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I Want to Have a Boyfriend

One Comic
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The beautiful girl sun xiaofei has been single for many years, and she always wants to have a boyfriend. One day she accidentally bumps into a young, handsome CEO who happens to be on his first day to assume office in her company. What will happen to them? Will a romantic encounter and a kiss appointment a perfect beginning for sun xiaofei's new love story...

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Okay...So first off all this is a totally different comic .. really a different one so it was really nice reading this . The FL really really deserves a salute for keeping a single for 4 years damn😂🔥🔥🔥🔥.
My goal and ambition keep changing every year but she is so ambitious about getting married that she has the same goal for 3 years including the present year so it would make that 4 years lol..😂😂😂
When the people were looking at her continuously, I really thought that she wore her dress without removing the price tag😂😂😂 that's why they were looking at her, but after seeing the real reason, it was more shameful than my imagination. I really can't even imagine getting in that situation. The more funny fact was that when she was hoping that boy to propose her and that boy said~ You stockings are😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
That's why its said "Hope is Good, But Overconfident is not."
Hoping that she'll achieve her goal this year....and will remove her "leftover" tag 😊😊😊😊
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: yuhh it smtims also pisses me off😑😑
fan of adorable jk: wow it happens with me too but unlike u I'm not busy but lazy n i don't check it until i get no reply 😅😂 but i still like it cuz it doesn't require much coins...
oh man I'm at school rn n look wut I'm doing but my friends r absent n nex periods r gonna be boring
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Tangela Reynolds
is this girl an idiot? you found that you had a run at the train station. most people would try to find a bathroom to change them right then and there. but not this girl. she snuck all the way to her office hiding all the way looking like a crazy person. fine. maybe she has to be to work for something important. but turns out it was just to get a glimpse of some dude. but even after that does she find a bathroom or some place private to change her stocking. no. she goes to the parking garage to change. really? its an office building. in sure it has already e bathroom on the first floor. she couldnt go find one? she is either incredibly stupid or loopy in the head. please tell me she has some good quality other than her looks.
Ni Chan: hahah tranks c:
Li Manga: Yep, it’s not a good plot
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Hahaha 😂 How did he see the hole in her stockings and he was on the steps ahead of her! I still like the story so far, though! 🤗 And I’m sure most young ladies can relate... waiting for the right guy but still single years later! Why is it so hard to find a good man? 🤦🏽‍♀️

*Goes to 7Eleven...*
Lady says: “Excuse me, where is the aisle with the perfect for marrying guys?” 🤔
Store clerk says: “Yeah, we sold out of those 10 years ago, but I’m available!”

What will the lady say? 🤔

A. “Meh, I’ll pass. I’m looking for something in a larger size!”
B. “But we’re cousins!”
C. “No thanks! Is your twin brother single?”
D. (Fill in your own answer)
BDean2: Oh you will find that douchebags exist in abundance, but keep hope alive! 💯 A good man is HARD to find! 😏
Jen Yi: Tell me about it! Lot of guys these days are trying to play people. They can have a gf already and be like , “Nah girl, you’re the only I’m tryna get..” You have a whole girlfriend (not a side chick) When are they gonna develop people’s scanner. Like I’ve been single for 20 years damn, last time I tried to get a boyfriend, oh, he was a total douchebag. 😒😒😒😒
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