Love Express
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Love Express

Love Express
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Love Express Comics Online. My name is An Shitao, a deliverer of Love Express, delivering true heart for lovers. I always believe in true love, but my boss only knows money. No matter how handsome he looks like, a cold man like him deserves to be alone! “Hello, this is Love Express. Hope you can embrace your love with a true heart.”

MangaToon got authorization from JMCOMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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sorna lakshmi
i mean i kinda get d situation here. But she must've already bn mentally ready for situations like dis since he is 30 yrs older dan her!
so by calling love express,she literally must've wanted to give it a try🤔
But, getting her life span shortened, dat too to dis extent is too cruel man!
so watever it is and whoever it is, dey r destined to do smethn in deir life nd may b dis prsn who is brain dead has already done his deal !
So u better live longer nd b a good prof like ur hubby nd take care of dose innocent kids of ur first!!
Ur act of trying to go thru love express is itself a great deal !
so dont worry grl. wat u did wat ryt!!!
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜
first of all I love the artwork ❤️❤️😘
this thing is that she is trying so hard to make people understand about true love feelings.. it is not just a game you can play every now and then it stays with you forever..🥰🥰

I hate people who only care about money or about their status it makes me sick just thinking about it...😡😡 and looks don't matter as long as you are happy with the personality of your significant other it is heartwarming to be loved but loving for wrong reasons is just stupid...

even the ml needs to know that..
listen to your heart and trust who you love.. never hesitate to make a choice if it's the right one and everything will be alright..😊😊

also a crazy update 😝😝😝
Neko Nguyễn
Don’t-.- to think of it, if he die, just let go
You still young, you don’t need to die for him
You may sad, but the time will bring it away
Remember if he wake up again but you and him just spend ten years and then you die, then what his feeling?
If you have kid, so the kid will don’t have mother?
Arianne Galindo Mecarsos: but they say, if you love each other, you can sacrifice your whole life for him/her. Though I have not been in love, but I believe this kind of love. (After watching so many animes, I completely understand it.)
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