd death you barely see the brothers, hell Jiliang haven't met her yet, and Beiwang, Chunjung and her has good relationship. this time Lianxia seized her all. Chunjun and the brothers has little scenes as if they've tried to forget her and Beiwang os portrayed badly here. There are inconsistencies in the flow of the sttlory as if the author wished to put Lianxia and Wuxin together hurriedly then tossed Beiwang away. where did the motivatielon and development from Beiwang and Wuxin before? I thought they were friends? Wuxin would have understand him the most about his outburst (she freaking visit her at the palace) but now they never talked about anything that happened. Lianxia has it good though bec. scenes were made for him. I feel like nothing is cemented bet Beiwang and Wuxin. I guess that's the extent of her feelings.
lux charu
the one who sacrificed a lot is lianxia ....wuxin just helped beiwang ..may be in upcoming episodes he will be powerful enough to make her to move with him.but most of us shipping wuxin with lianxia is for the love he have towards her .he even never mentioned his sufferings to her .still she doesn't know nothing about everyone's sacrifices .....her brother ,chunging, lianxia and formar crown prince everyone gave their so much efforts to save her but lianxia is the top most one to sacrifice his life . fortunately ended with cold disease for his life still it's a suffering for life time .I don't know jus because the panel represents beiwang we want wuxin to be with him..who ever she ends with she chosed a right to stay with lianxia .even when the story gets twisted to get shipped with beiwang an empress who have been loved by emperor shifted to another lead still give worst impact to the story line .keep up ur work author it's really a different story line with so much fun and even some episode were boring for some .ur great with keeping up with episodes for daily updates and ur efforts are the best ..keep going .
well ! lianxia nd wuxin have so many rivals ..... in love but I just can hope that they live happily ever after .... I won't agree if she end up with beiwang .... ND even I don't think that beiwang is male lead he did nothing a male lead should do..... ND the most important part is lianxia already took half of storylines ... beiwang just appeared for some time ND disappeared again and again.... he has nothing to be a male lead ....ahhh... but still I don't know what the hell he doing in cover pic of the story .... lianxia deserves this place better .... ND we can see that wuxin is very happy to be with him ND love him ... that's why she choose him..... so... I think the male lead place is belongs to lianxia not to beiwang ....
I just think this way
thank you
Eat Me 🎂🍰🎂🍰: if that happened and c and a being with him for me she is just a bitch then no more no less

In the upcoming raw chapters your precious Lanxia ship will shatter. ^_^
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Ena Micaela Dela Cruz
Dear Author,

It doesn't matter who is "in" the cover of this comic. A lot of manga in different volumes has different cover people in them. We won't blame you if you want Lianxia to be with Wuxin forever. And yes, I know Lianxia is showing the second male lead syndrome which is extravagant in everything right now but do not forget that he was not like that ay first when Yelan was still alive. Lianxia was haughty and pervy and kinda selfish but he grew up as a character and that was enough to show that he is the true ML. ML, FL what's up with the titles really. If you love Wuxin and Lianxia together, just put them together forever and let Beiwang be a vagabond. That suits him more than being in the throne. I have nothing against Beiwang but Beiwang is just acting like that because he had a small world. And still, even with his freedom he is containing himself and his views. He should just go and explore the world. Shoo shoo byebye Beiwang
Mizemiya: that kind of ending is not worth it 😭😭
Shira-senpai: ಥ‿ಥ oof
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I finished another one again (literally waiting for the next update). Now, I'm going to give my opinions; first, it was really good and the plot is also nice. Second, the characters are actually good also - enough to give it a thumbs up 👍👍. Third, the main char. is dimwitted and sometimes idiot haha but I like her for that.

What I don't understand is, why does it need to forget her memories and recap once again. I really hate it, I ship Zu Wuxin and Beiwang but now, it seems Beiwang is a nobody to her. I was frustrated and sometimes I want to stop reading it. However, my conscience is different on what I intended to do.

Starting from chapter 1 today and finished the latest episode (351) It was fulfilling and in the corner of my heart it seems lacking. I don't know why? But guys, I know you can feel it too. It's so long and I can't seem to grasp on what I want to expect from this comic. Huhuhu😭😭😭 I really want to see more scenes of Beiwang and her. Others may ship Lianxia because he is the one who is being focused and not the man on the picture of this comic -- Beiwang. Haist. Anyways I'm expecting for progress huhuhu😭😭 I'm not still satisfied, Author if possible make it more intimate between Beiwang and Wuxin after that maybe I'll be happy☺. Now, still waiting for the next update!

*It's just my opinion*🤗☺😭
lilnugget : I understand all of y’all ships but I agree I hope she ends up with beiwang
Rayci: What will happen on wuxin and lianxia's child...
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Okay, I've been seeing a lot of fighting in the comments about whether it should be Lianxia, Beiwang or Chunjun who deserves to be with Wuxin. And I've been thinking about this for a long time now, BUT Y'ALL imma be real with you... I don't think Wuxin deserve to be with any of them tbh 😂

Wuxin always gets into trouble (either with her stupidity or her loud mouth 😒), and ALL these boys of course saves her cause you know "plot" 😂 (even though some situations almost get them killed). And what does Wuxin do? Whenever she is saved by ANY of them she ALWAYS show how ungrateful she can be. Like she "deserves" to be saved cause she's the sh*t or something 😒 (she even turns violent sometimes 🙄) I mean I get it, I had a ship before too but I've changed my mind. I just wish for all these boys to wake up and look for someone better 😂

p.s. Yes yes.. I know that's impossible and she'll end up with Beiwang cause of the comic's cover photo 😂 I just wanted to share how frustrated I am with all that's happening, especially towards Wuxin 😂 No hate tho 🙏
fina97: Lol I feel bad for the guys they deserve better 😂😂😂
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(Spoiler from what I understood) In the recent chinese chapters, Wuxin made it clear that she doesn't want to marry Beiwang and she joined him to go to North Tang because she wants to stop the war between Ning Dynasty and North Tang D. She joined him NOT BECAUSE HE LIKE HIM/NOT BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE WITH HIM. Her sole purpose was to negotiate with him and end their dispute.
yuan: is it still far to end? the story i mean...
Jugyeong: Well, yeah! She end up with Beiwang in the novel. :) You're Welcome!
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Everyone, I mean literally everyone is talking about Beiwang and Wuxin to be together; I appreciate the demand, but let us all just take a break and just calmly read, what author has to write... Even after whatsoever demans we have he will write the whatever he/she has to, so just take in what is coming. I won't mind Wuxin ending up with anyone just for the sake if a love story, because the story at the end should make sense.
In my personal opinion I will seriously want Wuxin to back in her time or let the story be like one of the Wuxin's dream or one of her imagination...
Idk whats up with everyone Beiwang this Beiwang that. He tried to kill her in the first chapter, now he try to slash her with a sword?! Wtf that’s attempted murder. What’s wrong with you people shipping Wuxin with Beiwang. I get it that his good looking, but damn girls are so thirsty af this days. I’m disturbed that they still like him after abusing and attempting to murder Wuxin, I get that he had a traumatic and crazy past that made him lunatic and act like that, but it’s very fked up trying to kill a person especially if that person is innocent. Anyways they’re all fictional characters. I’m just shocked girls are shipping Wuxin with Beiwang, she should just stay with the new crown prince guy (forgot his name) he treats her with care. It’ll be an unhealthy abusive relationship if Beiwang and Wuxin do end up together. Can’t believe girls would rather have an abusive relationship with a handsome man and die for em instead of saving their own a$$.
kanna_kamui-san: But there is something else I really can’t explain why I ship them
kanna_kamui-san: That’s so true that’s why I totally ship Beiwang and Wuxin
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this is kind of like a love triangle I don't know I don't know like how is it a love triangle but it's kind of like a love triangle. blue the crown Prince of like her desk I like her there might be another guy who likes her and this guy like her like it was going to be a messed-up game here really really big messed up games the father treating this one bad the father cheating that look bad eating the other two sisters good but he is poor daughter and now he got lectured for them got lectured one direction from his wife directions from the prince the other three electrical everybody who's better party ain't nobody going to come back tonight party ever again they are going to go to jail because that is child abuse
Gabriela Rivera
bro i like beiwang cause its feels like he has a special bond with wuxin. And lianxia is a traytor he killed his own brother that's first of all, second of all he has a harem he can cheat, third of all hes sick hes useless, he forced wuxin. AND beiwang has saved her live a lot of times unlike lianxia. beiwang even saved her from a snake's venom. They have gone through a lot and that's at least in my opinion what Makes them special. And beiwang can really protect her from anything. SO MY BEIWANG SHIPERS DONT GIVE UP OK? LIANXIA IS NOT GONNA GET HIS WAY , SO PLZ HAVE HOPE FOR OUR SHIP. and thx for listening for my opinion.
Sakurakouji Luna: Normally i always treat ppl with respect.. Its Just.. I hate spoiler.. Now my interest in this comic is like half gone because i accidentally read your spoiler.. Know that giving spoiler ruin this comic experience to some ppl... Respect ppl and they Will do the same.. So dont blame ppl for being somewhat rude..
Lekhana Suryadevara: I apologize if u think I m nt respectful... I jst lyk lianxia and dats d reason v ll support him d way u support beiwang.. everyone has their own perspectives ri8... n I m really sryy fa being rude
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she will fall to down and meet a person imn a boy idnt knw weather its the princess brother and that princess know some majic and use it to jinglin jingline also use some majic then she will use her full power at that time wuxin will friend with that boy and they try to climb up using a ladder that boy made himself then while clibing through that ladder that majic power pull them up thus the sisters meet their bro .. then suddnly they become friendly and had lunch together.. and thn wuxin go back with that general and meet linxia and that minister.. bla bla blaa general live their for sometimes..
owLet: its on the web.. and got borred
Mahi💕: what is this all going on?? did you say magic?? 🤯🤯
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golden angel
Beiwang is like highly paid celebrity in local movies/tv shows just to rise the TRP. He appears after 10/20 episodes. Conclusion- He is not cheap!😁
But bcz he is there i m unable to fully focus on current story. It feels like something is missing. We r not getting any updatres from his side. I don't feel happy while reading even though lianxia is cute. Author if u wanted to show wuxin lianxia's love story then Why u created Beiwang? I feel pity for that character. It gives feeling he is extra & third party! U can show lianxia's emotions.. even we all know Chunjun's emotional state of mind. But we r unable to connect with beiwang. Some people r blaming him as a cruel n murderer. what can we expect from a person who never got love in his whole life? U ruined his image.. Author! 😤
golden angel: I feel bad for Yelan's wife n unborn child.
💔🔫KÎŁŁ THĪŠ ŁØVĘ💔🔫: Yeah the other bois to but beiwang is the saddest author why u did that why did u create beiwang to get hurt atleast make a partner for beiwang and the other guys like wuxin'brother okay what is the other boys made for?to get hurt ugh i want it to be fair just send wuxin back to 2019 again so no can get hurt tsk tsk tsk 😣😒
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Gerlie Garcia
And suddenly, we have a BL ship starting to sail right there xD
Marshal Lan is being petty--if I know, he's just jealous Jing Lin is close to Wuxin and laments the fact Jing Lin won't be sleeping with him in his tent tonight to guard Wuxin's tent 😂😂

And come on, seriously.?! Just for that you will bear a grudge? She was the one who brought back up, okay? and that old man was the one who held the back up which resulted to you being heavily injured. Don't blame Wuxin!! ( > ~ < )
ATHANASIA: V is that you
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Lan Xun! 😍

Well, this is a REVERSE HAREM comic so it's natural for the female lead to have so many guys surrounding her. The author is just trying to show us what Wuxin's life would be if he's with each of those guys. If she's suitable with the guy or not. And cancelling each guy that's impossible to be with like Chun Jun, Yelan, Jing Lin, and Hongshan. That's why it's now down to Lianxia and Beiwang. Which will then lead her to end up with Beiwang since all he desires is freedom and love.

(Damn! I feel so sorry for Lianxia 😭 Hoping this comic doesn't end the way the novel did. I don't want to see a brokenhearted Lianxia walking away!! 💔)
Jugyeong: It's in chinese so you have to translate it first.
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What's wrong with you people? Can't you just support the story it didn't even ended yet. So what if it is Lanxia and Wuxin you got any problem with that? If you have state your reasons why. Lanxia is always there for wuxin loving her for who she is and care for her everytime. Now you are looking for the one who isnt even there for wuxin an ill- tempered prince who just wants to get what he wants... So please it is getting into my nerves that you are looking for the person who is not even there for her... JUST SUPPORT THE STORY OKAY!?
Lunox: hehez i finally know the end of this manga wuzin will left linxia
Vampire: we gonna have drama

Someone said she's not gonna be with him forever
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M Quan
Honestly speaking, this story have a lot of loop holes.
Its not about the shipping between the rivalry of lianxia and beiwang I am concerned about it is about on how the writer wanted the story to flow. Kind of complicated and does not give us any answers on how and why did that happen. I maybe a bit of unpatient but the chapter is way too far already and yet still no answers unto why does lianxia did those.
Some maybe but actualy not all. And as for wuxin, i don't know? A heart should always know whom it belong right?? She seems to just be playing around. Maybe yes she came from the modern world but is it really right to play on someone else's feelings?? and to be fact 2 feelings. She should understand by now that what their feelings for her is not for fun and just to take advantage of it.

Well by reading other comments as she will leave lianxia and goes to beiwang, for my opinion that is not true love. And it seems that she does not deserve it.
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