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Winter of the Wolves

Anna Shannel Lin
Anna Shannel Lin
I wrote another story Titled: Revenge to the Devil

and it's now available Mangatoon after being approved yesterday. Check it out and I hope you will support it too. Thank you in advance😉
If you're interested in a horror/mystery novel then by all means pls check out my novel called Personality Switch In Another World. Its about a highschool senior suffering from multiple personality disorder being sent to another world by a summoned Demon Lord. Read to find out if he will be able to overcome all the horrifying trials, grow stronger and find his way back to his home world. Firelorn out. Peace✌
Akansha Akku
It meant Taylor was the traitor???
Akansha Akku
wonderful 😀😀😀😀
Akansha Akku
Really they climb on the tree only to see her 😂😂😂😂
Akansha Akku
How can they be so cruel???? It was just an Apple for God's sake and they made suffer like this...
Akansha Akku
I want to cry as well
it was such a gud story ,I loved it 😍
although I hoped it to be a bit more long but nevertheless it was awesome
did I miss something?!
was it a betrayal or a trick?!🤔
it was an interesting chapter .
I like that our Eva is finally showing her powers
Blessing Akpete
Coyoca Ceniza Jorelyn
I just realized, why is it that they still call her Evangeline, when they already know her name is 'crystal'?
Pretty 💖
Whatta beautiful story 🤩. Great Job Author 👍👏🤓😘
Nathalie Livolsi
i looove mini eva
Kate Ellen
Noooo! NEVER drink a witch's potion if you don't know it's use! XO
Alishba Khan
thank.u thank u aoooo much author for.this.wonderful as story... im absolutely in love with it and i will definitely recommend this to my friends
Alishba Khan
yaaaaaasss i.was right. thank u sooo much author.. i cried so.much but now, its finally over
Alishba Khan
wait waot wait... no please this is her plan and not reality. no.she didnt lose her memory right?
Alishba Khan
noooo. why?! please dont die... tell me ur just faking it eva please. u cant die yet. u still have to be with lpgan and remember the chocolates u made for.him? please wake up
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