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Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO

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My motto : Never owe anyone anything .
Now I regret this motto so much cause it brought me a lot of troubles when I accidentally bumped into a demon , Helios Kastijo .
All enemies fear him ,his wealth is beyond imagination and every woman begs just to get a glimpse of his attention but not me . I’m just a girl who likes the simple life and is dedicated to her profession . Our ways met accidentally and fate kept pushing us in front of each other . Is this a good or bad luck ???? His biggest enemy was his aunt, my biggest enemy was my uncle’s wife . Even though we didn’t get along we understood that the best way to solve our problem was to collaborate . After we succeed then each one goes on his and her way but he refused to let me go . At the beginning I thought of it as something silly and easy to handle but little did I know that I was about to be mixed in the royal family issues because of this stupid guy . His possessive love , sweet like honey has trapped me , pulling me in more troubles than before. I am strong but this attention is to much for me . Will I ever be able to free out of this mess ?

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Hello everyone ! This is the author , Kalenca . I truly hope that you like this book . I guarantee that it will be a very interesting romance novel mixed with comedy and action. You will see it for your selves when you read it . I also hope that you can support this work . Thank you so much !🤗 Enjoying the reading 📖
Aiman Malik
its heels not hills.... sorry i'm a writer too so it kinda irritates me. sorry again I'll try not pinpoint the mistakes again XD
Aiman Malik: oh its ok :p
Kalenca : I understand and truth be told my key board hasn’t been working well that’s why some words are wrong 😓😅😅😓😓
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Aiman Malik
yeah it looks good so far but um miss author its "whole story or family" not hole .....
Aiman Malik: yayyy
Kalenca : I will look at it from the beginning
total 2 replies
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