I Want to Have a Boyfriend
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I Want to Have a Boyfriend

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I Want to Have a Boyfriend
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I Want to Have a Boyfriend Comics Online. The beautiful girl sun xiaofei has been single for many years, and she always wants to have a boyfriend. One day she accidentally bumps into a young, handsome CEO who happens to be on his first day to assume office in her company. What will happen to them? Will a romantic encounter and a kiss appointment a perfect beginning for sun xiaofei's new love story...

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Bubble izzzzz DEAD
Okay...So first off all this is a totally different comic .. really a different one so it was really nice reading this . The FL really really deserves a salute for keeping a single for 4 years damn😂🔥🔥🔥🔥.
My goal and ambition keep changing every year but she is so ambitious about getting married that she has the same goal for 3 years including the present year so it would make that 4 years lol..😂😂😂
When the people were looking at her continuously, I really thought that she wore her dress without removing the price tag😂😂😂 that's why they were looking at her, but after seeing the real reason, it was more shameful than my imagination. I really can't even imagine getting in that situation. The more funny fact was that when she was hoping that boy to propose her and that boy said~ You stockings are ripped....lol😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
That's why its said "Hope is Good, But Overconfident is not."
Hoping that she'll achieve her goal this year....and will remove her "leftover" tag 😊😊😊😊
Bubble izzzzz DEAD: yeah😐😐😐
Zahr P.: Like we love her confidence regardless. Unlike most FL here, so wimp like wtf how.
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Alicia Freire
Reasons why she is not being desperate or ridiculous: (though it is uncomfortable to read) 1. He asked her not to go to the movies with the colleague, which in the context of the conversation leads you to understand he is telling her not to date someone else. So it is an exclusivity clause. Not thoroughly discussed but sort of implied. 2. He said he was sorry for not saying he was leaving for the business trip and explained why he took that blonde girl. (If it was something casual in his mind why should he apologise or explain? He is the boss, and it is his life. So by saying sorry and explaining he is like showing interest in FL. 3. He brought her jewellery and put it on her in a coquettish way. So. If she feels like she has to tell the other girl “that boy is mine” it is ok. I mean she is just telling her. She is not fighting over it. She is just being clear. And it is excellent that she tells him what she understand he is doing. Because it seems he is acting stupid. Is he a playboy? (I don’t think he is... but the story is starting to lead that way. He did just kiss her on his first day of work)
AngelaUwU🤪😤💜🖤💜: In General boys are just dumb and don’t take anything to notice and they talk about girls are so hard to understand but they are just as hard to understand that’s where communication comes into play like it’s really annoying when they lead you on and then they do that thing where it was supposed to be friendly those are called play boys there used to be this guy in my middle school almost every 7th grader liked him I was a 7th grader at the time he likes to lead girls on a lot and talk to so many of them and they end up liking him 3 of my friends ended up liking him and to be honest I did too but I dropped it in a week because I really started to understand his character he just gets too comfortable with everybody to the extent he hugs them and touches them and that’s supposed to mean nothing don’t misunderstand he doesn’t touch them in a sexual way no. But then you realize his older brother was better they were not twins but they were the same age just 11months apart his older brother said he would never date till he was 20 but nobody can count how many girls his younger brother dated my closest friend at the time was smart enough to fall for his older brother but they didn’t hit it off because they technically didn’t know each other he was just someone she saw in the hallways but too this day guys are still dumb and can’t take a hint and instead of buying gifts COMMUNICATE it’s really simple I want to be really lucky when I grow up to find someone really amazing
Alicia Freire: I like that theory! You are a romantic!
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Zoro lover 💜
man always so clueless. 🤷 I tell you what, if you in the first place don't have a feeling for girls just don't ever and ever treat her with sweetness and whatsoever that can make 'us' girls misunderstand your action okayy?? that why our FL acting like that.. you understand? because she know man like that are not sensitive with the girl feeling I mean she know there not 'the relationship to begin with' but please people use your common sense.. is that normal when u don't ever have relationship but already kiss, like you kiss because you want not by excident n so on.. and then you acting like what oh who enn bla bla bla... is look like the ml just toying her hearts.. so ignoring him was the best choice because we don't want that feeling are growing stronger for someone who not even worth. I wish I call tell more reasoning explaination but my brain cannot be push anymore bcoz my english is so bad 🤣
ryuu tsukumo: yupppp .. totally different .. really love the story like this., it's so boring when the girl always been weak and always need help from boy..in this story .. they're equally strong both girl and boy character...keep up the good work.
Flora Fezeu: I really want to say that that this manga is really different from others it's kind and it is really good
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