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The high school students, Lu Zhen Ning and Lu Xiao Yu have been neighbors since childhood and they grow up together almost like brother and sister. Lu Zhen Ning harbors a secret crush upon Lu Xiao Yu, but Lu Xiao Yu doesn't know at all. Instead, she also has someone almost unreachable in her heart, Zhang Yi Cheng, a handsome senior who's not only academically excellent but also super popular in school. What will eventually happen to the pure yet distant adolescent love and their bittersweet triangular relationship...

MangaToon got authorization from SummerZoo to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yaobukeji; ybkj
School life
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No one
i think that girl with blue eyes likes zeng ning, so as he and xiao yu are close friends she is afraid they'll get together, thus to take her away from him she's trying to bring xiao yu and that black haired guy together....just a guess
chocolate cake : Okay!!! Thank you
Navier: Well you read the raws ahead of the translated ver, so you can just wait for the translation later (like most of us do).
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Musical geek
well, ain't that hard 5o delete the video off his phone and tell her. ask to borrow his phone later that day to "call a family member" and then when he isn't looking delete the video while your on the call if you plan an actual call. So you called, deleted the video. Then just tell her what you found out. Boom, plan.
Too kawaii for me
Nice done ma dudeeee
and this girl....she is so cute! not like other girls from the other comics "beautiful and arrogant and hates the FL for some reason" but no...

she is AWESOMEE, but don't you dare have a crush on our devil ML , he is hers :3
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