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Mr CEO Knows My Secret

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What happens when your parents think you as a well behaved and innocent girl. But you are the opposite. Angle is a girl who is 22 and she is modern ill mannered but in front of her parents she is well behaved. Xiao Jin is a CEO of famous company and meets the ill mannered girl Angle. Again next day he meets the well mannered Angle. Let's see how Angle is going to save her secret.....

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Maria Marion See
It will be more interesting if you have image like others..... because in my opinion novels with image are more attractive into the eye of those who wants to believe.... if you know what I mean.....
Priyasha ._.
Thanks Author, the story is getting more interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for your hard work and also don't panic about your physics exam I hope it will all went good and your mom will see your efforts.
I think you really are a great person as you manage both study and writing. If I were you I would have gave up on one of them.
So here is a big THANK YOU for all your hard work and I hope everything will went smoothly with you and as for the problem you are facing I hope it vanishes quickly.
Thank you. your little appreciator( ^ _ ^)
Priyasha ._.: yeah of course! I would love to
Lisa ston: Please can you read my novel prince of the spring
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