Finding my Daddy for Mommy
Romance / CEO

Finding my Daddy for Mommy

Finding my Daddy for Mommy
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Moeka Play
I don't know the red hair girl name so I'm gonna call her Red Head. Ok, Red Head, it ok to like someone but it not ok to get guards drag an innocent person to get beaten up outside in broad daylight for your own selfishness. Their is a difference between liking someone and literally being possessive and over someone. Red head said "I only like you, is liking wrong?" Like I said it ok to like someone but Red head did not only like him but was overpossessive of him. I wonder how she even became an actress, was she even passionate in acting? More like the Red head is into men and seducing them over acting. I mean how did she even became famous? If I were her, I would go to a psychiatrists/therapist to get these intense emotion delt with.

*Theory to why Red Head's personality is like this*: Her parents doted on her or she was neglected as a child. Her parents probably never taught her what was right or wrong. And her possessive side must have come because of her father probably leaving her mom and her and so she got the idea she'll never let go of the man she love. Red Head's mom probably neglected her because of the depressing fact of her father leaving them. So she was probably never love from her parents. Her mom was probably violent because of her father leaving them so Red Head was probably abused and that where she got her violence side.
Andy💖: Hello everyone sorry to bother you all.. please read my story" President's Revenge Wife" and " My Unrequited love". ... please like and. Support my work... love you all🥰🥰😘😘
Pery2: ok lkpomne
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Moeka Play
Also where the other twin, did Gu Hao got a miscarriage and only one survived? Or did the guy who a handsome famous CEO and the that is related to your son took the other one which I do not know how he even took the other one. AND HOW IS YOUR KID SO MATRUE AND WISE, I MEAN IN THE COMIC IT SAID HE MENTALLY A YOUNG ADULT!? I have three reasons, it if he have a rather higher IQ than the average of a human. OR you may have taughted him some high grade school education at a very young age which I believe there is 0.00% possibility that it is indeed not possible because your neither rich or are you either able to have you or paid a private tutor to teach him. The thrid reason is that your dad which is a handsome famous CEO who is trying to hit on his mother that has nothing better to do than that other than work, and also is very probably very smart that IQ is above the average of a normal human so you somehow got a high IQ from your dad if he is above average which is somehow even possible to have genetic of passing down high IQ from your parents. Your kid inherited his dad's looks and brains. Soooo, in conclusion, your son is a almost like replica of his father's look and IQ. So he a freaky genius boy at the age of 5 and is mentally mature as a young adult on the inside. Totally not confuse and why he is a genius mature freak.
ĀPØ$ŤŁĒ: You just literally went on the logics on real life, but hey! This is manga logic! And maybe the Author forgot that it was twins tho hahahaha
Sariyah Clark: My brain just went to read mode
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well guys let me give you some the next epp feng yichen will find out about the kid but he won't let gu hao explain and he won't know that he is his son they will break up again...and then gu mei will come to bully them but instead she will get bullied herself because of a smart ass kid of gu hao😂😂he spilled oil on her...the next day mo mo discussed with his brother in kindergarten how to teach feng yichen a lesson and they decided to expose feng yichen's ugly oics and defame her😂😂😂😂
Sʜᴀɴᴀ TʜᴇBL Fᴀɴɢɪʀʟ: well he is totally a nuts
Lily snow: Aww I wish I could find out what happens next 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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Shin Li Zhou
Smart kid again and again!! Huhuhu
I'm already big but I don't even know how to memorize a poem👁️👄👁️ all I do is...
•Sleep Everytime
•eat junk food
•dont really eat vegetables
• always in my phone
•mom always scold me
•dont take a bath
•watch bl and other animes
•read manga
•trying to do a pretend job like being a doctor but realized that I'm not even good at it..I just broke the bones of the banana.(I mean-)
•sing like a goat that is going to die
•dance like a metal pole O-O
•tried to make my hand writing looking good but realized that it's like a paper crushed by a typhoon
Living_ ma life: hahaha can't stop laughing
Nikiri Soma: You got me eating fries
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You are the father!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅
You big idiot you're the father stupid
NEVER KNEW IT even possible to laugh this much WELP YA LEARn something new everyday😂😂😂

Melody Orsal: you are the father🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
#߀ŠT_FR΀ÑĐŽ_FØR€VË® ♡: serves him right
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Bye👋 I'm done here! They both are so dumb. Smart where? Are their brains inside their butt holes? Bij!

Talking to each other is the key to a relationship. HONESTY, you get me? If you want to work things out, don't just keep your thoughts to yourself. I'm literally gonna get outta here, they're both stupid.

No hate, but I'm lowkey waiting here for them to be honest with each other and clear up all the misunderstandings. Because if not, bruh! I'm done~
Y e s h: True. I honestly wish that I skipped myself, but I honestly read everything for context. The drama is alright, but the issue is that they drag it on or pile more stuff on it. I can understand that they do it so it's not shorter though.
Gg: Let's be real though. Without the misunderstandings, this comic will be much shorter than expected. I read it still, but I skipped most parts. Hahahahaha.

The Author did a good job, yes, but this comic is just not my kind of style.
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Reign Ree
I hate ML! So what if she had a son? IT’S YOUR SPERM THAT FORMED HIM. GEEEZE!!! That only proves that you don’t love her that much because you cannot accept her fully, name it all her flaws or even sins before meeting you. I just hope that you’ll learn your lesson, or have a taste of your own medicine. I’m so disappointed. 🤦‍♀️
Reign Ree: Try to refresh
Sapphire hi: I need help indont see adds and coindls to see the other chapter plz help meh😭
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Kpop's life✌️🥰
Bish what you talkin about, you are in no position to judge him, still haven’t told him that the kid you recognize as your son is also his son, so you better sit back and STFU and stop judging. Oh my gosh why in the world is taking so looong for them to see the children together. Feng Yichen if you’re kid is “adopted” you don’t to need to beat around the bush. At this point the only smart ones are their kids.😪
Anime_girl🌸: I agree
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WWH Jin💜
Ruixi is giving ideas to Momo to bully his own dad😂😂 Both children are so cute and little devils😍😍 I also want cute twins like them😍😍 Finding my daddy for mommy and my son is a matchmaker are the most favorite comics😍😍 😍😍
I liked this story for a while now. But isn't it becoming too slow and same type of things got repeated. I am sorry but please make a progress on the story not the chapter numbers.

Again I think the English translation is a bit off right now.. In this chapter I saw 2 or 3 grammatical mistakes that was really annoying.
Wrong English in an official app it's disappointing. Please fix it or I remember there was a option on mangatoon where we could report the wrong translation but It's not available anymore.
KyiNue Aein
I LOVE MOMO THE MOST. After I have read many many comics. I realise that MOMO is the best smart kids ever in comics world and reality world. And in this comics, I have not seen Feng Yichen kid a lot but I think MOMO will be smarter than Feng Yichen kid, in protecting their mom. WHEN I WILL BECOME A ADULT AND BORN A CHILD, I WISH I HAVE A SON LIKE MOMO.
Tonight on "Bad Reaction Theatre", we have the case of a man who hasn't been honest about his own one night stand and who might have found out that he has a beautiful son(or two) with this woman if he had been. Simple logic should have led him to recall her leading question re "did you ever have a one night stand" which she asked him in the car mere hours earlier. Will this ostensibly intelligent man, hopelessly dependent on an overworked assistant, figure this out on his own? Stay tuned.
Moonlight 😘😘
ML deserves punishment of being alone, he doesn't even let Gu hao speak or explain he is just soooo self righteous what does he think he is? 😡😡 A man with his own child is okay but a woman with her own her child is scheming girl😠😠😠 How dare you say that 😠😠🤬🤬
hey there 😃✨: Ikr and she told him she has a son but someone decided not to believe her
~•mo_oarmy•~: I hate him for what he said to Gu Hao
He was the who was pestering her from the beginning.....
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Y e s h
"Where are we not suitable?"
1. Y'all fight in almost EVERY episode.
2. You make up conclusions just from seeing stuff from a DISTANCE and then start fighting.
3. You have KIDS TOGETHER and Hao hasn't said shít about it.
4. You two are too childish at this point.
They obviously can't be together when all they do is fight and then a l m o s t forgive each other just to get into another argument again.
Saki Mino
wait so,,,,,, his love for her is so shallow that if she had child with other man or divorced he won't accept her ?????( I think this misunderstanding was worth idm tbh)
that's just how much u love her ????????????
I can understand u are angry that she hidden that fact from u but it was intentional u talked u should have let FL talk too!!!
but instead u vent your anger on her .......
(I am guessing the son is gonna do something)
Moeka Play
I get Gu Hao doesn't like him anymore because of the the random jealous girl back then and drugged their wine and her ex doing it with the jealous girl without knowing it. BUT BRUH, GU HAO, YOU DID IT WITH ANOTHER GUY TOO, K. So you shouldn't be talking to him with that attitude. Also back then, you shouldn't have just walk away and say 'hope you guys will be happy' because you're not considering the other party's feelings. I mean, your ex propose to you with a wedding ring, BRUH. Soooo, you must of have had a deep relationship with your ex to even propose to you. I mean it not like it a fresh relationship fresh from the sea. He propose to you but when he did it with the jealous girl, you didn't even let him explain and either did you, Gu Hao. Do you really didn't have as much trust in him or explaining it. You call him a cheater when YOU ALSO CHEATED AT HIM AT THE SAME TIME!
Aurora Rising: If I were the FL, I would play it cool and don't give a damn about him, not my fault he's a simp... Also, I would have taken contraceptives, make an excuse that I was outside that night and got bitten by a mosquito, and THEN take a bath. Afterwards, I'll study hard in Harvard, get at least 7 Master's degree abd then get a job that pays good money. If I encounter ML, I'll brush him off, thinking with his dick.
Riri x Sou: Ummm first of all she was drugged, her sister made an excuse right after they drank the wine to "help" her in her tent so most likely he was drugged also, he said he thought she was FL and FL also thought she was sleeping with him.. Also how could FL listen to her ex explain when her sister interrupted him to "talk" about the hickeys on our FL and he gets mad asking for an explanation. Of course she wouldn't want to explain to her ex when she was humiliated to be thought of as a prostitute, guilty for sleeping with a someone she thought was her ex and her ex sleeping with her sister.... THATS A LOT TO TAKE IN RIGHT AWAY!! So I don't see why your making FL sound like a cheater 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Mystery Devil
Spoiler Alert :

I'm giving a small spoiler so if u don't like it please don't read it.....thank'sjust for don't mind......

ep - 84 : they are gonna break up......

ep - 85 : no mo is gonna throw oil at gu mei and she'll be rolling down the stairs.......

ep - 86 : mo ko and rui xi are planning together to defame feng yichen for bullying gu hao......
Alpha Plays: dude, don't kill my interest in this on this comic
✯.:。. 🎶cнaммaĸ cнallo 🎶.。:.✯: ep - 87 : They will hack all computers of Feng Group and release the girlish picture of Yi Chen
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That's it!! I've had enough!! I pray for this girl's death to be like this!!.... in order:

Her hair will be pulled out one by one,then her fingers will be cut off slowly (to be more painful) next carve her eyes,and fold her in half,and fold again,and again,and again,and lastly throw her from a cliff that had spikes in the bottom,with poisonous plants and venomous snakes in it and throw a nuclear bomb on her just to be sure that none of her body parts are left.
Jeshaiah Ceneta: Tokyo Ghoul? The Nails is what im talking about 😂
blue star: Nice I will Join you but when you are carving her eyes I will take of he skin with tweezers
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Luna nightmare
Who get a gun so I can shoot her sister and her ex boyfriend
Itz Merry: yeah kill them buy I don't have a gun though but you can use this
Hahahahhahhaah just kidding that's not even real but I want to see you kill them
Itz Merry: yeah kill them buy I don't have a gun though but you can use this
Hahahahhahhaah just kidding that's not even real but I want to see you kill them
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Kpop's life✌️🥰
Her and her stupidity are getting on mah nerves yo. Like, you fcking saw how the threw herself into him. It’s not that you ain’t smart, even tho you’re not. I’m not smart either but at least I have some common sense, which apparently you don’t have. Girl why you have a brain if you don’t use it properly or is it just empty. Damn I’m getting Annoyed with and her rudea$$. Poor ML apologizing for no reason. 😤
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