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Dahlia Lime
my situation with her is the same, but zhang yi cheng in my situation is a girl. I'm not a lesbian though, just that she have so many friends yet she chooses to hang out with my only bestfriend, causing me to be lonely. I remember that moment when i was still holding hands with my bestfriend to go to the canteen when she suddenly broke in between us, grabbed her, walked away, and left me alone. I swear I was always ignored and I don't have anyone to talk to, I mean my classmates are my friend but not so close. You need to have an important topic to talk to them. (P.S.: I won't have friends if it weren't for her (my bestfriend), so when our relationship wasn't close anymore, only a few stayed.) I talked it out with her, and everything went well. My bestfriend also lessened her time with that girl. [Btw, that girl stole my bestfriend, my fan(she said she was my fan because of my math knowledge😂), and my crush. They're now a loveteam, a popular one. She knew he was my crush but she's nice. I think it wasn't intentional. I managed to keep my bestfriend though.]But then she became close to my fan (she's nice) and we rarely talk and hang out. We keep being friends because we share the same vehicle to go home from school. She also finds time to be with me but it's so short and i'm not preparing anything to talk about, since it's rare.
Kaiツ: of course!😊😊
Hi everything💕: hi..hope u can read my chat novel😉
Serving Mr. Lee Taeyong
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Aye Aye
okay this is just my speculation, zhang will be more closer to our fl, same thing with our ml who'll be closer to the other girl. This will hinder our ship to sail since the fl is unaware of her growing feelings to the ml. It will take long before they realize that they are meant for each other.
Yoo Rachel: your English is quite good. May I ask where you're from? If I'm not being rude.
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International Playboy
it still annoys me that all these misunderstandings and complications wouldnt have happened if not for the friend of lu xiao yu (forgot her name) i get that she was trying to help and all but what she did seems a bit toxic to me. idk just some thoughts i had.
International Playboy: exactly but if she was a real friend then she would have supported both of them and even so if someone ditches u just because they got in to a relationship that probably means its time to let them go cause their not worth ur time u should find a person that cares abt u as a friend and has the ability smd wants to balance both relationships which is what a real friend would do and i dont think she understands that.
stardreamer...: she is not helping instead she don't want fl and ml to go out as she will be left alone
as happened with her previous friend
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the translation is a bit bad. and girl that wasn't your true love. kids at adolescence often get attracted to others and think that this is love. she is neglecting the person around him who truly loves her and she also does love him but not realised yet. from the comic one can easily notice that she cares more about her best friend than her crush. she just doesn't realised yet. she liked his gentleness and thought that as love.

author I liked the plot a lot just correct the translation a bit.
Jerry Cherry
You know who the culprit is????
it's that girl best friend's girl friend(whatever hwr name is..the girl who told the guy to let her go)....she wants him to let go so that the girl best friend can date the other guy so that the culprit can stay friends with that othe r guy's girlfriend......Well pretty hard to understand.
Jerry Cherry: Ayeeee @Hyaen...you get my point right?? i myself don't get it now... Yea that girl is..her motive is real bad.
Hyaen あけぎ : she so lucky to have friends even she was a devil 😐😑
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i hate her "friend" always wishing what she doesnt have to and make trouble for others 😡😡😡😡 it is her fault that the two of them are now like this, and she even invited herself to everything 😡😡
Ayusan: yeah but she knows he is love with his childhood friend 😥 so she does it on purpose, hope they be together soon (or ml and fl)
_kritae💜_: well I guess she's jealous bcoz she has crush on him.... so.... maybe...
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I hope he won't say anything that comes b/w two besties and ruin there upcoming bright future together I mean seriously men whats up wd you why u showing off like u wanna impress her it's not like you don't have a gf i mean whats it make difference if your gf went to another school she is still your gf and you should be loyal to her and not betray her and fooling around with another ppls life and if she wanna truely confess to you she would already did that so pls leave her alone and don't bother her pls
whyyyyyy!!! whyyyyyy!! i mean whyyy!!.... i seriously don't like this when person express their own feelings and later cover it up as a joke you know you're creating a million misunderstanding... just by saying it as a joke will not change your feelings ... ik you doing this to save ur frndship but man you only live once.... be honest! .. imma sure she will understand..
🍸Sofia🍀: she fell in love with him.
Critic on all things boring: If she understands doesn’t mean she’ll reciprocate feelings
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i think we all know a little who might end up with whome. obviouslt the best friend will become lover. but right now everyone is in a big complicated misunderstanding
don't u ppl think that the other guy looks like some kind of combination of the 2 other guys?

(Hair from the "1rst crush of the girl" and the eyes of the ML)

S L: so...its bl afterall in the name of normal romance,huh
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I feel sad for her and that guy also try his best to continue the friendship. He don't want to lose her and the girl too. But she actually confused by Zhang 😑😑😑
Kim Nana
FL is seriously annoying. she rejected him, why is she trying to be a victim now? that's just pathetic.
🌸Cherry blossom🌸: Ikr..... That girl is ruining everything
🌸Cherry blossom🌸: Because she still didn't realized her feelings for ml!!!!
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❄ 🔥
Yeah. How could it be?
When you confess you to someone then that someone is just treating you like a brother and asks you to treat them like in past. Do you even think that there's no hell way back of being just friends.
Even if you two make it out, how awkward it would be
Now he feels like how lu xiao yu felt but I do feel bad for everybody in this because like there is so much conflict and unknown feelings being told to the person people like
if you want to confess then do not rely on others bcoz not everyone is trustworthy.
that evil girl she has got what she wanted.
you both are parted now. just believe in your relationship and tell xiao yu the truth.
~♥ Suzy ♥~
That orange haired girl or whatever her name😠 is, stop giving your shitty advices to Lu Zhen Yu. If you like him, straight go and confess to him. Let Lu Zhen Yu do whatever he feels like, he doesn't needs your opinion🙄🙄...
Not any criticism to the author, just my opinion 😬😬
kdramalover 28
that annoying b*tch is really getting through my nerves... LEAVE THOSE CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS ALONE!!!... GO HAVE CHRISTMAS ON YOUR OWN!!!... FIND YOURSELF A FRIEND!!!
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Eudora via
i found it hard to befriend him, i no longer wanna talk about my personal things to him, i wouldnt want to ask him out together, for the fear of him being more romantically involved with me. anyone who is ever be in this situation will know and understand. it will be hard to stay friend if he doesnt act like 'friend'..
that friend is the most selfish person
she knows the situation yet she Does THIS
she ruined the other relationship She will ruin this too smh I am a bit TOO SALTY
No one
i hope she'll soon realize that she loves him more than friends/brother and somehow finds that present he just threw away and then confesse to him herself
(wish this would happen in the next episode)
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