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The Devil's Man

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The Devil's Man
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It is kinda cute they have similar personalities. She is blunt, bold, cold and honest. He is same in many ways...difference is he secretly jealous. It is not a coincidence he shows up at same restaurant with a woman. Her reaction was unbothered. 😂😂🤣
I ❤ demonic CEO plots!
"Love" can feel alien and "uncomfortable" if you're experiencing it for the first time.

The feeling is clearly new to both the ML and FL. Both are in pain from the emotional weight and neither know how to deal with it.

I really feel sadness for them.
8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #
there's something readers should make clear of and that is their personalities. the ML was born rich and is a CEO and has I guess gotten everything he's ever wanted. this is why he is a bit bossy and prefers for things to go his way. The FL probably lacked affection ever since she was young which is why she has such a cool and somewhat stoic personality. she probably doesn't know how to be close to others, she's never even dated, she only knows the humble life and to fend for herself.
saying this the characters have very consistent personalities and the ML is one of the most sensible ones out there because he actually asks for her opinions and agress to them! because of his upbringing he tends to sound bossy, it's like he says mean things out of his pride but doesn't mean them. there was only once when he tried to kiss her forcefully. which ML has said theyd not have sex if she doesn't want? usually MLs here just force FL until she cries or something.
as for the FL she doesn't know how to love and is inexperienced. these are all too different for her so she needs Time to adjust. she has to have an intimate relationship with a man she's barely known and doesn't like. it's understandable. what's great about her is her confidence and outspokenness.
this is supposed to be a story about how they will grow from the relationship.
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liming lemon (code: 9007(numbers) OT(letters): this comic is nice i like tha art the story summary wud be abt like a girl whose independent and anyway she meet wid a boy who shud be wid the sister like dat and then the story goes on ther like a couple who loves each other but cannot express it becuz of certain things
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I don't know but I just hate her dad it seems like after his ex wife died he just remarry and never take care if our fl, he use to earn a fortune but my fl doesn't get any part of it she use to earn her living by her own though it's good I know but then again he plan for a great husband and wedding for her second daughter and left my fl to handle his ruining company and debts......why so??? it is not like u make her learn about business or she have any experience in management (though I don't doubt the skills of fl just saying) ,it's ur second daughter who studied in Paris right? than make her do it...
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It's like seeing a horror movie... that moment when the creep music starts and a pair o hands grabs a person... creepy
crystal: yeah I hope too don't stress even I had a cold but it turned out it was not a biggie, u will be fine
Pariz: yeah same here but I got a cold a few days a go and it's not going away! I think I'll go do the covid test... I hope it's just a regular cold.
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Sorry, but I don’t understand why she feeling hurt he finds it cute. She is hurt and confused. Plus she said that she was a virgin...has he forgotten. What an awful way to lose the virginity...trying to make cute something that is painful and traumatic. Maybe for some women is no big deal... yet she is a romantic, she was hoping to do it with a man she loved...not just this selfish idiot. Being with a man that truly loves you and you love is much different to “have sex”. I find this to be a cruel joke for her, he is a nasty selfish jerk.
Aimei: true..i agree..if he has something for her..he shouldn't asked her to be his mistress instead court her..why can't he just lend the money to FL and make her work in his company or something without pay because he will pay for the FL's father's hospital fee...not being his mistress...its like he ruined FL's life...
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I don't know if I'm the only one, & if you don't agree please don't comment hate, but I actually find these type of conversations that they have interesting because of how she isn't afraid to say her thoughts. You know in other stories the fl hold back their words & the ml will be all angry, like you can tell this ml gets upset but he doesn't go all crazy.
X: It's a nice change.
Jazlene Diaz: Agreed!!! Other stories , it’s mostly the ml who is dull.
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Hyunie 😙💛🐿️
I prefer this cold fl, than those easy to tease fl
Nator-sama: 🍻here here! 😂
.: Same!!!!
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🍋 L E M O N 🍋
The Dad: “Mr. Choi knows the truth! He knows everything!”

The mom: “What does he know? Tell me what happened!”

Me: “The h*ll are you really stupid or are you acting stupid?!... 😑 He literally said that “He know everything” WHICH MEANS that he knows literally EVERYTHING... 😤 What else is there to hide given the fact that this whole time the only problem in CY family is ☝🏻 bankruptcy and ✌🏻 Ginger being pregnant 🤰???!!!”
CATTY CANDY: probably... anyway, I know..the mom is acting dumb. Or she is dumb.
Miaka: maybe she said that because there are darker secrets
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Hahah Jane is so emotionless I feel sometimes.Mr.Choi is atleast trying but she is just like a cold person with no feelings at all.
Medhu: Yeah I feel so too.But after he aksed her to be a mistress I'm sure Jane's pride was hurt.If he did have feelings from her from the starting and that this was his only way to keep her by her side or either if they have mutual feelings for each other then there's a high possiblity for their relationship to change.
pearl: oh? u mean the fl is wrong.... seriously man...if he would be really interested in her in first place he could tell her to be her girlfriend or wife not mistress.......he was only attracted to her bcoz she seems difficult to get close with like a challenge for a game....but then we know in all this process he will fall in love with her but maybe it will be late when he realize...
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Lost child
😅😅😅 She is hard like rock. One question one answer and on top of that, she is the type who doesn't need to give a shit bout other things.
aww I understand. Father wants to treasure Jane. that's why Ginger should marry him.
but please don't use violence. You can scold her that's more than fair. I think she learned her lesson 🙈
(I don't want to protect Ginger, but I am just kind-hearted and think that nobody deserves misfortune, but lessons to learn)
The Man: Yes. I totally agree with u. She deserves this. To be honest, I am happy that the father at least scold the daughter coz in most of the cases fathers don’t scold them and just stays quite. I am truly happy with the dad’s reaction. 😤
LadyShams👯‍♀️: no she deserves it if that was my daughter she will get a punishment from hell😤
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Bianca Rayle
I think he probably fell for her a while ago. But she turned him down. So now he’s forcing her.. which is where he went wrong.. you can’t force someone to love you.. not someone genuine, and she is genuine.
Did ya see my KOOKIE?!😂
its kinda weird that every time someone tries to buy a conpany its for the woman. Like you could control her and make her yours of u bought her and tried to profot her so she would come running to you. its kind of strange. like really strange.
Familia: It’s just ridiculous and an old way of thinking
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Dewi Sartika
i wanna angry but at the same time i like this manga...
but why...
just 1 episode for 1 week...and the story like a robot...
i know its hard to make a manga
but why... just for having sex need 1 year..and get censored...
Dewi Sartika: iye eimmm...geregetan say
Mambo: Jeritan hati orang yg butuh hiburan...
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Hahah Jane is always having the same expression.And I feel like Choi has a purpose for doing all these.
Petula Clark
Throughout the story he has behaved logically and hasn’t been cruel. I didn’t like him taking her virginity like that, but whatever. A deal is a deal. But now that he knows, when he told her to seat next to her and talk I thought he was going to be thoughtful and basically nice. He doesn’t. He is a pest. I was in love of him, now I hate him!!!
Nadra Bouh: me too . i hate this part of the story
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I understand that Jane is more interesting, but why trade her for the company safety. Just to get a kind-hearted wife? Kind of unbalanced. A company and there employee can be saved with a cooperation or something like this. And if the company is not worth it, than sorry there is no hope.
Tupperware Mampu Milik
So the did it,that why Jane change the bed sheets. Ook. But why must he say something so hurtful. You new she new on it. No body know what to do in first time. It take time to learnt. Stupid man.
Yona Khan: that's so unfair..the author should show us some scene of their sex. so we can know that they did's so confusing
BDean2: I agree! 💯 So, she’s not to blame b/c she’s inexperienced, but if the jerk knows what he’s doing, then I blame him for the awful s€x! 🛌 He’s just bad at it! 😂😂
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Nadra Bouh
i hate the ML . he is a assohe .. he call her just for sexe , he abus her without mercy. use her like he used a trash , no love just a need, a transaction to satisfy his selfish person . it s so sad that the FL sold her self and accepte his condition
if it was in yhe real life . i will being to kill him
sorry for my bad english
but i still folliw this comic because i m curious about their end
8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #: there's nothing forced so far. he kissed her suddenly but all they did was kiss and I've read the next 3 chapters. he's just pushing her boundaries a bit to see what she'll allow for now but he isn't forcing to go further
Nadra Bouh: wait for the next episode and you will understand me
he didnt force her with violence but its same for me. its on some way worse
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