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The Three-point Line of Love

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Sharon's parents died in an accident. They left her in the care of their close friend, Mrs Mu. Sharon entered the noble academy as the basketball star Minz's younger sister...

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School life
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can you people like this comment its my bday and its also the same day as bts's anniversarry hello to all the armys thereeee💗💖
Army_iyah💜💖: thanks😁
I'm a BAD GIRL 😇: sorry delated birthday wishes
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uhh author i do really like your stories but please put a little romance from time to time because other readers wont be interested in it anymore and im talking about my cousin and meanwhile i am still not gonna loose hope on u author a true lover of this comics will never give up on the comic u can do it author😁🤩🤩
Army_iyah💜💖: yep true
♡Xi♡: Oh yeah I think so but I don't so much that they're gays
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Ok first thing first, who read the description box? If you did read it it says that Sharon's parents died in a car accident... Yet that part has never came up, no flashbacks or mentioning about it. Second it says that she joins the academy as Minz sister. Yet everyone thinks she is just lucky. NO ONE thinks she is his sister... So is the discription box lying or did the author just forget about that. I mean the discription should be just like the story. But it is completely different. And it's already episode 79. Third of all 79 episodes already? I literally just started reading this today! The episodes need to be longer!
Anonymous: ...U Fu King slut... I have to use that sometime lol
Crazypersonnot: This is not to complain I'm just pointing out the the faults. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy this story very much, it's just that I read the description box and it really confused me how the stories didn't match up. Sorry if I offended any of you.
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