Love Express
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Love Express

Love Express
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💫N∅1 ¡$ Gø∅d ¡ෆෆa N∅1 💫
love is not a bad thing 😊 but the person we choose to love determines the meaning of love in a bad or good way , love is basically a beautiful feeling makes us to sacrifice responsibility.......makes us to trust unconditionally it's not just is not bad if it's a failure it's just the person whom we loved is bad if the love is failure all fingers in a hand aren't same. .....same in the case of ....people there are many kinds of people in this world if we reduce the bag of expectations the .......rate of disappointment will be reduced and happiest life can be lived
love is dad the purest true love in this world 😊
💫N∅1 ¡$ Gø∅d ¡ෆෆa N∅1 💫: sannnnnnnnmnn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sanju: ......
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This doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like it's complete.
His "proposal" came out of the blue, I was actually pretty sure he was fooling her, until I saw, this was the end.
To me, what he did right now seemed like a scheme to get her to lower her guard and later he would rip her heart into pieces, so she would lose her belief in true love. And during this relationship he would actually fall in love with her and try to stop his plan (and a lot of drama would follow).
But like this? It was just so sudden, I don't feel, like he means it ...
Limelight foreavah~~💕: It was way to rushed tho
Rayz Mspz: huhuhu I'm so sad
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so this is what most likely to happen ( in my opinion) ....
she's in love with him and he have mixed feelings about it but stay true to the bet cause he's is stubborn and doesn't want to believe in true love. She gets heart broken and probably feels like true love betrayed her and questions it. then he realizes that he loves her and tries to get her back.

that's my first impression of this manga.... I have other theories, but this is the most cliche one lol
So this Comic is not just a comic but a live lesson, it tells you that true love exits if you see everything in positive response..........
This comic does tell that true love is rare but does exists.......

Do you agree with me or not ??? Write it down whatever you want, just let your heart out, no one will offend you 😊😊😇😇 Ok

So I w
Sonakshi Kashyap: yes, I absolutely agree with you. True love does exist it just it's hard to find. This world is really very practical...
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Marlisa Zuelaikha
Last updated was on last Saturday... last Sunday should be episode 31 but there is ongoing.. when I see this manga today.. I’m surprises when it’s shows completed.. seriously?!! Why author doesn’t continue the story?? At least don’t say it completed.. if is ongoing, I can wait for new updates even its take a few days to release it.. I can’t believe what I see now
wtf firstly correct me if I'm wrong but weren't they having a bet.?? that means that all of the affection we saw was fake.. Secondly why is the female lead so weak?! wasn't she supposed to make him fall in love with her cuz I didn't see that happen.

well whatever it has good art and an interesting story line. is it finished now tho?? that was quite short
Karishma Steinfed
some comics gone on forever that even the audience find hard to continue it and some...they just end 😑 without any prior warning , just...totally out of the blue!!
well that series was a waste of time, Like what the H***? it ended after 30 episodes and nothing really happened not did any questions get answers 🤦
♡Freedom forever♡
has anyone noticed that ML avoids coming in contact with girls/ women but when FL touches him he allows it?
doesn't that mean that he already has some feelings towards her?😏😍
Iris chan
pink carnation
the story is about true love but im as a reader, i just can cry because i wont feel something like this alas
pink carnation: huhu thanks
☆彡★彡: Don’t say that your love story will become a reality
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Bianca ☀️ 😊 🙋🏻‍♀️
Why do some stories end like this? I always have the feeling that something is missing ...
R2 RukiaFofana: same.....
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Is it really an END????
how can it end so fast, the characters have not even realised their feelings for each other... why the hell are ending it 😠😠😠😠
merde it seems like the author was just hurrying to finish the story..what kind of ugly ending is this
why is the this the ending ... did they fall in love or not
I dont think he loves her and she is gonna fail the bet. She then quits the Love Express because she has failed. Then another guy comes and makes her happy and MAYBE he will get jealous.
A.m.A: I think you're right
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white devil
what the hell!?!?!?!?...... it cant be the end.... author r u freaking kidding me?????!!!!!!!!!
if they are going to have a blessed future so please show it and if you wanna end it plzz give a proper ending don't leave it with unclear questions😩😩 plzz don't make it ongoing it's so annoying when a good comic went ongoing....when we waited for ages👻👻 for an update
Korota Lyvevyas
what the hell is that? This end is bluuh
Anna Gambala
wait what??? is this the ending? what type of ending is this?
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