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Trapped with the CEO

Trapped with the CEO
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Spoiler alert, on their wedding day the fl meets the ml mom and then gun shot are heard and the ml comes in to find his mom dead but it was not the fl but he blamed her and almost killed her then when she was in the hospital the ml got I think a mistress and but at least her daughter never excepted that step mom as her mother only her real mommy but then when the ml came to visit and she was trying to explain he never listened and then she jumped of the building and the ml did not care, then the fl said after she got healed you will regret then the red hair dude proposes to her and she accepts but they are still investigating who killed the mother once he found out it was not her and a masked guy was the one he traveled and went to her where she and her red dude fiancé worked and said woman I got good news we found out you were not the one her killed my mother now you can come back to my side and then the fl said are you sick I will never come back tok you then she told the whole shop and they kicked him oit
RayRay Sago: Ughhh i hated that. ibhope she marries red head guy and never gets back male lead. he's so undeserving.
BerryBee: dont worry, they will be ack together again, have another kids, love each other, and live happily......the complete story is in Kongfu Books...
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REAPER of sector 2185
Does everyone think women are that weak that merely pushing them in a room makes them helpless???...
There is the case where a woman bit the neck of her assaulter and literally tore his windpipe.
There is another where the man was thrown out of the window of a 8th floor building.
There is even the incident, when a 17 yr old girl used her shirt to suffocate him to death before he could do anything to her.
Then, my personal favourite... the midnight stranger who soldered metal to her full body so that no man could ever have s*x with her... the woman who cut r*pists in 39 places and castrated them.
Don't underestimate women... some of them are terrifying wolves wearing sheep skin... best not be fooled... if you want to live.
REAPER of sector 2185: Lol... don't need to be, pal... even wolves and tigresses have husbands... just treat your wife well😂😂😂
Notice Me!!!: uhh....hahahhahah😅😅😅😅

I'm scared😅😅😅
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Abigail Timbol
Does this story teaching us to hurt the people we love? If you love the person make her/him jealous? "Hurt him! Hurt his feelings"! Is this right? Author can i asked you? Is this how you love a person? Did you know that it's better to get hurt physically than emotionally? because tbh? It's really hard to deal with emotional feelings. The scars you gave emotiolly is hard to forget. It can make you lose mentally. I don't know. I thought story can teach you something good. But here? You are teaching us that it's okay to love a person who hurt you always. If you love the person hurt her. It's like you are teaching us the wrong thing. You're making the bad doings being good. What if a child thought that this is what's love? Like "ow this is the right thing. I should hurt him/her because i love him/her." "it's just right that he keeps hurting me. i still love him eventho i already hurt physically and mentally."
Shree Nidhi: I agree with you I'm about to give up on this manga
Strawberry🍓: Well, definitely I agree with you. I don't know why did the author do this. ¯\(ツ)/¯ 
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they f****** ruined this goddamn book it should have ended when she proposes to him and he says no and then he proposes and they're going to get married that's where it should have ended it would have been perfect but instead yeah I had to make him try to kill her cuz she killed his mom and now he's not ever going to let her see the kid but secretly she's meeting up with the kid and is demonizing him behind his back even though their kid clearly still loves their dad all the while she puts another relationship with that redheaded f*** ahead of her kid and now I'm guessing the main dude figured out the truth because now it's the main dude and her current flame both fighting over her again this book has become s*** better not ruin the ML and his daughter's relationship
dude she's a kid. but ya, that has more to do with how her "mother" "raised" her. if she didn't have morality or something like that, then it's the fault of the one bringing her up at the times fault for not reaching properly. but can't expect much morality to be taught by a chick who does nothing more than hop from guy to guy
Ruby: I kinda don't like the daughter. she seems like a gold digger. she ignore her mother's hard work for growing her up... and the moment saw opulent things... and luxurious villa of the rapist ( won't even say his name... I'm too pure ) she said... I like daddy more than mom.
WTF you inconsiderate unsolicited piece of shit
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Kajol Meshram
its request please author please just don't put ur effort's on making more chapter bcoz its boring so much boring...Where is love , romance & care ...FL actually faced problem as a single mother yes we all know its bad that ML doesn't know that he has his own child but why u r showing ML in this negative Character bcoz there is no Self Respect for FL she could stand for herself & speak it loud that ML its ur fault that u didn't believed me, u didn't believe in our love but u harassed me & blamed me for what never did..& For ML he should feel guilty for his karma but what u r showing there is no emotions at all...
jungkook: follow me. I follow back☺️if u have time, Can you read my chat story “SECRET KISS” 🔞 It’s already finished. It has already has 16k views. Thank you very much. But if you don’t want to read it’s fine. 🤫💋
Thungreni Ezung: totally agreed please stop writing this kind of 💩💩💩💩
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Tongtikala Longchar
I know you guys think it's pretty cute of the proposal and amusement park but hold up the ml is as shitty as ever and FL is as stupid as ever
as I said previously in one of the chapters ummm why can't they just stop this playing around and FL still being played and hurt but her proposing again????? like WTF

it's a happy scene at the end but does it really go with the plot that has been depicted or the plot development??

I'm telling yeah please please please do something it's getting out of hand and annoying af
I can't just leave this comic, I need to know the ending so please get your thoughts together on how you want it to be and change at least one character development
little demon: i agree with you. And his shit side is not done yet. you'll see it more in the upcoming chapters.
i was thinking if FL is stupid or Us, who is watching this comic
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Abigail Timbol
There's no justice here. I don't know if it teaches us to tolerate a guy who keeps hurting and playing you then keep loving him. But the hell. I think he doesn't have conscience. Even separated the daughter? How cruel is he. I just wish that the author will make the FL have a happy ending with another guy because she deserves it. She experience many bad things. As a girl it's really hurts to not have justice to the guy who hurt you many times. I know you love him but he doesn't show any guilt. He didn't even asked for forgiveness instead he keeps giving pain more to the FL.
Cuteypie: mhm yep I agree
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😍 지원 💋 (Semi Hiatus)
"LIsTEn Up, Li QIAnlUO. I dOn't AllOW yOu tO thInk oF thE OthEr mAn"

"ThIs wOmAn Is rEALLY dAriNG. sHE's mAkInG cUcKoLD in fRont oF thE pUbLiC"

"On tHe grOUnD tHAt! I Am sI jInhEng."

As if you yourself aren't siding on side chick rather than her. LOL you should take your advice since you have no place to talk to her like that. You also put her and your side chick on the same roof that make it worse. And the funniest part you ask her to not making a cuckold because you are Si Jinheng.

What a comedian ML. I don't even need to see memes to please myself. I can see your acts which are really funny to me. Bravo hypocrite dumbass ML . How ironic to see you being impulsuve while your wife casually hang out with a man 💩💩💩👏👏👏🤡🤡🤡
PELAKOR SANTUY_.: wow aku cuma tau kalo ni comment panjang bener dan aku samsek gk ngerti,yg tau tlng translate dong
butuh koin bagi dong: gak ngerti
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Akikawa Titsu Nee
Even if nuannuan is a kid I would say this to him

She is a devil how could she really pick from the two... (i don’t like child that are really irritating)

I don’t like to say this and that⬆️... but I think nuan(2x) is the reason why the two are facing a reall situation

And author if you had a plan pls do it really right like I would regret what I said now cuz if not (and I waste my time waiting from what u prepared to us) I should stop reading this
okay now I am done I can't with this bullshit anymore like author did you hit your head or something because this shit doesn't make us happy or anything and if you think this is funny I just gonna come out and say it ISN'T I hate it I want the to be together and happy I want romance my love life sucks and that is why I read mangas so that I can see other people be happy but this is giving me anxiety and depression
sakura: finally someone ready to speak like they want to good work 😊
sakura: see I am not trying to prey on anyone's work or opinion but the consept of this story is just alien to me and it has been more that 250 chapters and yet the characters have no development nor are they happy or anything it just doesn't make sense
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Akikawa Titsu Nee
Ughh! What a plan... I hate this plan

Cry when you are deep lose but when someone give opinion even if its not good at least you can get revenge you’ll agree to it...
you’ll build a plan if you had a thing but if you don’t have you’ll just give up and let someone pull you up

Why can’t u just move on OR STEP BY STEP revenge let si jinheng feel how dumb he is that he choose anger than love let him regret through it
BTS Army
how like how can there be a MLso so jerk like he broke all the record of being called a jerk if he love FL how can he palyaround so much now Iam thinking that the child is like his father not taking care of her mother I now she is a child but Authore it's too much to Handel just change the ML to the red hair ML( I forget the name )
manga lover: Si is the name
manga lover: So jinheng
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Akikawa Titsu Nee
1 day of complaining and keeping on comment section and just keep on crying her and the laugh and then get mad

I think I kinda know the answer why that stupid ml’s brain does not working
It’s because of, him being busy and while caring a two noisy girl here brain boomed and...NO CHOISE BUT TO BELIEVE WHAT HE SEE NOT WHAT HE KNOWS

And I think my brain needs a little fix my English speaking and grammar’s are really trash
REAPER of sector 2185
Perfect my foot... the Playboy is going to die on August 12th... that's what his destiny is... don't matter if the author finishes the novel on a happy note before that date... coz death doesn't spare anyone... especially not wicked playboys.
And if anyone wants to argue about the child... Thanos had children too, but death killed anyways. Some random playboy isn't worthy of any sympathy.
Tongtikala Longchar: seriously he dies in the comic???????
REAPER of sector 2185: Yes... All men must pay the debt... to death...
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milk bucket
Not gonna lie I don’t know how I feel about this manga anymore I don’t really like the male lead he’s a rich selfish womanizer that is generally a stupid person and this women can’t just get over him also the plot lines getting hella boring it started out good just kinda went down hill I think I’m gonna drop it I have respect for the author no hate or anything jus my opinion
Rajsri Ingti: I agree broo
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i will give some spoilers....

on the other chapters the Ml gonna know the truth and regret that he didnt even trust the Fl so the Ml want to have the Fl's trust again but the Fl is gonna marry the red haired guy (idk what his name) and even that the Fl' is the fiancee of that red haired guy the ML keeps following and want the Fl back to his side....😊

sorry for my eng.
toonlove: Wawwwww thx😘😘😘
Visitor45209: yeah ur right i read it too
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Akikawa Titsu Nee
Helian is sweet,helian meant freedom,helian didn’t tried to hurt qianlou,helian is gentleman even when he first meet qianlou he didn’t take the advantage that day AND ALL OF THOSE ARE OPPOSITE WHEN IT COMES TO COMPARING HIM TO SI JENHENG

But even so si jenheng is what the fl’s want to be with and si jenheng is funny

It’s hard to pick when SWEET and FUNNY are the choices
How can he be so stupid and selfish?? does he think women are playing thing , what if she gets frustrated and gives up and startup a own life.
she just wanted her daughter back , but if and his daughter wants to be together, then let she go unknown place where no can find her.....
author can you just do the same thing to FL like u r doing now to Male lead playing with her feeling. let he get to know that he is wrong and beg her ...
pls Dr author everyone and every girl thinks the same😭😭😭😭

the Ml find out that the Fl was innocent amd The Ml regret that he didnt even trust the Fl but the Fl will going to marry the red haired guy (idk what he's name) but the Ml keep chasing the Fl and the Ml want the Fl to be in his side again...😊

sorry for my eng.
𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒙𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒎: what the other title of this story there?
BerryBee: the complete story is in another app....named Kongfu Books
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Don't mind me
See this is why I don't like him no matter what he still put them in danger at the car accident everything with change as soon as Soon Jinheng finds out abt his daughter and everything is cleared , IM NOT DEFENDING ANYONE I JUST SIMPLY WANT QIANLUO TO BE HAPPY AND I WANT HER DAUGHTER TO BE HAPPY IM ON TEAM QIANLUO !!! and plus why would the daughter want to have a different dad if she already has one that wouldn't be fair on sin Jinheng if he didn't know abt his daughter and let's be honest the daughter would chose her father over all of the other boys but like I said I'm not defending I'm just TEAM QIANLUO !
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