The Three-point Line of Love
Romance / Completed

The Three-point Line of Love

The Three-point Line of Love
Wait!!! It's already completed?? No way the story doesn't even reached the climax(for me). How would it end up like this!!! They didn't even know who pushed Flora then Sharon's name is not cleared up yet.... Author its okay if you published or draw Season 2...When I started to read manga this manga is the first manga that is very nice and so great!... Whyyy??? Continue the storyyyyy!!!! Until the end of their lives!!! Cut that crap
マーティンくん: There is no sign season 2... 🙁 I will go watch for news online... Maybe author broke contract with manga toon and we can find it somewhere else
Ui: Why in the world do the writers end their stories stupidly?!!! Seriously they end it with nothing really being settled! It’s a good story but the title doesn’t match the story completely. They didn’t reveal the situation between the 2 ML, they left the story with Maureen still plotting, Sharon still being in the center of a scandal & Minz didn’t help Sharon figure out who’s plotting against her. Also, what was the point of someone taking pics of her at the hospital, if you were going to end the story right after.

I like this story but it’s not completed the way it should be, so now it’s a disappointment. I hope the writer makes a season 2.
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Adiba tahsin
Dear auther,
I hope that you are high spirits.. we all love your story very much.. many people from different countries they are waiting for your story.. please don't stop .. please continue....
or if someone is like this that you have completed in Chinese version but there is no one who can give English version.. then I requesting our translators please give translate of this story.. cuz many fan are waiting for this story..
Ram Pasam: plsssss update
Ram Pasam: plsssss update
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Gigi Astrid Lagulao Monares
Wait what the heck??? You got to be kidding right completed??? There’s freak now way that is the ending !!! Please author continue the story i have been waiting for this to freaking update !!!😤😤😤
Megha Ojha
hey...wait is this over?? come on..This manga can be a lit...It soo much interesting!!Author where are you..???...God please everyday I check whether there is any crazy on yr..!!!
Sakshi Ale
what!!!! already completed without any reasonable ending 😑😑
author please complete your story otherwise i won't be able to sleep bcoz i was loving the story n it doesn't hv any end😑😑
otaku miku
pick me pick me up ? haha wtf is he watching I've never heard so corny before I like K-Pop but this is something else I'm literally on the floor 🤣😂
vm cooky
Wait what!????
Is it end!?? But how!?? I didn’t even know the one who push flora.!!! I want more😭😭 please Author !! You have to give us more . I want to see their happy ending😭
It is nice if you continue this story! Because it’s the best story since I start reading Manga!!! It’s my favorite story😢😢
Amykyut. haruhi
meteor garden I finished watching that movie.the one who wanted sancai is daoming si,and also huazelei .in that movie I like lei......yea true there relation ship broke becuzzz of a girl but they became frendzzz again cuz.when lei wanted sancai she gave her up.just for a girl huazelei sacrificed the girl to daoming si and I think this manga is gonna be like meteor garfen and also I think daoming si is minzi and lei is louis like there real attitude in meteor garden.....
Rupali Singh
idiot!! what kind of chem teacher are u... even a 6th class student knows if u mix sodium with water it will explode.. it is a highly reactive metal which explode when come in contact with water.. that's y it is stored under kerosene..
natasya pali
It’s not even finished I think the author might not have enough time but pls do not stop just let us wait
♡btsforever@rmy♡: hahahaha
123123: Di na maka-isip ng kasunod yan
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Xiao Lu
Is this Luis guy related to Wenny? they have the same eye color...
Oh btw, they're both good looking
Adebambo Omolola
actually I fink both minz nd Louis re d same art work only their hair state dere differences
Sharon looks so fake and its as if like she's playing hard to get so I'm not gonna read it anymore.
Yuri Stella
God I've been waiting since August 🤦🤦🤦what's this na? author please do a crazy update of about 300episodes pls
Dess Kezia Rapas Villaflores
please don't end it right away.😢😧😥 please add more episodes. Make sure is the ending is happy. my ship minz and Sharon💑
Wait, ITS COMPLETED?! This manhua might have turned out to be amazing!
Tamika Miller
how can it be completed !??? they haven't even finished explaining anything or fixing for that matter
Rain Perdiz
hey author i have been waiting for 3 months wherreeee iss thee nexxtt chaapptteerrrrrrr
Noumi Tara
Hey you mister auther I have been waiting 3 months for this now it is end...what the .....
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