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Simply His

Barbara A. Insfran B.
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Meadow is an average woman having a less than average day.  Things are going wrong for her in a profound way; her boss wanted her to work extra on a Saturday when she had a regular visit to her Mother’s grave, the weather is gray and a storm threatens to make her visit worse, her spirit is low and she feels helpless.
Little does she know, the events of this visit will be the turning point of her life. Meadow is about to be confronted with the supernatural on a level she has never ever expected. Almost every aspect of Her life will change due to her chance meeting with the Man she was not even looking for.    
If you enjoy stories about Shape Shifters, Faye, Demons and all manner of nonhuman creatures, you will enjoy this new view of the supernatural, told from an original and unique perspective.

MangaToon got authorization from Jianlai Limited to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. -
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There is one thing I don't buy just yet. I've tried to ignore it through all the story but it becomes more and more noticeable that it's completely unnatural.

See...Caleb is an Alpha...a dominant...despite of having a partner...mate...or anything....his nature should be to lead the situations...showing himself strong and in command.

When Meadow speaks for him or replies in his behalf...or even takes the leading role of the conversation before him when he is representing an authority...and he just chuckles...I feel he is not really acting like a dominant would do. A dominant would NEVER feel ok being defended by the woman...nor allow her to speak for him.

He would kindly teach the submissive to respect the control zone. Is weir and unnatural that he laughs and kisses her. I needed to get it out of my chest because as a submissive I am, it is the only think I find wrong with this story. The rest is just too fascinating for me to stop reading. I don't expect anyone to share my point of is my personal opinion.
Sonam Shrinag: I guess.. the Celeb as a dominant.. then this dominant thing is he is dominant by genes among wolves.. not by character! bcoz I find him never controlling nd aggressive while making decisions.. so he is not dominant in character rather he is dominant by genes hence he is d Alpha.
Michelle Parson: From my perspective it’s more about partnership between a Luna and an alpha who are both supposed to be dominant in a pack and complement each other from the personality. she’s shown from the start of the story he’s dominant but not domineering which also shows in his relationship between Alex and his other subordinates they call him alpha out of respect for his leadership skills and personality not because he necessarily dominates them.
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Inyne-OMG Annora is alive😂
i'm so lazy😂😂😂 tho i do like to read novel from time to time. I want Points Points. I already have 2355 points but no coins😂😂. I don't have money
Watch.: emmm i got 16k+ points its glitch my point is only 240 and the app is restarting and when i open to see my points its 16k+ Hahah
Midnight Miss Suki: how do you have so many points???
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