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The Devil's Man
alright, here people are disappointed by the FL which is quite surprising. At first she was indeed shown as a strong FL but now it isn't as it was before. 2 months, 2 Damn Months..later, she came to his office because she couldn't find any help. 1460 HOURS! how much she must have tried to find a way so that she didn't end up with that jerk. it's matter for thinking.
Maybe when you put yourself in her shoes, you will realize how harsh her life is.
mom on bed (unconscious), dad is incredibly ill and she have to earn for her mom hospital fee and her own living. This is the worst you could be. although I myself don't like the fact that she is shown weak, it is because we don't know what happened in those 61 days, how she pulled it off. for is it's like yesterday she said no and today she is back ready to be a Object for him..
Bindu Bantawa Rai: she should leave her father coz he was never in her and her mother life

why should she suffer for those who are not her family
Magical Hand: That's why I said she's too kind. People always abusing kind people because they know about their personality
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Jen Yi
I just love her attitude. It’s so smooth and calm. I hate the fact that she went back to him, but I can’t blame her like that. I don’t know what she’s been going through. I know damn well construction work doesn’t pay well, and they discriminate against women, so she might be making less than others even though she does the same work with them. I’ll just see it like she’s getting supports from her boyfriend. I won’t blame her, at least she’s not so damn submissive like other female characters that you just want to crack their head open and see if they have a brain or not. Anyway, I love her. Fighting hun!
Griffin Grey
In all honesty... MC deserved pregnant Ginger because he is horrible too. I would honestly understand if he wanted to marry MC instead of her scheming sister but I don’t understand why he wants to destroy MC for stating the truth. I was very impressed with this story up to this moment. Now the cliches are starting to emerge 😒 The MC will be cornered and will have to sacrifice herself for the sake of her sick mother. The ML is an a🌸🌸hole that will use her and treat her terribly. Nothing will happen at the scheming sister who had a narrow escape. Most probably she will have an abortion and corner ML to marry her while together torturing and humiliating the good sister 😒 Dozens of misunderstanding will occur while the universe will be against MC. Eventually ML will end up marrying her at the last episode 😭 I truly TRULY wish I am proven wrong but I have the disturbing feeling that the wind blows that way 😭😭😭😭 Please author don’t follow this recipe. Your story up to now is awesome!!! Keep pleasantly surprising us 🥺
Del Berbi: yeah! absolutely we're with you.
🌸my 💮code💕🇷💛ⓙ💜✗💙🅱️ 💚🇸💖e💕: which is absolutely succ ):
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Abeke Christopher
I was really enjoying this story before because it was different from the others. But now it is following the usual storyline. Why is female lead the breadwinner of a family that treat her like trash? Where is her sister, the brother we never met and her step mom? Are they doing anything to keep the house or to pay the medical for the dad? Why does the female lead even care about such a father who stood by and let her get abused by his wife and daughter? She should abandon that family and work only to save her mom and herself. Those people made their owe mess, they should live with it.

And if she wants to help her dad, she doesn't need to keep such a big house. That makes no sense. She needs a simply three bedroom two bathroom home for herself and her father.

Did he actually had the audacity to say that women are terrible creature?...hahaha well he was the one who proposed that absurd egoistic contract. He is such a coward and pride guy that he couldn't take no for an answer from a women(from a women he got attracted to).
Well I didn't like the fact that FL went to him for help . (but still I kinda understand her situation) At Least she was brave enuff to put forward her thoughts and opinions in the contract and didn't oblige to every demand of his. Thats a relief....
I really hope the ML keeps his promise and doesn't force her.
The ML is pissing me off! 😠 He is being a scumbag jerk by having Jane waiting for 7 hours just b/c he knows they’re broke! Dude, you’re being very childish right now!! 😶 Author, why does it have to be Jane, the strong-willed, level-headed FL, who has to bend her morals and standards to fix a problem caused by her negligent father and stepmom? 😒 Let this be a “stand your ground” story, where the FL would rather starve to death than to give in to a haughty rich guy b/c he felt slighted by her disinterest in him! Let her stay on top and be the victor in the ML’s childish game! 🤗
BDean2: I hate that guy! 😤
BDean2: Yeah, it would be a huge disappointment! 😤😤
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I've been saying that he's genuinely interested but just because his ego was wounded he wanted to keep his pride & went about pursuing her in a wrong way. & even though I would've liked to see them develop a relationship without a contract, I do like the fact that he is agreeing to her demands because we know if it was another ML they would've forced the FL into doing everything she said & even been abusive for her even suggesting these conditions.
Griffin Grey
I am so pissed off with this development that I didn’t even care about the white bubbles. I will wholeheartedly pray that he ends up married to Ginger 😒 I can foresee that when she become his mistress a random woman will appear and claim him and she will repeatedly humiliate the MC until I don’t know what else horrible will happen 🥺
BDean2: And that’s how the storyline died... 😒😒
Griffin Grey: I couldn’t agree more!!!!! And what upsets and disappoints me the most is that I can foresee all the usual cliches emerging 😭 She will become his mistress, he will get engaged or involved with someone who will humiliate and torment her. He won’t lift a finger. Eventually they will break up and she will go to study architecture (most probably pregnant), she will find second lead who will be nice and awesome but for some nonsensically reason she will come back to that a🐍🐍hole 😒 Nothing bad happening to her scheming sister while she gets undeserved punishment. There is no way I might like this ML. And I had such high hopes for this story. I thought was different 😭 and really like ML. He is worst that those that are horrible from the first episode because he just turned to scumbag for no reason!!! He raised our expectations and they crumbled violently to nothing 😭😭😭 (I am so dramatic when I am disappointed 😒)
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I hope she stays strong and not show him that she!d fallen for him while they're together. Keep her pride at least. I mean, let's face it, they'd fall in love with each other. I just dislike how arrogantly sure he is that she would fall for him and not him with her. I hope he eats his words and fall for her first. Make him work hard for your love girl...
8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #: same here, I hope she never falls for him only waiting for the day for the contract to get over and he's the one trying to chase her like mad. but she only gives him the shoe. some arrogant bastard he is. hope she keeps her sensibility wrt this guy
8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #: same here, I hope she never falls for him only waiting for the day for the contract to get over and he's the one trying to chase her like mad. but she only gives him the shoe. some arrogant bastard he is. hope she keeps her sensibility wrt this guy
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momose narumi
I hate the male lead of the story. It's rare to see a strong and empowered female lead in a comic but those jerk ML wants to bring them down. I pity the FL's situation, she is better off on her own if her father didn't chose to escape his responsibility in that way. The world is too unfair. 😣😣😣
Snipo San: fyi ginger wants to go overseas i wonder who will pay for that!
Snipo San: he tells her to quit her job and he will support her. she reacts strongly against it but deep down he does have love for her so he puts up with her request
1 year agreement
no forced sex (lets see if he sticks to it)
he wants her to seduce him and he pays for medical bills, house and whatever else she comes up with.

he reallly wants her.
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1.Why does he want her to cling to him after its over? It sounds counterproductive to his original speech of wants/goal. Didn't he tell her NOT to fall in love with him already?

2. Would she ever have sex if he doesn't use force? I mean, this whole facade is forced on her, so won't she technically be having 'forced' sex for the next year?
Jen Yi
You know I’d forgive her only if the author shows us that she was indeed struggling like the other members of the family weren’t helping with medical bills, food, electricity... and so on. Why does she need a big house for her dad to recuperate? As long as he’s well taken care of, everything will be fine! It’s such a pity it didn’t quite turn out the way I hoped. I really wanted a strong woman in manga world, like finally, really!
Ritsu Hussain: wasn't she helping now to look after him?
that escape plan was made b4 her husband tried to commit suicide after that she didn't run away, actually looked devastated.
Don't know about the sister tho
Jen Yi: The stepmom helped! Didn’t she say she was going abroad with her daughter?
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Rose KS
As much I can’t stand Ginger and really don’t like her, it’s not fair for the father to say it’s all her fault. He just wanted to use her for business. If anything, he is at fault. His poor management and excessive spending is what got the company into such a bad position. Classic example of people who won’t take responsibility for their screw ups. Like father like daughter and mother, I guess. What’s the bet they’ll all start hating on Jane and saying it’s her fault when they find out Jack is interested in Jane.
You reap what you sow, old man.
L a z y
so intense. characters are all strong. this works is my top 10.
FL doesnt have any choice, but i think she is aware of many more routes after this and considering the possibility in him through his previous reactions. my english is so bad... feel me. i just love this work after so many "meh".
The girl calm demeneour nonchalant aura really is something, she got french kissed by that jerk yet doesnt give out any overly dramatic response which i love. She just ask n reply necessarily. It doesnt matter shes a mistress w her coolness, choi will be frustrated w her.
momose narumi
Of all the contractual relationships type of comics I read, this one is the most normal. There's a contract, a time period and reasonable requests. I admire the FL for being this headstrong towards the situation but I still hate the ML. 😅😅😅
Mr Choi, I can't wait for the chapter when you realize you've fallen for Jane. Author, I hope you can keep Jane strong willed. Even if she did fall for him I hope she does not turn into one of those love sick, helpless fl.
It's so funny how he's trying to pretend he's not into her & doesn't care that she isn't into him when in reality he still is interested in her. It would've been nice if he actually tried to court her instead of getting upset & creating a situation where she will have no choice but to turn to him. We know this is heading to a contract relationship so I hope at least it isn't too bad like others.
Lost child
He is an annoying pig.😤😤 She sacrifice herself for her father but what has the father done for her. I hope when the father manages to pull thru and survive, he will love her more. The step mother and daughter can just rot on the street for all I care.
8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #: yes just drop them, her efforts to keep her father safe or whatever means that those two dumb evil b****** will be part of the package. her father even asked her to be his mistress or whatever. she has her own career. just drop them like trash.
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Tbh I’m a bit disappointed that it looks like she’s going to accept his offer. But it’s not like there were some magical solution looking at her situation... I just hope that even if she signs an agreement with him, their relationship will be consensual and FL will at least keep some dignity and not let ML walk all over her like a piece of garbage...

A good example for me : “My Adorable Girlfriend” - no forced act after the agreement (FL chose to sleep with ML given her situation but did NOT dwell on it too much), FL and ML are clear about their relationship (until they fall for each other, that is)... Just my two cents though...
YouDont NeedToKnow: The Plotline might be clichéd but it is better represented that most of other manhuas. I like the FL, there isn't much she could do in her situation anyway, at least she isn't a cry baby like other FLs.
If they don't have sex soon, I would doubt author's credibility when she was writing ML's character. He is a typical Manhua ML minus the forced sex. Thou, as everyone knows he is going to turn into the guy who FL likes pretty soon *yawns*. I hope the journey to reach that point in the plot is enjoyable.
Lupis: tsk... another mistress turned to lady plot I guess... disappointed again...

& I just praised her... shame on me...
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