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Albert Tjo
Albert Tjo: what is the story of that manga about.....?
Dark_Shadow : Yeah re:monster is interesting just that it takes forever to update
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Chantal 20
It's already updated to chapter 506 on y o u t u b e. Apotheosis. by Mangaplus.
Before he ascended in the upper realm, he didn't know that yudie(wife) was pregnant.
Zolani Zweni: I've watched mangaplus + disasterscans and their translations are terrible... I suggest people keep reading the official translations and support the artist then ruin the story with bad translations.

also can people please stop spoiling, that's not cool
Israel Jay Rodriguez Quidlat: his wife
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the crown prince from dayu going to tell him not to kill the mineral eater but he is going to kill the mineral eater only take the life stone. an he going to find a pickaxe with God line on it an break the pickaxe that the prince of Yan give him. then he returns an tell the prince of Yan wat happen.
Grute: @kinruyuu underrated comment 😂😂👌🏻
Kinruyuu : Ye did I not read that here
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Kinda of reminds me of a certain electrical tool that kills flies and mosquitos. It even has the same button
Sunarti Sala3: and flying termites.
Jayjay Prezidia : I have it. but it only works for flies.
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Sonam Tshering
I guess the only good thing about this scumbag of a prince would be his good looks.
Thousand Sunny : Thanks for that!! My arm was getting so tired and sore I really thought that it might just fall right off! You’re truly a lifesaver!
Nancy Symons: I’ll help u
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Samuel Ezechi
this delays is taken the fun out off the story, I am starting to loose interest
Thousand Sunny : Agreed. Or worse yet, bi-weekly. Or monthly. Which is not just an occasional possibility, but is actually quite common and even regular.
Thousand Sunny : Delay?! You seriously think only two days between releases comes close to qualifying as a delay? This is in fact no delay, my friend. A delay is when something gets put off until later than its intended target time. This is actually what most avid readers would call an extremely FAST release rate. You apparently don’t know anything.
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Not being an antagonist but I think the one in zheng's heart is not u yudie but his younger sister lolol His only focus for now is to save his younger sister just saying.
Thousand Sunny
Yes, yes, everyone. Chapters are missing. Why don’t you all go and report the mistakes in the feedback channel or the ‘report’ icon at the top right of the chapter page. I did, and if you all would too then the chapters would get fixed quicker.
Thousand Sunny : I know why you the episodes weren’t originally there and so I am truly thankful and happy that you guys managed to fix the problem as quickly as you did. Thanks for everything you guys do for us! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!
Editor.MT: We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We've uploaded the missing chapters. You can see them now. Let us know if there is still any problem.
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i think the comic can actually reach 800 chapters? lol well i don't know either because until 500 chapters the sister has not reunite yet and then the dragons inside his head not all have wake up yet and he is still growing more and more and well its not like i don't like the fact that the comic is not ending.. i really like it and hope for the author to keep his work and work hard because i want to see many more surprises to come thankyou for ur hard work
AnDrew InFimate: the light novel have around 3k chapters
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Eugene P.
Guys, are you still here and begging for crazy update? :) I deleted the app when i understood how much s*cks it. Now i'm writing from the site. Really, developers did everything that people read manhua not here, but at other sources... Poor authors...
As for me i have read 486 chapter in English (is equal to last released 478 chinese and 956-957 chapters in the light novel). Don't ask me where i found it. This question will be without the answer.
Now i can say only some things:
1. Better read manhua together with light novel, because author of manhua can cut some scenes from the plot though they are important,
2. Author of manhua insignificantly changes the plot of original light novel. I understand him. But i'm not happy about it.
Eugene P.: For example, *** Spoilers, attention*** some from the last, in the scene of sex Luo Zheng and Ning Yudie author of manhua made from dragons two old perverts. Yes, it's really funny and he made it for possibility to show this sex scene, but... at the other hand... pfff... :/ And much more important that author of manhua likes Ning Yudie and in his manhua she talks things that never did in original plot in light novel. Or Xi Youqin does that she never did. Moreover, in original plot "that annoying woman" Xi Youqin is more clever and wise, not just only with much more stronger innate skill. In episode with meeting with Su Lingyun she not only doesn't jealous, but tease Ning Yudie, and then comforts her when she is upset and wipes her tears, though Luo Zheng does nothing wrong! And Ning Yudie, on the contrary, turns from tsundere into stupid and jealous wife. :/ She never praises Su Lingyun, all Ning Yudie words in the manhua - words of author about Su Lingyun's decision. ***End of spoilers***
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1thing i like about the author is ,he/she wont let the chapter end without the proper ending"for a chapter" no matter how many pages it requires ,you have my full support author and enjoy my tip to yaa😎
1thing i like about the author is ,he/she wont oet the chapter end without the proper ending"for a chapter" no matter how many pages it requires ,you have my full support author and enjoy my tip to yaa😎
Hayati Nurani
hanya demi membaca komik ne rela aku menontom video untuk mendapatkan point sebenarnya kesel juga sih nungguin..karna apa menunggu tu gk enak seperti di gaantung ama doi eakkk...hampuranyah..
RMD IR: kita se aliran
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Lili CN
I’m thinking this realm lord doesn’t seem that emotional but one of her duplicates showed some affection to the ml and even kissed him on cheek and blushed! Going back to the original person those emotions should transfer to the main body so she could actually be affectionate towards him in the future...
Prokopis Naos
I hope they don't make me pay more points to see the same episode because it end the moment he kills the mineral eater and somehow that episode was gone
Thousand Sunny : Well said.
Prokopis Naos: Thanks for the infobut I dont care about the 10 points i lost also the edidor explain i dont have to pay for the same episodes im OK,mistakes can happen to anyone i dont Want compasation its Just some points
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Kristianto Taslim
seems luo Zheng have some kind of magnet attracting enemy, I worry the author might beaten to death by luo Zheng later 😂😂😂
Don Israel Calingacion
remember this you fcking slut!!!!

Lou Zheng fck you becus he ws affected by the god damn drug so dont fcking say that he fcking loved you
Don Israel Calingacion: an arrogant princess is not worthy in front of
Lou Zheng so dont fcking ask about it fcking slut
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Thousand Sunny
Everybody, I was asked to let you know to go mention the recent problem on the feedback line and they will compensate you with a few c0upons for the trouble of the missing episodes during the Crazy Update and the withdrawn episodes after it was fixed.
Thousand Sunny : Go to your MINE page and scroll down. Second from the bottom. After you click/tap you’ll see FEEDBACK at the very bottom again. You literally can’t miss it. Click/tap again and make your comment.
Dante Azure Angelo: Where’s the feedback line??
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how much levels of the law of thunder do you believe Luo zeng learns from this?
penguincute: meh definately layer 2
Akira Terzi: 1.5 bet
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let me tell you something kid
many tried but failed who the hell are you to kill the mc 😂😂
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