Forged Success
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Forged Success

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Forged Success
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Ray Clive
Where the hell did he hide the Ancestral Dragon.
Random Guy: It's in his head. Probably in the brain.
total 1 replies
Anime God
why did he pull out 1 hand full acting like he doesn't have thousands?
SwiftRazer: condensed it possibly? or maybe not trying to flood her with to much right away, only time will tell!
total 1 replies
Khaled Balindong
This little monster guy is kinda similar to majin boo in goku
crazy update plsss 😘😘😘
more updates
GrootyGroot_3000[Mini Militia]
ooo noooooooooo
we wait again
updateeee plsssss...
Mr. X
So close, but still too far......
Erwan Ros
wow almost cure there mc go look for her soul ..
hayyss i hope hope they released 5 chapter a day
Anthony Demonse
want more...
Anthony Demonse
please crazy updates ohh... this is terrible I want more
Ryan Riasol
am craving for more episodes arrghhh.. author crazy update pls ☺️
novita anggraeni
Slapping at her face, surely she will awake
Shubham Singh: she is wide awake but doesn't wake up ..!
she want some alone time with luo zheng
total 1 replies
Kanij Fatema
crazy update pleaseee.....
she needs a kiss, a gentle one, of course.. she's like a sleeping beauty so she needs one to wake up
Jomar Montellano Ortega
crazy update plz I'm craving more to read
Agus Phi: you got free to read. and now u become so rude to get crazy update more and more. please know ur place. u not even sent a single penny to team but u want more.
total 1 replies
Chef Doom
Crazy update pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee
Marvin Datuin
yeah yeah.. all it needs is true love's kiss... go on.. we're not peeking...
kiss her passionately and she'll wake up...she will even punch you in the facw
BlackGuyUnitYT: He has to... kiss de gerl
total 1 replies
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