Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO
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Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO

Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO
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Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO Novel Online. My motto : Never owe anyone anything .
Now I regret this motto so much cause it brought me a lot of troubles when I accidentally bumped into a demon , Helios Kastijo .
All enemies fear him ,his wealth is beyond imagination and every woman begs just to get a glimpse of his attention but not me . I’m just a girl who likes the simple life and is dedicated to her profession . Our ways met accidentally and fate kept pushing us in front of each other . Is this a good or bad luck ???? His biggest enemy was his aunt, my biggest enemy that ruined my family’s peace was my uncle’s wife . I wanted to become someone important, he wanted to get back his title and make his aunt resentful.Even though we didn’t get along we understood that the best way to for both of us to get what we wanted was to collaborate. After we succeed then each one goes on his and her way but he refused to let me go . At the beginning I thought of it as something silly and easy to handle but little did I know that I was about to be mixed in the royal family issues because of this stupid guy . His possessive love , sweet like honey has trapped me , pulling me in more troubles than before. I am strong but this attention is to much for me . Will I ever be able to free out of this mess ?

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Great work kelenca. U told us about your exams so we understand. But still please update soon. In fact its not our fault bothering you on your exam time but your story is too good that we can't help😁😁😁😂😂😂
All the best for exams and for the novels(including vampire rulers strong bride) also. FIGHTING!!!😉
Kalenca : Thanks 😊
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sorry, still don't understand how aria can end up meeting the queen. In England you can't enter Buckingham palace and see the queen lol...and what was all that rude behaviour towards the queen when aria met her...if it wasn't for aria the queen was in trouble?
Kalenca : In this case it’s a bit different. Royals hold full power but when it comes to solve their people’s problems it is a bit hard to be able to take decisions with the ministers involved. They hold power too and that power is created to keep at bay the power of the crown so that it doesn’t create caos . 💁🏼‍♀️
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harini ganesh
my life s so much relatable to Aria. but i haven't met my helios, bekora or anyone 😂😂 may be i should go for airport to find some handsome with weird looking statue😂😂😂😂 jk
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