The CEO's Wife
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The CEO's Wife

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The CEO's Wife
Spanish lover
Hi author, loving the story up to now but I have noticed a few grammar mistakes which could be quickly sorted. I would be happy to proofread the English version and also translate it into Spanish, if you so wish xx
I'm crying, literally. I can't stop my tears while writing this. Author, Your story is great, with an emotinal plot. Good job
Spanish lover
Pardon my ignorance but what does half cast mean?
Mieko 🌸: its actually half-caste ( i looked it up in merriam) it means half breed. judging the story plot i guess she's half noble
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Ooowwww I love their bonding. They're like sisters 😍
Anne Carol Caluscusan Amorganda-Abugan
Spanish lover
Awesome...simply awesome ❤️
Spanish lover
Whaaaaaaaaaat? 😲
Uenaa Husnaa II
translite into indonesian please
_World Wide Handsome's wife 👰_
it's getting interesting
GoD Knows
U guys should try ( Reverend Insanity).You may like it.Got Daily update
cant wait for season 2🤗🤗🤗
yaaaay finally thank you
Ahmed Ramzan
waiting for season 2
Pranita Tamang Ghishing
when is second part starting????
Rabiya Begum
Dear author,
First of all i love ur work and just i am truly in love with this novel. i finished reading it today and i was heart broken because it end just like that plz author publish 2 season as soon as possible i m dying to read what will happen next. These are my true feelings and nothing is artificial i don't know where did u get such inspiration to write this novel but its mind-blowing. This novel should get best novel of the year award. At last i will say i am patiently waiting for season 2 and i will always be ur one of the honest readers. WISH U ALL THE LUCK AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Alice Dsouza: I think that the author really liked your comment and please continue giving your precious reviews about it
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Nusrat Tanjia
why you make this so short 😭
Noooo.....Suzy don't do anything stupid plzz
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