Eternal Daytime in the Night
Boys’ Love / Adventure

Eternal Daytime in the Night

YQ cartoon
Eternal Daytime in the Night
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Michael Stark
It's wonderful! Thank you for update!
this is so good!!!! 😘🤗
How I wish him to be a Ruthless, cold-hearted Devil. That's so cooolll...
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Once again remembering his past was make Xi Jie comfortable though!!! Visiting warm past memory is kinda interesting and nice I think!!! 😍
I wanna see what his reaction is because is kinda looks like he is going to jump
User00: huggggsss!!!
total 1 replies
Michael Stark
as for me, senior looks like michael...
Michael Stark: they are very familiar, but i can mistake
total 1 replies
Jeon Minmin
its already 39 when will lovestory start
diva otaku: I don't even know anymore 😔😔😔☹️☹️
Akossi Paulie Nayo: I'm wondering
total 2 replies
Mei Aihara
is that comic really BL?
FUJOSHI 4EVER!: it's bl
bl lover: who know but no romance and love
total 2 replies
💜 taekookforever 💜
Magic, vampires, wearwolves, angels, satan, knights, demons this manga has every topic I like 😍😍😍...and it's getting better and better with each episode 😊😊😊
It was actually inspiring that he was able to move on his past, despite seeing it again, and be the person he wants to be...
Auhsoj Serrot Onallives
Yes.. I'm ok... char what he gonna do..??
💜 taekookforever 💜
So Adam was right about xi jie... He's been depressed about the death of that girl...take good care of xi jie Adam 😊
💜 taekookforever 💜
Yay now it's Satan... All the supernatural and fictional characters are together in one manga😍😍... I'm so excited
Rebe_ ro1: mah too
total 1 replies
My life (BL♂️) forever(^o^)
UwwwwuU so cute kokoro ga itai kawai sugite (saranghi)
💜 taekookforever 💜
Ok the knight got the energy booster from Angel now he's fully recharged to win the battle 😍😍😍
Yara Bak
that was so tall thanks for your hard work
I Disliked All The Living Person BECAUSE I'm Living With My Own Fictional World
Well Mr. knight said it's a blessing
But i'm not satisfied with that answer Mr. knight
anpanman ❤️
well fourth I guess☺️ I miss adam
💜 taekookforever 💜
Ok so what I've understood so far is king of film Lu Jingxuan is the Satan and that girl is his follower....
Kurabu Kishidou
So he's messing with you again be at the crap out of him😂🤣
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