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My Omega (Hiatus)

I.N Fujo
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Mizuki who must try to forget his past, who is now approaching him again, what should he do?
Reunited with the man who had ruined his life, who now began to love him.

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Boys’ Love
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Diamond Aries
lots of folks new to the omegaverse. they are good reads some may have a bit of hurt and struggles mostly between an Alpha male and Omega male. in majority of omegaverses, the alpha ends up with an omega because the omega has a higher chance of giving birth to an Alpha. But due to the status, alphas are the superior ones, betas are middle class and omegas are low. omegas also have heat periods which makes them a target for the other two but more to the alphas who are very sensitive to an omega's heat. this is why cautions are taken. feel like I've wrote a book. just look some omegaverse reads up and you'll see. I have a list of my favorites.
Diamond Aries: oh, I've come to terms with my father's passing already. what I don't like is what Sothea Soth posted. I don't do curses or chain letters. I don't like getting them and I never send them to anyone.
Anonymous: I’m rlly sorry to hear that 😔 I hope your okay 💕💕💕💕
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Sarah Muse
I am sorry Author-sama but I can't get past the 2nd chapter with the grammar and spelling being so terrible. I understand it may not be your best language but this....I can't. I cannot stay interested in a story with so many grammatical errors so please....fix it as soon as possible or find a proof/beta reader to assist you. the story itself seems like it be awesome but the errors being this bad....its a intellectual turn off.
Tata 💜
how can he get pregnant ?
Pink_Marshmellows_candy 4: Jesus this is so interesting
Liza & Bangtan: Tata?
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