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The Devil's Man

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CY group is now mired in a serious financial crisis, while President zhou has two half-blooded daughters, the hard-working, independent Jane and the gorgeous, spoiled social butterfly Ginger. President zhou tries to marry ginger to the wealthy Mr. Choi, so that the latter might save its company from bankruptcy, but somehow it turns out that Mr. Choi is more interested in Jane...

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alright, here people are disappointed by the FL which is quite surprising. At first she was indeed shown as a strong FL but now it isn't as it was before. 2 months, 2 Damn Months..later, she came to his office because she couldn't find any help. 1460 HOURS! how much she must have tried to find a way so that she didn't end up with that jerk. it's matter for thinking.
Maybe when you put yourself in her shoes, you will realize how harsh her life is.
mom on bed (unconscious), dad is incredibly ill and she have to earn for her mom hospital fee and her own living. This is the worst you could be. although I myself don't like the fact that she is shown weak, it is because we don't know what happened in those 61 days, how she pulled it off. for is it's like yesterday she said no and today she is back ready to be a Object for him..
Magical Hand: That's why I said she's too kind. People always abusing kind people because they know about their personality
A1C: she can definitely live without a mansion but if you love your parent - do you really want them to suffer.

I am shrugging my shoulders here because no one really wants there parent to suffer. even to low down dirty ones.
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Griffin Grey
In all honesty... MC deserved pregnant Ginger because he is horrible too. I would honestly understand if he wanted to marry MC instead of her scheming sister but I don’t understand why he wants to destroy MC for stating the truth. I was very impressed with this story up to this moment. Now the cliches are starting to emerge 😒 The MC will be cornered and will have to sacrifice herself for the sake of her sick mother. The ML is an a🌸🌸hole that will use her and treat her terribly. Nothing will happen at the scheming sister who had a narrow escape. Most probably she will have an abortion and corner ML to marry her while together torturing and humiliating the good sister 😒 Dozens of misunderstanding will occur while the universe will be against MC. Eventually ML will end up marrying her at the last episode 😭 I truly TRULY wish I am proven wrong but I have the disturbing feeling that the wind blows that way 😭😭😭😭 Please author don’t follow this recipe. Your story up to now is awesome!!! Keep pleasantly surprising us 🥺
Del Berbi: yeah! absolutely we're with you.
🌸my 💮code💕🇷💛ⓙ💜✗💙🅱️ 💚🇸💖e💕: which is absolutely succ ):
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The ML is pissing me off! 😠 He is being a scumbag jerk by having Jane waiting for 7 hours just b/c he knows they’re broke! Dude, you’re being very childish right now!! 😶 Author, why does it have to be Jane, the strong-willed, level-headed FL, who has to bend her morals and standards to fix a problem caused by her negligent father and stepmom? 😒 Let this be a “stand your ground” story, where the FL would rather starve to death than to give in to a haughty rich guy b/c he felt slighted by her disinterest in him! Let her stay on top and be the victor in the ML’s childish game! 🤗
BDean2: I hate that guy! 😤
BDean2: Yeah, it would be a huge disappointment! 😤😤
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