The Devil's Man
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The Devil's Man

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The Devil's Man
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The Devil's Man Comics Online. CY group is now mired in a serious financial crisis, while President zhou has two half-blooded daughters, the hard-working, independent Jane and the gorgeous, spoiled social butterfly Ginger. President zhou tries to marry ginger to the wealthy Mr. Choi, so that the latter might save its company from bankruptcy, but somehow it turns out that Mr. Choi is more interested in Jane...

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there's something readers should make clear of and that is their personalities. the ML was born rich and is a CEO and has I guess gotten everything he's ever wanted. this is why he is a bit bossy and prefers for things to go his way. The FL probably lacked affection ever since she was young which is why she has such a cool and somewhat stoic personality. she probably doesn't know how to be close to others, she's never even dated, she only knows the humble life and to fend for herself.
saying this the characters have very consistent personalities and the ML is one of the most sensible ones out there because he actually asks for her opinions and agress to them! because of his upbringing he tends to sound bossy, it's like he says mean things out of his pride but doesn't mean them. there was only once when he tried to kiss her forcefully. which ML has said theyd not have sex if she doesn't want? usually MLs here just force FL until she cries or something.
as for the FL she doesn't know how to love and is inexperienced. these are all too different for her so she needs Time to adjust. she has to have an intimate relationship with a man she's barely known and doesn't like. it's understandable. what's great about her is her confidence and outspokenness.
this is supposed to be a story about how they will grow from the relationship.
8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #: which is why bish stop calling ML some bossy maniac because he's the most sensible guy out there except for his weird contract he listens tk her
and stop hating on her just because she's not jumping on him or her face lack emotions. put yourself in her shoes, I doubt you'd be jumping on the ML with a smiling face either.
I actually think he's fallen for her though he doesn't realise or acknowledge it but a part of him really wants to be with her and likes her, but his pride will not allow him. he brought her a huge mansion, housemaid a driver all because he wants her to be comfortable not because he wants to show off his mistress or something. at first I thought he was a jerk too but he's become more likeable. but just wear the condom dude, buy the thinnest one
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I don't know but I just hate her dad it seems like after his ex wife died he just remarry and never take care if our fl, he use to earn a fortune but my fl doesn't get any part of it she use to earn her living by her own though it's good I know but then again he plan for a great husband and wedding for her second daughter and left my fl to handle his ruining company and debts......why so??? it is not like u make her learn about business or she have any experience in management (though I don't doubt the skills of fl just saying) ,it's ur second daughter who studied in Paris right? than make her do it...
It's like seeing a horror movie... that moment when the creep music starts and a pair o hands grabs a person... creepy
Pariz: yeah this sucks, the funny thing is that I always wanted to have time to stay home doing nothing but now that this is the case I just want to go out! lol
crystal: Good here too,
actually I'm a lot bored, sitting all day at home sucks like hell 😅😅😫😫😫😩😅
i just hope this virus thing to end as early as possible so our lives can go back to normal
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