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Unreachable Comics Online. The high school students, Lu Zhen Ning and Lu Xiao Yu have been neighbors since childhood and they grow up together almost like brother and sister. Lu Zhen Ning harbors a secret crush upon Lu Xiao Yu, but Lu Xiao Yu doesn't know at all. Instead, she also has someone almost unreachable in her heart, Zhang Yi Cheng, a handsome senior who's not only academically excellent but also super popular in school. What will eventually happen to the pure yet distant adolescent love and their bittersweet triangular relationship...

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Dahlia Lime
my situation with her is the same, but zhang yi cheng in my situation is a girl. I'm not a lesbian though, just that she have so many friends yet she chooses to hang out with my only bestfriend, causing me to be lonely. I remember that moment when i was still holding hands with my bestfriend to go to the canteen when she suddenly broke in between us, grabbed her, walked away, and left me alone. I swear I was always ignored and I don't have anyone to talk to, I mean my classmates are my friend but not so close. You need to have an important topic to talk to them. (P.S.: I won't have friends if it weren't for her (my bestfriend), so when our relationship wasn't close anymore, only a few stayed.) I talked it out with her, and everything went well. My bestfriend also lessened her time with that girl. [Btw, that girl stole my bestfriend, my fan(she said she was my fan because of my math knowledge😂), and my crush. They're now a loveteam, a popular one. She knew he was my crush but she's nice. I think it wasn't intentional. I managed to keep my bestfriend though.]But then she became close to my fan (she's nice) and we rarely talk and hang out. We keep being friends because we share the same vehicle to go home from school. She also finds time to be with me but it's so short and i'm not preparing anything to talk about, since it's rare.
•🌸Kyla🌸•: um... where do you read that comic?
Dahlia Lime: i would choose julian! but if ray wasn't her biological brother, i would ship them!
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Aye Aye
okay this is just my speculation, zhang will be more closer to our fl, same thing with our ml who'll be closer to the other girl. This will hinder our ship to sail since the fl is unaware of her growing feelings to the ml. It will take long before they realize that they are meant for each other.
International Playboy
it still annoys me that all these misunderstandings and complications wouldnt have happened if not for the friend of lu xiao yu (forgot her name) i get that she was trying to help and all but what she did seems a bit toxic to me. idk just some thoughts i had.
International Playboy: exactly but if she was a real friend then she would have supported both of them and even so if someone ditches u just because they got in to a relationship that probably means its time to let them go cause their not worth ur time u should find a person that cares abt u as a friend and has the ability smd wants to balance both relationships which is what a real friend would do and i dont think she understands that.
stardreamer...: she is not helping instead she don't want fl and ml to go out as she will be left alone
as happened with her previous friend
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