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I don't have any crush. It's just, I admire someone but when a day pass.. The admiration is gone already. So I have to say I have no crush but..
I still can feel your pain. Like this ~
I have a friend who really likes my boy bestfriend. Like what Yi did.. I keep pushing them together, giving them such a chance to be alone, etc. But when some rumors spread all over the campus that my boy bestfriend already have someone he likes..
She's broken hearted. Before it even started, her love for him ended just like that. How sad I am when I see her scream because of pain. Until now, I still can remember her face full of tears. That hurt me too 'cause I'm her best friend. And, any pain we've been through, we share it to each other. So we can think we can still rely on someone.
Some of you likes is unreachable. If we think we need to stop, stop reaching the unreachable ones. Cause it just leaves unbearable pain. I know how it feels when it's hard to move on ~ Cause my best friend's been in that situation ~
DAMN! that's just so sad!!!
I've felt the same way when my friend that I had a crush on got a girlfriend!
Then I realized that I SHOULD get OVER HIM! But I couldnt help!
And normally I don't dream but when I started to feel that way I couldnt stop dreaming 'bout him! Really!

I know this is mean but I feel a little bit of hope cuz now it seems that him and his gf are not good or maybe they're in a fight... he doesn't want to talk about it but I think that's what happening.
Still, I'm not a pretty girl and I don't think he feels the same.... Maybe I should just stop...loving him... but its gonna ne hard cuz he always treat me so gently and he's so caring....
smitha manoj: I've been there too
Alice Chan: Mine too.. i got a crush on my friend but sadly he already have someone he likes..soo like..umm.. he friendzoned me soo it really hurts..
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Neko Nguyễn
Hoho, my ship°.°
By the way, is he a teacher, why he said these thing? Does he know how hurt is that
Speaking to the teacher: “Do you have mother, yes, of coarse you have, but what if your mother die or she divorce with your father when you were young, then everyone is laughing at you and said you don’t have a mother, what do you feel of that? As a teacher, you should know that your personality is important. If you don’t, so sorry, you not even like a child “
Finally, why did you lock the story T-T
plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
well what's the problem in that..from being a bestfriend to boyfriend...it's good u know her very well ..so in future also u won't have so many arguments as ur used to each other😂🤣sorry no offense but that's the best thing when u have ur best friend as ur boyfriend...i wish i had one male bestfriend in my life..then i would have married him only😂🤣🤣but poor me my both besties are girls...😂😂😢so no chance for me..boy don't waste ur chance confess to her😂atleast u won't regret at the end .
Amruta Gadekar

I won't tell you completely as some people don't like spoilers

here's a hint this story is somewhat similar to love like a cherry blossom

if you need more spoiler then reply

semony3: Oh thanks
Don't try to challenge me, u cracked nut!: ok ok.. thanks..a lot
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the otaku
wtf i was waiting for something romantic like when she jumped she would fell on him and their lips would accidentely touched.(sorry i have a bad english)
Angel: yeahh ,i also expected this scene to happen 😭😭,maybe there's one in other chapters (just a guess)
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he such a fool he goes to that girl house just for keys but he too dumped he just asked the teacher for it and noe he cant even becomes a hero who save the beauty even tho his twisted his ankle
Diane : who is the girl on the bike?
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Too kawaii for me
I wish I had a childhood friend...
wait but I have, but he took the wrong path and now we act like strangers...

huh it is really sad when someone you used to make memories with, becomes a memory..
(he ain't ded we just...don't talk anymore)
Hoa Pham: I used to have a childhood friend… but he is not my type at all so I didn’t go after him
nutty: yeah i can relate to that too... well i used to have one childhood friend too almost from nursary.... and till now we are in same class ....but we dont talk . we dont even greet each other. we act like strangers . dont know from when it all started but we used to be best friends.
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Kritika Vashist
awww ik this feeling...... the guy I like is my classmate and he doesn't know about my feelings...... he says that he is in a relationship but sometimes I feel that they already broke up (and do not want to share the reasons for it bla bla bla etc)
sometimes he behaves that he likes me (atleast as a person or a friend ) but the other time i feel he finds me annoying and weird.... arrrrrhhhhhh i dont knowwww pls somebody help me
I miss him
Theday dreamer: this same thing has also happened to me twice
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author I want to tell you that this manga is amazing and keep it up I really loved each and every chapter every moment has a deep meaning thankyou
yhea bitch
Omg I wish I had someone like him. How can u even think about that dude when u have Prince Charming over here. Seriously if that would happen to me everyone would just laugh at me, then of course I’ll slit everyone’s throats for payback 🙂🙂🙂
Shirokuma: I need them spoilers!
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Love Yourself😘💜💙(ARMY~)
😣😣😭😭 I know exactly how it feels because I like my crush since 3 years but haven't had any courage to even talk to him it hurts me evry time I see him cuz everytime I try to convince myself to forget about him but the when I look at him my hearts pounds I get nervous and forget everything around me I feel like every one can have someone but I will always be the left one out.......😭😔😔😔
KE YU XI: I really understand i feel the same way too i have also liked him for 5yrs but its so sad
Mini_Kiwi: I know. I totally understand what your saying coz I’ve liked someone for 8 years. 😞😞😭😭😢😢😢😢
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Too kawaii for me
She left her there didn't he?
Welp I was once locked in my classroom with my bestfriend

when the teacher opened the classroom...that room wasn't a room anymore XD
Joueria M.S: it was a mess right?
Hana: was it a house?...
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Amita Gupta
i know that feeling i have a childhood friend since school 1st class... we both are best i miss him i know I'm hurt him but i dont wanna loss my bff.... and I'm really miss him but he still angry on me i think...life iss boring without him... our friendship 14yr old how can i abdomen you
Thë drüg î$ dêåd...førg£t h€r ñøw
damn she's been waiting for uh and u r here giving a gurl ride on ur bike....r u dumb
Amine Ait Boubker: it's the class rep with the other key to the room hahahaha
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No one
i think that girl with blue eyes likes zeng ning, so as he and xiao yu are close friends she is afraid they'll get together, thus to take her away from him she's trying to bring xiao yu and that black haired guy together....just a guess
chocolate cake : Okay!!! Thank you
Navier: Well you read the raws ahead of the translated ver, so you can just wait for the translation later (like most of us do).
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They're not in a relationship, but he thinks of kissing her. Yiee! ❤️Just confess to her! I really ship you two!
I don't want to see you two end up being best friends. So make a move dude.
Aashima Saxena
author one humble request don't give us so many white spaces pls...
elena kristin
hey , who is the girl in the back seat of his bike ?🤔🤔
Chío García: i think that Is the one who has keys
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Too kawaii for me
So what if you are best friends since little
Its most likely that the relationship will never break, since you know each other so well,and are already uses to each other's weirdness!
Too kawaii for me: 😝😝😝😝😝
🎶Little Otaku Girl🎶: well i guess 😆
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