How to Get Lucky!

How to Get Lucky!

Yoolook Culture
How to Get Lucky!
Sushma Thapa
m i only the one who is reading this comic for points😂😂
Blank: u bastard doesn't understand how much this series worth
Sam Mhrzoon: Naaaam k ho timro?
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The Rubies
Hmm , doesn't he have the green haired girl already? And he has nine in total or potentially more...... Ah, i see the author is a man of culture as well.
Anonymous: hohohoho
biaci9: Hohoho
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Kahliel Fenderson
U gotta update even if it’s just 5 episodes or 10 cause we wait 7 days just for a small release u just gave us isn’t cutting it u got a good story here so we wanna see more
lag.... i will always HATE you: just read it on YT its already eps 170more
jerven: I agree... 7 days waiting is not worth of 1 short story 😒
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Urijimaru redusuma
he's not concerned about the girl but be's concerned about 3gspot

mission comes first girls cums last
Random Guy
Don't worry buddy, you will get your chance. Author is a nice guy he will surely help you to achieve your goal.
Alright now that I have read up to the last update I have to say this. If you want to be all powerful and stuff just be a Virgin for 8 life's and then the power will come to you.
Why and how is that a benefitial bet for him ... and why did he agree ...
Delta: So he was egoistic when he gets I believe nothing from the bet
Àĥméð ÑàŝŝéŘ: because the kid with gold Mark have the highest cultivation but I think he will lose in the end and or MC will help them
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I Love 🐔tai😍
Oh please lend me the power of darkness to keep the lights that blocks the beautiful scene of this manga
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
little do they know that late wen stage is just a piece of cake for our boi😂 its like taking a walk in the park😌
A weird kid: thats how it works for mc's i guess...
Charles John: I was global fanny let's fly
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Simon The God
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Hand, shoulder, & back are 3 places on her body.
ScarletSpider: I'm GAY
so it doesn't make any difference to me where I touch a female, BUT I prefer to be polite
Kazma: Those places are too boring
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Àĥméð ÑàŝŝéŘ
level S only 50 points the system cheating him 😅
strikerandi: yup it should be at least 5000
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JohnyD Legend
I think he will fight then he will ask that for reward
JB's Vlog
atleast change young boy kung fu. it just doens't fit you know? no thrill. at all
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡

g-spots? and three of them? ohh mann! its about to get hotter
..get ready ur damn zipper bois be sure to hold em out or we'll get caught redhanded huehuehuehue lol jk🤗😂😂😆✌
R3APER 09_15_06
I shall wait again for another ginormous seven days
why😭 why the beautiful scene was covered by the light why?😭
SADMAN: its fun lol
SADMAN: its fun lol
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where is power stone & mind stone... 😂
Jin Zeronine
crazzzzy update plzzzz.. the episode is to short..
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