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My Omega

I.N Fujo
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Mizuki who must try to forget his past, who is now approaching him again, what should he do?

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Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ
I love Omegaverse!
this comic is good but it feels like a beginner project.. the artwork is clean and decent, just need more efforts in storytelling. .
hope the future chapters will come out more improved.. Anyways, Good Job author, best of luck with your creation
InDh DC: Because I am indeed a beginner
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Anu Debbarma
correct first he tool already do not come inside him but he did now he got pregnant but don't want to responsibility when so many years pass he happy his life with his child now he feels guilty to want fix everything OMG due him he expelled from school his life ruined becoz of him
Hellen Roeser: hey chill! You don't have to pinpoint each and every detail. I am sure you understood what was meant to be said right? You don't have to be passive aggresive about it, infact you should cheer Anu for doing his/her best to learn English.
fujoshi 4ever : dude ur grammar!!😲😶
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Armish Bilawal
I really wanna see the father's guilt over losing precious time with them. It must be very hard for poor mizuki to go through pregnancy alone and them raising him
🏳️‍🌈Min min🏳️‍🌈: same hereee
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