Prince, You Are So Cheap

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Gabriela Rivera
i don't understand why ya calling beiwang a killer
1 of all i know he has killed a lot of people but most me those people weren't innocent, i mean don't you guys remember the chapter where they were explaining his childhood ?
2 he has a trauma, and ever since he met wuxin he has been getting better and more calmer and reasonable, he needs wuxin
3 stop calling beiwang a killer cause lianxia is not that innocent either he killed the general's daughter that was wuxins only friend at the moment and he killed hes own blood hes brother..
4 beiwang is capable of protecting her at all costs..not like lianxia he may be an emperor he doesen't have the same power that has sir yin ....
5 and beiwang even give up his wealth to be with her! that's true love and wuxin didn't see that and left him :( like he just wanted to be with her :(
6 it doesen't matter how many times lianxia sacrifice for her what it matter is who can stay by her side and love her truly and protect her and i think that beiwang deserves her more, like....lianxia has always had what he wanted while beiwang was suffering i mean.... i think beiwang deserves hapiness he has suffered more than anyone else
7 and i know you all say "but lianxia is nicer ""beiwang is mean to her" that's just how beiwang is..
8 more important of all I DONT WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE AM JUST TELLING YA WHAT I THINK so am sorry if i offended you in some way. That's all i wanted to say, have a good day people
Erika Love: ąąąąą
Airi Marvell: By the way Which country are u guys from?
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This is just my opinion based on the manga's introduction.
"I can finally marry you, he told her w/ a smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison."
Idk why but I feel that this describes Lianxia because after the problems, struggles, & conspiracies in the kingdom, he wil be able to finally marry wuxin again with her own choosing; pledging her love to him. In the manga, I haven't seen her openly show or tell Lianxia that she loves him. She's more the tsundere type hehe like being mischievous and rowdy to lianxia but actually she's hiding her love for him through her acts of sacrifices to save him and the kingdom.

"But the man by the city gate tower keeps yelling nonstop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die."

For this part, I was thinking this could be Sir Yin since he is very much against of Wuxin becoming the empress. The city gate tower could be a prison (Im not sure) where Sir Yin saw Lianxia & Wuxin veing lovey dovey that he yelled from there about killing her since she planned from the start of removing her from the kingdom.

Or... it could be Beiwang since she wants Wuxin as we see in the story and that she climbed up the city tower gate; threatening her about marrying lianxia. But Im not yet sure if its him coz I see him very protective of her and why would he want to kill her? 🤔
Airi Marvell: Yup💜💙💜💙
Jugyeong: It's okay. ❤️
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i am with beiwang because i know that even if your such an evil you do it because of your past but if there’s someone who’s changed the the way you are now then it’s not’s matter love is blind that’s how wuxin doesn’t appreciate beiwang so much . because of what she sees him in the outside sometimes you need to understand the meaning of love so that you would have known about the hidden changes of the person that he might become,, so listen i know some of you favoured by lianxia because of what you sees him in the outside unlike beiwang he used to be so violence at first because of his past but when wuxin came from the future and now she time travel for long century to meet beiwang at first then it’s meaning to be your destiny even if it goes to the right or wrong path and now beiwang totally change the way he is because of wuxin then that’s the proof that love cannot be assemble without looking beyond on it.. it’s also true that beiwang can’t be like lianxia who are good at expressing with love but beiwang do it to another way to be worthy of wuxin even if its means to give up everything can’t you understand that.. because you only see the love of every individual in the outside so try to change it and look what also in the inside of the person
Airi Marvell: But who cares about their fantasies about Lianxia.I have confirmed with the translators that Wuxin would end up with Beiwang in the end 😤
Airi Marvell: U R absolutely right.
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Initially, I got attracted to this Manga because of the time travel stuff, tbh! the story continued and was progressing nicely, and also Wuxin went back to her time once... In the young age if this story I so thought that Wuxin might go back and forth in order to manage stuff but it didn't happen, why she remained here may be in the future whatever she knew about the Dynasties, their fate was meant to be changed by her... The title and the poster represented Wuxin and Beiwang, and Beiwang came much later into the story and that to as beastly. Initially it was Lianxia's elder brother and Lianxia himself catched fancy of her and I sensed that her real brother too had some... Later when he married it was sense of peace, then her actual twin brother also started to like her, but things sorted, at last leaving only two candidates for her and she married Lianxia and Beiwang went out of the picture to rebuild North Tang...
I know I am just narrating the whole story, but my whole point was, I have been reading comments and clearly there are two groups, one who wants to ship her with Lianxia her husband and the other with the male Protagonist of the story Beiwang. In my opinion Beiwang is wild and calms down only in her presence, he lacks the sense of someone being devoted to someone because the person who showed some affection to him was Wuxin, as far as Lianxia is considered I didn't like the way he pulled her out for himself, out of his attraction towards her boldness. I feel that he played cheap somehow I don't know, just an opinion... on the contrary I also know that he took life risking task to grab hold of that flower for curing Wuxin at that time, but somehow that thing got used up for Beiwang; if he would not love her he would not have done that too...

Lianxia will travel all the way to North Tang to meet Wuxin. Chun Jun will lead her to Lianxia and he will leave them alone but Chun Jun looks a bit hurt (?) Wuxin will be so so so happy seeing Lianxia. Lianxia will carry Wuxin and they will do something only married couples do (S*X) lol 🤭

The next day Wuxin will let Beiwang meet Lianxia but their meeting didn't go well since they had a fight so Wuxin got mad and went to her place. Lianxia and Wuxin will have a bittersweet moment since I think he already has to leave. They will both touch the door that separates them.

(Yooo they really love each other! The author is giving us so much Lianxia x Wuxin moments even if he isn't the male lead 😭💔)
ヽ(^。^)丿: he deserves it!! ❤
Gompi Nalo Heche: For me lianxia is the male lead n will always be...♥️♥️♥️
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4 Days? Well, it is actually almost catching up with the Chinese Version with 470 chapters. I'll give a spoiler for those who want.

(Skip if you don't want spoilers)

Beiyan will give Wuxin tea with poison. Wuxin will act as if she was poisoned and will fell down. As Beiyan tries to approach Wuxin, who is lying on the floor, Wuxin will secretly grab a knife and point it at Beiyan and slightly wound her neck. 😈 Wuxin will then get out and Chun Jun will be waiting for her.

Beiyan will then report this to the General of North Tang. There will be a heated argument.

On the latest chapter, Beiwang was so angry he slapped Beiyan so hard and then choked her guard/secret assassin (?) to death. Beiwang slowly apptoached Beiyan to choke her next but the General of North Tang came and stopped him. Wuxin will be witnessing it all.

QQ88: yes, from the latest chapter we got to see how much Wuxin truly loves Lianxia. and he deserves it so much. is the story from latest chapter different from the novel? Can I hope for the author might take a different ending fr the novel?
Jugyeong: This is a spoiler lol 🚫 Lianxia will be travelling all they to North Tang to see Wuxin and they will do stuff only married couples do 😏❤️❤️❤️ Wuxin is so happy to see Lianxia again. You can really see that she's in love with Lianxia. I think Wuxin will try to get Lianxia and Beiwang talk together. That's in thr latest chapter 471-472 in chinese.
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fangirl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Honestly, I feel bad for Lianxia, I really do, but nobody, LITERALLY NOBODY except Beiwang "recognized" her after half a year. I mean sure they all asked something like "omg is that you wuxin?" but as soon as she answered "no" they all believed it and said, "of course it can not be her, she died". Like Beiwang was the only one that said " I would recognize you even if you were burned to ashes" it's so obvious that Beiwang likes her AND HAS A LOT OF  REASONS TO. I mean as the ml, Lianxia doesn't have any reasoning behind his love. Like, he fell for her because she was eating some watermelon in front of people, that's absolutely ridiculous.
I also wanted to state that the dude on the cover is the ml, which is Lianxia, and I say this because his hairstyle is a bit different than Beiwang's and his hair is obviously red because it's dawn.
sindu reddy
Hello guys! truly I stopped reading this comic at 354 chapter 😂😂... I am serious... because I thought this story is getting boring... 😑😑 but now I want to know what's happening in this comic now...? I just want to know one thing..... I would be truely happy if u guys answer this question. I just want to know WHO IS THE MAIN LEAD IN THIS COMIC? 😡😡😡
Foxy Dear: OMG I also stopped there
Travel Anime Lover : Well lianxia and jinglin went to Ning empire to solve some matters
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I've seen this chapter many times. This is the most dramatic scene of the entire comic. Look at how Wuxin is crying for Lianxia! Don't tell me that ain't love because if it isn't, then I don't know what love means in this comic.

Wuxin's actions are because of her selflessness and compassion to help but she always ends up letting Lianxia suffer.

Lianxia actually deserves to have Ning An who will love him unconditionally.
Anyway, Wuxin is never clear of who she loves and seemed like she offered herself to Beiwang in the end just to stop the war. Which is unfair to BeiBei but ok. 🤷‍♀️

*flips table*
Yamanaka Inojin: oh shit!!! is that true??? oh my poor Lianxia. why???😭😭😭 why???
Jugyeong: No problem! ❤️
Just type these links 👇

For the chinese comic:

For the novel:
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Lekhana Suryadevara
I dunno why.... I don't feel like reading it daily...
it was soo beautiful in d beginning but not now... I miss dose episodes wen lianxia made wuxin as a maid in his palace and used to tease her... a panel that I loved the most was when lianxia and wuxin were chatting and when lianxia smiles... she compares his smile e
with some beautiful flower( though I don't remember correctly wat exactly she compared his smile wid) but I used to enjoy reading dose... I feel bad now.. dear was sm sort of connection and love between I don't find that anymore
(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆─=≡Σ((( つ◕ل͜◕)つ: me too
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I don't know, actually no one knows what will be the end, but I do feel that as matter of time everybody forgot that Wuxin still suffers from cold erosion and she will vanish from this world soon! I don't know if I remember it correctly then yes!
If she goes away that will be bad for both of them, and each one will blame each other for her death.
Illusionist: ohh, cool!
BlueLagoon: she is healed from cold erosion when she first died while they were rescuing beiwang from the castle
when she teleported to her world and came back this teleportation healed her
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i just want peaceful life between north tang and ning country and between beiwang and lianxa.. i'm not against beiwang but inspite of this if wuxin ends up with beiwang then what is going to happen with lianxa if lianxa isn't mean for wuxin then why pair them up in the beginning. . i don't want lianxa to be heartbroken author please don't make the story twist more 😆
Ok m with lianxia i find him more good then beiwang
I want lianxia to be but wuxin is idiot she didn’t need to leave lianxia at the first coz he is trying every means to protect wuxin image as a empress n she has given to beiwang as well
I hope nobody gets hurt though
Jimenez Fernanda
i guess the only way for Beiwang not to marry Beiyan is if Wuxin marries him...
i get the feeling Beiwang will retrict her of leaving or he is going to put the condition to her.
As for the matter of getting rid of Beiyan it will be tough she in a certain point has power, she needs to marry Beiwang to attack Ning.
Wuxin has it tough... poor girl.
we can see the brightside of this at least she has support on foreign lands
That's how reality is when it comes to politics. Beiwang is an emperor but he is also not powerful enough jus like when Lianxia was a new emperor. They need to rely on other people for power with something in exchange. 🤷

I miss Lianxia 😭❤️
QQ88: ok thx so much for enlightening me
Jugyeong: You can reread it again in Chapter 188-189. Remember Ning An poisoned Wuxin with same disease as Beiwang so in order to get the antidote Lianxia agreed to marry Ning An for Wuxin. 😭💔 But I think he didn't bestow her the title of empress, only concubine.
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This main leas's character is so dissapointing I was expecting more from him now that he's back. I thought he would be worthy enough to take away Wuxin. 😶Beiwang that's not love. That's just being competitive. 😒 You should have accepted her past from the start without judging her.

This is why Lianxia should have been the male lead. He is just way better.
QQ88: lol what I see is the otherwise tho, Wuxin is always being controlling over Lianxia. or maybe they are equally the same thus it makes Wuxin-Lianxia couple well matched and more fun to see
QQ88: were Beiwang's character and contributions in novel version also not well developed like in this manga?
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Aoi Sora
loads of bull. to think I am readibg for a while day plus one over this king of development. Before her second death all peince and male leads are equal. even the brothers have healthy relationship. after her 2nd death you barely see the brothers, hell Jiliang haven't met her yet, and Beiwang, Chunjung and her has good relationship. this time Lianxia seized her all. Chunjun and the brothers has little scenes as if they've tried to forget her and Beiwang os portrayed badly here. There are inconsistencies in the flow of the sttlory as if the author wished to put Lianxia and Wuxin together hurriedly then tossed Beiwang away. where did the motivatielon and development from Beiwang and Wuxin before? I thought they were friends? Wuxin would have understand him the most about his outburst (she freaking visit her at the palace) but now they never talked about anything that happened. Lianxia has it good though bec. scenes were made for him. I feel like nothing is cemented bet Beiwang and Wuxin. I guess that's the extent of her feelings.
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Chun Jun truly loves Wuxin but he doesn't want to break the vow/promise about not marrying. So, he has to give way to his brothers pursuing Wuxin while watching by the sideline. 💔
manga addict💀💀
that's because the place where u live is dangerous as it is near the border but beiwang care bout wuxin and send her to live in a peaceful town, idiot
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