How to Get Lucky!

How to Get Lucky!

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How to Get Lucky!
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Ainz Ooal Gown
Leonix: Please read my novel and comment you thoughts about it.《Adventurer From Other World》, Check it out now.
CJ Rendon: 111p wpep q
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wondering lord
well her lost someone else's gain that guy is going to start practicing off that page😏
chin: Sorry for interrupting you but if you have time can you check the novel titled :"Seperate Worlds" thank you so much anyways it is a story where you will laugh,cry,hurt,and be love. again thank you so much 🥰

ps:if your only looking for a good art don't read mine I don't want to be judge hehe
trxllkamui: well that’s gonna be a problem later on the guy who found the paper is gonna be op
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and so our hero traveled far from home(from spiderman) will he be able to accomplish what he has to do or he would die terribly by the hands of his rivals?(that question doesnt need to be answered for he is our mc and ofcourse he will survive cause if not all of us will stop reading this comic and author wont get any momey if that happens) so our hero will now face and fight the demon in this endless train and ohh.....this...uhhh....hahahha this isnt (kimetsu no yaiba) hahaha sorryy
Crocodile King: read/watch Darling in the franxx
Rona Han: Hi all, would you like to give my chat story a try? It's called "Idol and Musician".
I'd be glad if you could give reviews in the comment too whether you like it or not. It's my very first CS, so little support from you are all much appreciated 💚 xoxo
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Sonam Tshering
Can't blame her after all the mc has acted quite lecherously against her and he just gave a simple apology with no proper explanation
Sonam Tshering: You're right, I got off track
Sonam Tshering: True, but maybe the situation could have been somewhat better if he had said he had special reasons for being a lecher with her. That way perhaps there might be some understanding between them
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halfway inthischapter I thought that in the end this green haired girl will be broken hearted for this,but after finishing this episode i think she will die soon cause ONE CANT RUN FROMITS OWN DESTINY....but its a manga so maybe theyl change their fate too
Wolves Power 511: Like the comment deep meaning I am touched
AlexHD6: Fairy Tail
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Hahahaha wth its like a guy wrote a love letter only to be burned by the girl whom he admires😂
Johan Lopez: Even worse, he made a entire whole book of martial arts justo to be burn is seconds
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it's not free to read anymore.. so why make reader suffer to waiting 7 days and short to read????
Just average
The man who pick up the paper will become strong!!
Isaias Guevara: oh no he worked hard on that
Orang: become autis
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Spiritual Element
How the hell is he ever gonna complete this mission without getting killed?!
Hakurono Kenshin
sad thing for him to make it over night to get burn in the morning... hahhahaa
Hakurono Kenshin: ?????
Ralu Odiegwu: Month*
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hahahaha the guy that took the crumbled page will be a master level hahahaha
hell Prince
now that guy will be looking that page for 7 days
D.ception's productions
I never met anybody I wanted to punch more in the face
Karl Angelo De Lumen
thanks for the update. I wish you can update everyday author, coz I really really love this story
Karl Angelo De Lumen: yeah..that's right
Lukas Christian Egy S: where do you read it in indo?
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The fallen phoenix
This system is hilarious this system should be called pervert creation system
The fallen phoenix: thanks
Fallout Phoenix : I like your name
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girl u 're gonna regret doin dat
I'm angry as hell now
aaah of course something stupid like this would happen...
Well, that was incredibly rude.
I already watch until 153 ep
Hiro Shima: where dis u guys read it
Norãsh_😞: Thanks
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